Readers' Hotline 3/13/13

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To the editor: I am the one that called in the “gun control worries” in the Hotline. You are misunderstanding me. I am not saying the officers should not get a lunch break. I am saying I shouldn’t go by the restaurant and see [so many officers from different police agencies] at the same time. I am saying that if the police officers were out patrolling and not at lunch at the same time, people might not be afraid and may not all want to buy guns and carry guns. Don’t post and misinterpret what I said.

Time to do something
This is about delinquent taxes of Carroll County. I am a Carroll County taxpayer and I am very concerned that they don’t start something and get that delinquent tax brought in. It has gone on too long.

Turned it around
To add to “bad boss” last week, it sounds like where I work and this is right also. This woman has caused several good employees to quit. I would just like to know why they have meetings to better the place when you talk to the supervisor over her and by the time they are done with listening to you, they turn everything around and make us sound like it’s you with the problem. They make you feel as stupid as she does. Has anyone been through this? And, do you have any suggestions? Please share if you do.

Needs an appointment
I was glad to see the article on the front page March 1 about “making filing less taxing” through tax return help from AARP representatives in Galax. The only problem is, the article said to make an appointment because it is only from 8 a.m. to noon on Thursdays. When I tried to track down a phone number, there is no contact so the only way I found that you can make an appointment is to be there on a Thursday at 8 a.m. to make an appointment. If you live in the City of Galax or close by, that is all right. But, what about people that live in the far reaches of Grayson County like I do? It is not very cost effective for me to drive to Galax, be there at 8 in the morning and then probably find out I can’t get an appointment until another week. I am trying to cut down on my driving as it is. So, I am very disappointed in the way this has turned out. Thanks, anyway.

Pay your way
I’d like to know when and why it became the responsibility and burden of the American taxpayers to support all the people that are on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, help with their heating bills, etc. A lot of the alcoholics, the people that are on dope — I am all for helping people that need help because of circumstances beyond their control, but just you go to any grocery store on or around the first of the month and watch who comes out, sometimes with two buggies full. They are overweight, full of tattoos, earrings and other things all over their face. You can tell they are too sorry to work. People need to realize the U.S. government is broke and has to borrow money to support this type of people. I don’t understand how we got stuck with it. I have worked all my life and I paid taxes all my life. I can hardly buy enough to eat on.

Sports schedules
I see in the paper the sports calendar, but they don’t have Grayson County track. I know Grayson County has a track team, but they don’t even list their schedule. They list everything else. I just wonder who makes the schedule for Grayson County. The football team only has eight games next fall scheduled.
Editor’s note: FYI, we understand that 10 games are now lined up for Grayson County High School in football. The Gazette will publish the track schedule once it is released.

As the world turns
I’m calling about a lady that works at a pharmacy that said when a woman was in line waiting on medicine that she nudges her husband to come to get the medicine and said ugly things. Well, little did she know that I had to get out of line to get some other shopping done. We have always got our medicine at this pharmacy and never had trouble with anyone there until she came there to work. She says she will never talk to us again. Well, if I have questions of anything about medication, I will talk to the supervisor and I will not quit coming to this pharmacy.

It’s a bypass
This is in response to “speed trap” and the bypass in Hillsville. I checked with VDOT and they said that was a bypass, not a fly past.

First things first
All we can hear about is the budget cuts this day and time. All we read about in the paper is they are sending hundreds of millions to Egypt but they can’t feed the senior citizens. Where does charity begin? At home. This is ridiculous.