Readers' Hotline 2/8/12

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Too many trips
As a taxpayer of Grayson County I watched bus 65 make four trips to Troutdale every day. Two trips with kids and two trips empty. How can transportation coordinators not see that they are wasting a week’s worth of fuel? Bus 65 used to sit at Young’s Store. My question is, why can’t it sit at the new school right across the road? We could run that bus two years on the fuel he is burning in one year? He needs to furnish his own way to Troutdale to pick up his bus, not on taxpayer money.

Speaking up
I would just like to say thank you to the gentleman that spoke at the last Grayson County School Board meeting. It’s about time it became public how some employees or potential employees are treated by this administration.

School spirit
I agree with the caller that called in about the Galax High School cheerleaders. They did an awesome, great job. Everyone ought to be very proud of them.

Cover it up
The Hillsville Police Department needs to start enforcing trucks covering and securing their loads on Main Street and cease trying to catch a speeder in a reduced speed zone.

Call it what it is
Why do people think that if you state an observation about another person’s behavior you are judging? If a person murders someone is he not a murderer? If he lies, cheats and steal, is he not a liar and a thief? It’s calling a spade a spade. Judging is an accusation made toward a person on what that person thinks or feels without knowing what that person thinks or feels but if someone is going around lying, deceiving and hurting people then there is no judgment in saying what he really is because his own actions show it.

Three cheers
I say three cheers for Senator Bill Carico’s bill for mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients. If they have money to purchase drugs, they do not need financial assistance. And why would the Democrats object to spending taxpayer dollars on people who obviously don’t need it, unless they fear losing their voter base?

More Todd love
I just want you to know that Todd Jennings is the first thing I read in your newspaper. He makes me smile or most of the time, just laugh out loud. I hope he is going to be around for a long time.

Testing is fair
I have a comment about your article in the paper on drug testing. I feel that if employers can require you to take a drug test before they hire you to work for money, then what is wrong with welfare recipients being tested for drugs before giving them money? Also, I feel that a third party should be given the money if they fail the drug test. That way, the third party can assure that the money is used to care for the children and not used for drugs. Anyone not on drugs should be willing to be tested to get help if they are in need. Helping people in need is the Christian thing to do, but enabling a drug habit is not what public funds are for and not in the best interest of the person in need.

Whoever voted and stuck this governor of Virginia in, he is destroying the Twin Counties, cutting everything, closing everything. I don’t know what you were thinking.
Editor's note: If the caller is referring to the closing of the SWVA Training Center and similar facilities, that was the result of the settlement of a federal lawsuit against Virginia.

Love thy neighbor
I was just reading it in the Hotline, when people start calling everyone idiots and fools and stuff, I think it is better when we read the Bible and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Stolen sticker?
I was just going through Walmart parking lot and happened to see someone that I know of that is very active and had borrowed a handicap sticker and stuck in her windshield. I think this is a misuse of items that are available for people in need and actually the parking space was taken up by someone that wasn’t handicapped and it could have been someone handicapped that come through that actually needed it.
Editor’s note: In addition to permanent tags for the handicapped, temporary tags and stickers are available for those who have short-term conditions — injuries, surgery, etc. — which make them temporarily handicapped. Maybe that’s what was happening in this case.

Better spent elsewhere
I’m calling about churches that want people to tithe. People are the church and I take my tithes and put it to people that need it. I don’t put it in the building, trying to build a bigger and better building. I try to help people that really need help in these troubled days. I think this should be looked at in a lot of churches. Just putting tithes in the churches don’t mean you are going to Heaven.

No honor
I’m calling about these people that happened in Canada, they call it this honor killing. They ought to stop letting those people in the United States to start with.  I just call it plain out murder. Then everyone should have had the death penalty instead of life in prison.

Who wants it?
I can’t believe anyone would want that Keystone Pipeline. They showed up there where they had started a part of it and this is blowing up stuff and dangerous and that’s why they put a hold on it. It’s going to level houses and be dangerous and the air, you can’t breathe it. You should have seen it. It showed it all laying out there where they were working on it where they started on it and then they stopped and people were hollering that the Democrats are a “party of no.” What about the Republican congress saying no to everything and filibustering everything that people try to get through? I’m independent, but I say you are listening to the wrong station, brother.
Editor's note: Republicans control the U.S. House, which has no filibuster. The U.S. Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, can have a filibuster.

Can’t catch him
I’d like to know what it takes to get the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department to catch this guy that keeps breaking in and stealing in everybody’s homes over in the Cliffview section of Carroll County. They do nothing. If they get him, they let him go and now they claim he is on the run and they can’t catch him. So, what is it going to take to get us some justice?

Keep teens at home
I’m calling to comment on these teenagers being out late at night — like 15, 13, 14 years old — and then the parents not approving of the guys they are sleeping with. How come they don’t know where their daughters are at night? There should be a ban put on teenagers at a certain age, that way they will feel like they have to put charges against the boys they are sleeping with. If they say they are at their friend’s house, then the parents should be calling the friend’s parents.

Helpful “advice”
Here we go again. Time to bully the poor. I’ve been through this before so here is some advice. If you are going to social services, throw that Gucci bag under the couch and park the Cadillac behind the barn. And dress like you are going to slop the hogs. They’ve got this new thing you might have to do. It’s called a drug test. Don’t get all upset. This is easy. There are a lot of people around here who know how to pass a drug test. Just go ask anyone. In Florida, they drug test those on welfare and 98 percent passed. Amazing that we here in Southwest Virginia can make it 100 percent. After you take the test, you are going to have to lay low for a while. The politicians are going to be really mad. Go to the beach or stay home and watch HBO until after the election then grab that Gucci bag and rev up the Cadillac because it’s time to party.

Get well, Judith
I want to wish a special get well, speedy recovery to [local radio personality] Judith Burnette. We miss you. She is one of the best, if not the best DJ, I have ever heard. She plays real uplifting gospel songs. I think she ought to get DJ of the year next year. Debbie Stringer, we thank you for finding her. She is a true blessing.

Bad decision?
What’s going on with the new Fries Fire Department? Was there any problem with the existing fire department? As a Fries resident, I would like to know who benefited from the transaction and why was it necessary? Especially when the fire trucks cannot even go through the glass doors. That’s a bad decision somewhere. Duh.

Victims have rights
This is to the person that wanted to know the names of the brothers who defended themselves against a carjacker and attempted murderer. How insensitive can anyone be to ask their names? They were the victims. Victims of crimes have rights. Thank God these two old country boys had a gun and were able to shoot their attacker. I know these two young men. They are fine, hard working boys. And, pray to God that reader will never be in the situation they were in. Sign me, “gun owner and proud to be one.”