Readers' Hotline 3/17/14

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Editor’s note:
We received a written response to a call that ran a few weeks back, titled “Name that tune.” It was from a caller who wanted to know who sang a song they heard on the radio. Here’s a response from the singer, Sandy David: “I was pleased to hear you enjoyed my latest single, ‘This One is Mine.’ You can hear it on Sundays on Dave Lammy’s program. God bless!”

A right to speak
Recent hotline comments from the anti-zoning faction seem to say that if you haven’t lived in Grayson County your entire life, you have no right to express an opinion about what goes on in the county. Owning property and paying taxes and living here should be enough to allow an opinion. How long do you have to live here to be able to voice an opinion? Five years? Ten years? Forty years? What is being suggested is called disenfranchisement — the deprival of a right. This right is just as important as wanting to build a barn on your property.

One or the other
I’ve heard complaining about all the guys that push snow out there — about how they will cover cars or driveways up. I’m not exactly sure what they expect these guys to be doing. They are out there, some of them risking their lives. Some of them get stuck for hours in spots when they are pushing and have to wait on someone to pull them out. I don’t know if people expect them to stop and take the time to move all the snow away from somebody’s car or try to take the time to keep the snow out of your driveway or if they get some in the driveway, expect them to back up, push it back out. You can either complain that they pushed a little snow in your driveway or you can complain that your road still has a foot of snow on it.

Had fair warning
I can’t believe what I read in the Hotline anymore. Some seem to more faithful to a president at the helm of a sinking ship than Christians are to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just this week, a church-going person said in the paper they did not consider themselves a Christian. Why are you going to church? To keep up with the Joneses? Someone else said not to pray to God but to get out and fix it ourselves by protesting. Do you ever turn on your TV? People are protesting here and all around the world. What good is it doing? Russia has moved into a country and taken over with no right or reason. How long until some country does that here? Keep voting for incompetent leaders and it won’t be long at all. What’s hilarious is we all had fair warning of Obama’s policy when the movie “2016, Obama’s America” came out and that was before he was elected. Seems as though his presidency is God’s will for a nation out of God’s will.

Taking advantage
To the person who was plowed in — I don’t blame the neighbor that blocked you in with snow, because my property joins theirs and I have no problem out of the young couple you are talking about. They are wonderful, kind, good, Christian people. They would help anybody. But, for neighbors to take advantage of people like you neighbors have been, I don’t blame them. Being a Christian has nothing to do with it. Taking advantage of someone is a different story. So, think about it neighbor when you decide you want to borrow something else again or take someone’s property away. And you have a wonderful, blessed day.

Love thy neighbor
Pridemore Road neighbor, I think you and your husband is are wonderful neighbors. I moved here a few months ago from Carolina and you all have been such a great help. The Bible says, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” If the other neighbor taking advantage of you all, using your property, acting like it was yours, if they would come and ask and have a little respect for the neighbor, it would be no problem. Have a little respect. Love thy neighbor as thyself and God knows you love yourself so much.

Pray for a rebound
I would like to talk about Mr. Obama a little bit. He is taking this country down to where it will never be brought back unless God brings it back. He has gone against God in everything, in our schools, in our courts, in our legislatures. Talk about Republicans being stupid — the person that put that, if it wasn’t for God and the Republicans right now, you would have to say this country would be worse off than it is because they are trying to keep Obama in check. He is spending money we don’t have. He is throwing money over there in foreign countries. Bring all those jobs back from those foreign countries. He keeps calling about the blacks, being racist against [them]. I think the whites have racism against them, too. If this country would call on God and pray for this president and his people, Lord, I pray it would bring it back.

Hit and run
Whoever is driving snowplows up here on Pipers Gap Road needs to take some driving lessons. Whoever is driving it hit my mailbox and tore my mailbox up to where I don’t know if I can repair it or not. But, they do need to give the drivers some lessons.

Don’t spring forward
I still believe the time [of day] should be left one way or the other. Those idiots that seek to change the time, that’s what they are – idiots.

From your sponsor
When I try to get the weather on Dish Network, weather is supposed to come on and all I get is a lousy bunch of commercials. They need to do something about the weather report. That’s what I want. I don’t want to see no lousy commercials.

Pool opponent
As a taxpayer for Carroll County, I am not for the swimming pool. We don’t need that. We need jobs for people to make a living, to feed their families. How many will benefit from a swimming pool over there?

Comes at a cost
Galax school officials: I don’t think you realize what your study is doing to kids and expenses for next year’s school term. You will have extra expenses in cafeteria workers, bus drivers, fuel, maintenance on those buses. There is a cost for electric, water, sewer, maintenance and janitorial, which were never addressed. Let’s talk about parents not involved with their kids and don’t care about smaller classes for remediation. Classes will be larger than you think due to parents sending kids to school for daycare. You plan to remediate and then tell the student to be off a week. They forget what they just learned. This is bound to fail on expenses alone. Yet, you go forcing us to accept another bad idea. How are students are chosen for remediation? How will this be enforced? Why would a student want to go to school for remediation and get that stigma? You cannot enforce this new policy without holding back students from advancement. But, to do that, you lose federal and maybe state funding money since children are not going to be progressing.

Won’t roll
I want to thank Walmart for having those lovely ladies at the door when we go over, having our buggies ready. It makes it a joy. Now, if Walmart would just get their carts fixed so they will roll, everything would be fine.

It’s not working
This Obama administration has a budget fixed up with too much pork in it, wasting tax money. I hope Congress doesn’t pass it. We are in the worst shape we have ever been. He keeps Obamacare and it is not working. It is a train wreck and unconstitutional. It is a disgrace, messing up everyone’s health insurance. He is taking this country down the wrong road. This defense secretary wanting to cut our military — as evil as this world is now, it shows how ignorant he is. I hope Congress won’t let him do that. We need to keep our military strong and raise it. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran — they see we have a weak president. Just look what is happening overseas now. The so-called Muslim Brotherhood taking over foreign countries. We are not supporting Israel and God said if we don’t he will stick his finger in our eye. The ones in Washington better wake up and quit lying or they will be going to hell in a hand basket.
Editor’s note: To the contrary, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional.

Clickety clack
For Walmart to be a multi-billion dollar company, they need to get their carts worked on. Every time you turn around you get a cart that goes clickety clack, clickety clack. Maybe Kroger should donate their carts to Walmart. Be a good idea. Hats off to the new Grayson County park director for an excellent basketball season. Great job.

Three opinions
My mother has a chronic history of pneumonia and severe bronchitis and was treated for 25 years by a local physician who is well thought-of. She was diagnosed recently with pneumonia and was sent to the emergency room with an order to be admitted, to expedite admission so she wouldn’t get worse. Evaluation at the E.R. said she couldn’t be admitted. She had a plural effusion. She had it in the past. They released her after four hours or better with an inhaler. A sister took her a local urgent care and she was given an antibiotic, a cough suppressant, something for fluid buildup and sent home. Be aware that it is not necessarily going to expedite your getting admitted even if your local long-term physician wants to get you admitted.

Sick of it
Regarding calls about Obama being a dictator, I was wondering when the editors of the Hotline are going to state, “we won’t print any more calls about this subject,” like you do other subjects that have gotten run in to the ground. I would think even hard-core Obama haters must be sick of hearing it.

Back of the line
This is for people that are chastising and judging and criticizing the gay and lesbian population of the area. You might go to church every Sunday and you might stand up and shout and say amen and you might put money in the plate and you might cook for the preacher, but until you learn to love and get the ignorance and judgment out of your heart, you are not going to have a real good chance of going through the Pearly Gates. In fact, some of the gay and lesbian people may pass you before you get to the Pearly Gates, if you get there. God loves these people the same as he loves you and you need to learn this before you start judging anybody.

Stirring up a stink
I wonder if anything is going to be done about the Grayson County rec policy board. That policy board was put there for a reason and they did a lot of good things, but none of the good things are being talked about that need to be investigated. The only thing you hear is where the good ole boy didn’t get an interview and therefore, it upset his friends that are supervisors. They are stirring up a stink that doesn’t need to be stirred up. But, the policy board definitely does need to be put in place for Grayson County’s children.

Scraping thin air
Our road was completely clear of snow and ice on [March 7]. VDOT went by three times with the road scraper down. Why? No wonder our roads are torn up and in need or repair.