Readers' Hotline 3/14/12

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Thanks for the award
I am calling in response to, “congratulations to the parents” for the rec ball girls in last Wednesday’s paper. I just want to thank them for the award. I greatly appreciate it. I can’t help that I am proud of my girl and support her and her teammates.

Placed in nomination
I enjoyed the newspaper series on John Bassett and the fact that he helps his employees. He seems to be a man of integrity, compassion and has a lot of good old-fashioned common sense. I have only one more thing to say and that is John Bassett for president of the U.S.A. I do believe with a man like Bassett running our country, we could all say I really like our president. He stands up for what he thinks is right.

Texting away
A certain school in the area wouldn’t have such a budget problem if they would check into the principal and an aide wasting everybody’s time and money texting each other continuously all day long.

Behind the scenes
I found a job I enjoyed many years ago as custodian for a local school system. While the job wasn’t glamorous, I really enjoyed meeting with parents, interacting with the students, faculty, staff. While I was recently researching how I could become a substitute custodian or a cafeteria worker, I was shocked that some of the schools in Carroll County don’t even mention these workers. While I was always treated with the utmost respect, I do know of some that were not. Administrators wouldn’t speak to them until they were needed. Teachers would shun them. So forth. They weren’t invited to Christmas parties or anything. So, I suppose in this budget crisis, teachers at the schools in Carroll where they are being remodeled have to multi-task. They have to teach while emptying the garbage or they have to teach while mopping the floors, cleaning up vomit. Who knows? They may even hold class in the kitchen while flipping burgers because there is no mention of them on their websites, just secretaries. A big thanks go out to your secretaries, teachers and principals of Carroll County for going the extra mile and doing all the behind-the-scenes work. I guess that is going to save a lot on the budget.

Just pull over
This is in response to “between the ditches.” When you hear sirens and see lights, that tells you there is an emergency. It involves someone who needs help. Someone’s mother, father or child or sibling. So, you’ve got a child in the car. You are their responsible party. Pull over. What if you were the one in an accident and the other cars on the road were reluctant to pull over because the police car or ambulance were an inconvenience to them when they could clearly hear and see them coming? You need to rethink your priorities. The police and ambulance take priority over the road and you need to pull over.

Wrong decision
In regard to the Hotline call, “few benefits,” that we have a prison costing us millions sitting there, I agree. I was against the prison. If the supervisors had done more research before they won a prison, we wouldn’t have that burden. And, the editor’s note that the funding for the prison — the state has oversight and funding for the prison, local government does not. Excuse me, it was the supervisors who voted to have a prison there. They should have done more research like I did before they voted for a stupid prison. An amusement park would have been much better.
Editor’s note: It’s not Grayson County’s fault that the prison hasn’t opened. That is a state matter. However, we suppose the county could have voted for a Disneyland in the first place.

Save training center
I was appalled at remarks made by Carroll County Supervisor Bob Martin. He is ready to repurpose the training center with its gym, large cafeteria and ball field. Can’t you wait for these residents to be thrown out of their home before you start dividing the goodies? A class action lawsuit has been filed in Richmond District Court concerning civil rights of these Carroll County citizens. People are fighting to keep the center open because this placement meets extensive needs of developmentally disabled individuals who are loved and appreciated. Shame on the entire board of supervisors if they don’t whole-heartedly attempt to save our training center.

Move your hind end
Today I saw something that made me very angry. I was over on the highway next to Country Club Lane when the fire whistle sounded. It wasn’t long until I heard sirens of the fire trucks. I had gotten close to Long John Silver’s so I pulled into a parking lot out of the way. I sat watching in horror at the number of vehicles not even trying to get out of the way of the firemen. The fire truck had to stop until vehicles got out of the way. These men risk their lives to do a service for us. We owe them enough respect to get out of their way. After all, a fraction of a second could mean life or death. Have enough sense to get off the road or at least get over in one lane and let the firemen have the other lane. When you see the flashing lights and hear the sirens, get your hind end out of their way. Next time it might be you that needed their help. Thank you to the fire department.

Contraception equality
The current national discussion on birth control has me quite perplexed. Why is it that a man, such as myself, can go in to any gas station, truckstop restroom or any pharmacy and purchase condoms without question, yet a woman must schedule a doctor’s appointment and wait to be approved by her insurance, which God willing, she actually has. As a man, I find this hypocrisy to be quite offensive. Women, stand up for your rights. Don’t let these crazy old men running for president tell you how to live your life. You have plenty of sensible men behind you supporting your rights. God bless you all.

Talking both ways
So Carroll County wants the training center to be turned over to them? That would probably mean the already overtaxed citizens of Carroll County would be forced to pay even more taxes. They are talking out both sides of their mouths. In one breath they want the building for future businesses, then they state “our area (meaning Carroll) has less chance of attracting future businesses to help us rebound.” Can any of the training center residents go to live in their parents’ home? I still say many will be put in already overcrowded and understaffed nursing homes. They knew the day was coming that the center would be closed.

Same scrutiny
On the issue of drug testing welfare recipients, although it didn’t pass [in the Virginia General Assembly], it is the right idea. Let’s ensure that tax dollars are spent toward sustenance and shelter for America’s underprivileged and not mishandled, leaving the children of these recipients hungry and threadbare which further perpetuates the cycle of poverty, hopelessness and crime in this country. Every recipient on the treasury’s payroll should be subject to the same scrutiny. We have a right to know if our representatives, law officers and teachers are using illegal substances. Although it is unlikely, the notion that none of them is using is simply naive. If we are going to sweep things clean, then let’s scour the entire house, not just the back porch. Tax dollars reserve representation and regulation on all levels, from the indigent on the bottom to the elite at the top.

What to watch
I for one enjoyed the TV listings. I like knowing ahead of time what I can plan to watch. I have friends that call me up and plan on their schedule, too.

Might blow up
I can’t believe people are still hollering and wanting that pipeline down here from Canada when they have already shown it will level houses, blow people up, not only that but destroy and poison the air. You don’t need a job once you are killed working on it like BP was.

Content overload
Whoever made up with the idea, oh, let’s have the paper longer? My arms are getting heavier as I try to read about the Bassetts and the courthouse shootout — two stories better left in the past. What have they done for the current [factory] employees? How about air conditioning in the summer heat? Just an idea from an interested reader.

Good deed
I would like to thank the nice lady once again for helping me out at CVS Pharmacy. I was taking my water and Pepsi to the car and the buggy fell over sideways. It almost fell on me. She got out of her car, got the buggy and took my stuff to the car and then put the buggy back at the store. I just wanted her to know how much I appreciate her. She was my guardian angel. May God bless you always — to a very nice lady.

Where’s the beef?
I would like to know when Porky’s Restaurant is planning on opening. I was told back in November it would be a couple of weeks. In December I was told by Christmas. In January I was told a couple of weeks. In February I was told a couple of weeks. In March I was told a couple of weeks again. So, where’s the beef?
Editor’s note: We’ve also asked the owners several times when the restaurant will open, in attempts to do a business article. We’ve received similar answers.