Readers' Hotline 3/14/11

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You can help
I read time after time, everybody fussing about the board of supervisors this and that. I’m bored with all of that chatter. The bottom line here is, if you want to help, help your supervisors. If you have a concern, get informed, do the research. Offer suggestions before you start complaining. Try thinking of three suggestions on your own that will solve the problem and present those suggestions. If you want to help your church, your pastor, think of some ideas to be creative. We all need help — elected officials as well as everyone else. Now if they receive the suggestions and the help and they are viable suggestions and workable suggestions and they still refuse to do anything, then by all means boot them out. But if they are trying to do their jobs, help them do their jobs.

Choosing coaches
Evidently, the Grayson County school system has something against hiring softball coaches from within the system. There are head coaches for varsity, JV and eighth grade plus an approved assistant for the varsity, and only one is an employee of the system. Seems to me there are qualified coaches within the system if they have the opportunity to apply. I have never seen the job posted for the first coach. I guess it’s more of a buddy-buddy system. What is the system coming to?

Don’t criticize
You people need to pray about some things instead of criticizing people about food that they take for a family member. But some churches have just a few that want their way or no way. But Jesus fed five thousand. He didn’t criticize who ate. So people, get on your knees.

Some sort of rant
Once again you have proven that the only person that you care about are dead presidents. Money is the only reason that you do the things you do and say the things you say. If that’s all you care about you might ought to consider that the people you are working for expect results. If you give them that, he’ll do to you what he done to others. You can always expect a cannibal to come for his next meal. You know a whore that takes money on her back is just the same as the whore that takes money for doing something to other people for their own benefit.

Why locked down?
I heard they had another lockdown at Grayson County High School. And they locked the kids in the room. Why on earth do they do that? I would want my kid out. If there is a bomb in there it is gonna explode and it’s gonna kill them all. That sounds crazy to me.
Editor's note: Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, superintendent of Grayson County Public Schools, said the recent lockdown at two schools was not in response to a bomb threat. “We use school lockdowns to provide a safe and secure environment for students and staff in the event of a real or possible threat outside the classroom,” she said. “Each threat is assessed on an individual basis to determine the appropriate and necessary action. Our school system has developed and implemented a comprehensive school safety and crisis management plan that is in compliance with and enforces all applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Also, the plan is aligned with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's National Incident Management System (NIMS).”

Could be a blessing
This is for people worrying about people carrying out trays from church dinners. Wouldn’t God be pleased with you, knowing that you are begrudging the food that He provided. The food that is carried out could be a blessing or a witness to someone. If you had your mind on the right thing you wouldn’t even notice that. You need to get down on your knees and I’ll be praying for you, too.

Draw the line
I wonder if the politicians in Grayson County really know where their county ends. I saw several of their signs in Carroll County, somewhere way down in Hebron. I don’t think that is Grayson County, is it? Seems like a waste of signs.

The old way
Everybody knows it’s not going to get any better. Gas prices continue to rise, electricity is going to continue to rise. Everything except people’s income. So we better start looking at ways to downsize within out own families. Get rid of the things we don’t really need. And prepare to lose our electricity and things that we so commonly use right now. Prepare to go back to the old ways and be able to survive, because it not going to get any better. But if we want to survive this, we’re going to have to back up a step. That’s the way it’s going to go.

Bright ideas
This is for the Hotline fans in Laurel. God love you. It’s great that you are concerned. It’s great that you have an opinion and express it. Here’s a suggestion. Let’s use the Hotline for positive ideas. Let’s create a forum of discussion suggesting ways to help our community and not just fussing all the time. And not crying about the politicians and what they won’t do. Do you know a politician’s worst fear is an informed voter? Learn about your politicians. Find out exactly what they stand for. Don’t believe every little thing they promise. If they don’t follow through on what they say they are going to do or if they don’t vote the way the community wants them to, vote ‘em out. If we round up enough ideas we will solve some stuff, because the Twin Counties is full of bright people. Let’s step up to the plate.

Empty shelves
On the question about teachers at Fries school and giving assignments for book reports when there are no books. The teachers are doing their jobs. Why aren’t the books on the shelves?

Not the best example
In response to people taking food from church dinners. I would just like to say what good Christian people we have that don’t want people to take food home to maybe feed the hungry or someone that is sick. That is really a good example to set, Christians.
Editor's note: No more calls on this topic, please.

I wondered about this for a long time but nobody that I have asked knows the answers. Are homeschool teachers paid the same as the ones in public schools? And what are the teachers’ requirements? Do they have a degree or just a good reputation? Why don’t these children attend a public school?

Wants competition
We need more than one power company here. We need competition with cable companies. We need more jobs. [Local officials] can’t just sit behind a desk. You are supposed to be doing something for all that money you are getting paid.

Fat cats
Isn’t it interesting that things in this country, they never start or end at the top. Basically the fat cats line their pockets every chance they can and it’s usually on the backs on the rest of us. It doesn’t even trickle down. If they want to take away the bargaining rights to a decent living they pick on police, firefighters, nurses and teachers. How about we continue on and take away the bargaining rights of all the overpaid sports stars, movie stars and politicians? If they used normal everyday people to advertise products on TV and elsewhere instead of those million dollar babies and TV and movie stars, their products wouldn’t cost so much. We’re paying so they can all make millions more. It’s out of control and we need to start over. Ever notice that politicians send their kids to private schools? We are the sacrifices.

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