Readers' Hotline 3/10/14

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As our country leaves normal to a more abnormal society, will gays have their own restroom? Face it, no one wants a person sexually attracted to them while they are in the restroom.

Only rich should vote
To those in Washington that are trying to lead us and the majority of voters that currently voted for our president, there is no charity without having a profit. Stop bashing those successful men and women. They are merely creating jobs. Now, the government on the other hand, all they do is spend what they take from productive members of our society. Here’s a trick here. Why don’t we just let the productive members of our society vote? It seems like it would be a conflict of interest if you are receiving more than you are giving.

Good news, bad news
The good news is that a company is trying to decide which state it will build its company in, which will create thousands of jobs. That’s good news. The bad news is that illegal aliens will probably get the jobs.

Got it all figured out
Yesterday, Arizona’s governor vetoed a bill that would allow business owners to forbid gay people on their property. This is the biggest gay news since some states forbid gays to be married. I say if they want to get married, then let them, in a ceremonial way, not a legal way so as not to desecrate our legal system. And, do not let them adopt people and forbid them from owning animals.

Operator error
I agree with the “plowed in” comment. My driveway was fine until the snow plow driver covered the entrance with three feet of snow. There was plenty of room on the other side of the road with even a ditch for the snow to run off once it melted. These plows have the ability to rotate if only the driver had the ability to operate it properly.

Showing ignorance
The comment “not rational” in [last] Wednesday’s Gazette was correct. Some people should stop showing their ignorance and learn how our government works before they start calling our president a dictator.

Faith in your face
I believe some people are driving many away from churches and religion by pushing it in people’s faces all the time. I know. I get it. I was born and reared in the south. I have been going to churches for my 70-some odd years and understand some people feel they must constantly witness and testify, but there are right and wrong ways to do things. Some ways push people away. I suggest taking some of the collection money and at least once a week take out a full page ad in the paper to educate people about their religion with information from their bibles, not their feelings. It seems many people just want to hear their own voices or read their own writings. They are doing more harm than maybe they realize.

Zoning concerns
I am calling about zoning in Grayson County. I am against zoning for the most part. We could still use a little zoning, but I would like to see every supervisor reveal what they own in Grayson County. If they would come out and put in the paper how much land, how many houses, whatever they own, that would help people to know who is for what and everything in Grayson County. What they got to hide or whatever. Also, zoning is hurting our businesses a lot. I believe there would be a lot more business come to Grayson County if we didn’t have so much zoning to prevent this. Also, I would like to say if these farmers would get back to the old time farming way and hire some of these school kids, if they would go back to square bailing their hay and stuff, it would keep some of these kids off this dope and out of the streets and stuff. That would help.

Fatality update
We were wondering about the case with the pharmacist that hit the man and killed him. We have heard nothing for a while and we would just like to know what’s going on.
Editor’s note: Tow truck operator Russell Nelson of Hillsville was struck by a car and killed on May 25, 2013, while answering a call on Interstate 77. The driver of the car that hit him, Jesse Tang of Rural Hall, N.C., is charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony. A jury trial is set for March 27-28 in Carroll County Circuit Court.

Keep it up
I’d like to say good job to law enforcement. It does my soul good when you read in the paper where another drug dealer or drug user has been arrested. Hope they keep up the good work. Keep the poison out of the hands of everyone’s kids and grandkids. Like to see more cleaned up in Grayson County. It’s full of drug users and drug dealers. Everybody report suspicious activity and keep their eyes and ears open. Good job law enforcement.

Lost a customer
Comcast Cable, you just lost another customer because you are no longer showing Galax, Va., on the weather channel. You are going to lose more customers too, going to DirecTV and Dish.

No oil for us
Why in the world do people want this pipeline from Canada to go through our America states when all they want to do is send the oil overseas? They don’t want to give it to us. The homeowners over here are complaining because they don’t want it beside of them. It’s dangerous and can blow up at different intervals and different spots, the weakened spots and throw poison out everywhere. Also, if it is approved, the government has the right to give the homeowners what they say their property is worth and then they have to leave. They don’t have a choice and I don’t think it’s right. Why don’t Canada put it through their land? They don’t want to put the dangerous thing through their land. They want to put it through ours, through the U.S. If they want to send it to China – that’s what they are doing with the oil and stuff, why don’t they put it on theirs. No, they want to mess up America, make the air more poison than what it is now.

Standing up
We finally have three supervisors in Grayson County that is not afraid to stand for what they believe to be in the best interest of the county, no matter how unpopular it may be with some. Whether we agree with their decisions or not, we should respect them. I think they are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.

Laying blame
Up there in Vermont where that social service agency put that little girl back in that home, then they killed that little girl, every one of them that works in that social service office in Vermont needs to be fired and put in jail for putting that little girl back in that home where they had already been warned that the little girl would be killed.

Job for the young
Hope that at any more snow storms that we don’t see one of the wonderful senior people greeters at our Walmart out in the weather dumping snow from the cart. Please, care for your senior greeters. Have the young people take the snow off before putting them in that store. Would the management have their older relative doing this? Shame on you all.

Pure gospel
I would like to say that I love the AM station in Galax. I love the good gospel music, the comments and preaching. Also, I would like to say I wish they would take all that sports stuff off the AM station. This is a gospel station. It’s supposed to be for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The devil has got so many ways of trying to take our victory away from us as it is. When you are sitting there listening to the AM station and all of a sudden a ball game comes on or sports broadcast from Galax about their balls games – I think this needs to be taken off the AM station and pure gospel needs to be on there because we are living in a time when we need pure gospel. We need to be reading our Bibles and praying. Going to the house of God and praising him because we are living in serious times.

Turn in lost cane
To whomever found my cane at the Walmart entrance, please leave it at customer service. It’s an aluminum, bronze colored cane, slightly bent. I’m recovering from surgery and I can’t afford a replacement.

Aliens beware
This is in regard to the border control shootings where they are saying the patrol was shooting too much. Absolutely not. The people on the other side of the border are breaking the law by being there. How about getting back where you belong and not being in areas you aren’t supposed to be in and nobody will shoot you. I think what they need to do around the border is do what they do around [top secret Nevada military base and rumored UFO research site, according to some] Area 51 – put a sign up that says if you cross this border you will be shot because you are breaking the law. If you think that won’t work, ask yourself one question. How many people break into Area 51?
Editor’s note: You do understand what kind of “aliens” are believed to be at Area 51, right? It’s not the illegal kind.

Can’t find anything
I went around here in Galax trying to find me a trash can bin to put my trashcan in so it wouldn’t blow away. I wanted to keep it outside. Just like always, you cannot find anything in Galax. You have to go out of town to Roanoke or Winston-Salem to get anything you want. Galax ain’t never had nothing and never will. I doubt The Gazette will print this.
Editor’s note: Did you read some of the earlier calls? Yours is by far one of the most normal calls we’ve received this week.