Readers' Hotline 3/11/13

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Prison mix-up
I was reading in the paper today about the new state prison in Grayson County, how you could shop there, you could eat there, you could rent a room there. I thought prisoners were supposed to pay for their crime. Looks to me like they are getting the easy street.
Editor’s note: I think you might be a bit confused by the article. The references to shopping, eating and lodging were related to the potential economic impact that visitors to the prison could have on the area, not the inmates. The hope is that those coming to visit loved ones incarcerated at the River North Correctional Center will spend money in the area by staying at a hotel, eating a meal or buying gas during their trip.

Long line
Something needs to be done with the post office. I went in there to get a money order and there were 15 people standing in line. There is no excuse for them just to have one person have to wait on that many people. Why don’t they shorten their lines and get more help?
Editor’s note: You are seeing the effects of the $15 billion net loss recorded by the U.S. Postal Service for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2012. Don’t expect more help.

About the comment about the school [employee] and the rabbit that died: I know this lady personally that had the rabbit. She is a wonderful lady. Sounds like backstabbing going on up there behind her back — someone is just after her job. So, tell her to watch out. Those so-called friends actually are not her friend.

Admired in the mirror
I’m calling in response to the reader who called in and you labeled it “not pretty.” Well, I have purple highlights in my hair and I have three holes in each ear. To me, I think it is pretty. My husband likes it. I have long hair that is way over halfway down my back. It is done tastefully and I love to wear big earrings because I am a big woman and I can carry this off. If this person sees me, give me another look because I think I am pretty.

Regarding the answer the editor gave the person who was complaining about teenage kids and the way they dress nowadays, I think the editor’s comments were insulting to older people in this community. Sure, I am 74 years old. I have false teeth. Big deal. A lot of people do. Give me a break. How old are you, 15? Let me tell you something, you will be there someday, pal.

It’s a shame that you’ve got neighbors that don’t work all day yet they know how to throw out trash in the yard. It is such a shame that you can live in a life like that.

Repeat the oath
The oath of honor that police officers have to take, they really need to go back and re-read the “I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.” There are so many [things] going on in [one] police department that they really need to go over that part again.

Gifts and services
I see where Sen. Carrico failed in one area this past year. He has received almost $11,000 in gifts and services while many other senators have not received anything near that amount. Some senators haven’t even received any gifts or services at all. In my experience, usually when you receive a gift, something is expected in return.
Editor’s note: Virginia legislators must disclose annually any events, trips and gifts valued at more than $50 that they received during the prior year. Sen. Carrico reported gifts or payments such as an economic development trip to Taiwan, valued at $4,000, $1,406 from the National Governors’ Association and $476 from the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association.

Act with respect
I’m calling about this lady who has put a sign up on this mailbox. It says, “do not block the driveway.” It is at this lady’s house that has been deceased for quite a few months. She needs to take that sign down out of respect. She never did show respect for this lady or the company that came in to help her during her last days on this earth. Take the sign down to show respect, because she did not want people to even park around her driveway.

Nothing yet
We have been hearing for months about how there was going to be some new development out at Exit 19 and all we needed to do was spend all kinds of money and build new roads and this big company was going to come with jobs. That is all we have heard and we spent all that money and I even heard that VDOT was going to take some people’s land to build a new road out there, and still nothing’s happened. Someone needs to look in to where all the money has gone. It sure hasn’t benefited citizens of Carroll County.
Editor’s note: Local economic developers are still waiting to hear a final decision from one potential employer that is interested in the Wildwood Commerce Park at Exit 19.

Superintendent, too?
Just wondering if the piece in the paper about raises being the top priority for Grayson County Schools, if the superintendent should be able to get that raise since he has been here for less than four years.

Misses the cooking
This is to a young lady we worked with for several years. She has always had a smile and nice words. She is an excellent cook. She is so funny. She didn’t know the word “no” even existed. We hope she reads this and knows that she will really be missed. We are praying for you. There is always something better out there. Good luck and just remember, you can always bring us some of those yummy desserts up here anytime.

Money choices
This is in response to “make them pay,” about delinquent county taxes. I’m wondering if the caller understands that a whole lot of these people have to make a choice between having medication and food every month. Before you start pouring gas on fires, step into those flames yourself. You might find yourself there one of these days. This is a serious thing they are talking about. Before you start making people pay, why don’t you find out if they’ve got enough food on the table or medicine to keep them alive?