Readers' Hotline 2/5/14

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Fight for store
Attention residents of Galax. Please, let’s all get together and fight to keep Kroger in Galax. This store is a part of us. The employees seem like family to everyone. Please, please everyone call these numbers and try to keep Kroger open. Call (540) 536-3500.

Wants to sign
Can anyone tell those of us who don’t have a Facebook what we can do to save Kroger’s store? Is there some way we can sign a petition? If someone starts a petition for those of us who do not have Facebook, please oh please let us residents know where we can go or what we can do to sign this petition. We can’t lose Kroger without a fight. Let’s all pull together. We need this store.

Don’t need it
I’m not for a lot of things that Obama is for, either; but, what about the Republicans who say they are a Christian and yet take food out of mouths of children, take their food stamps, don’t want to help the unemployed with their benefits and then take the money they save from cutting all that, including Medicaid, to give themselves another tax break. They are already millionaires and don’t need it. Shouldn’t even draw a social security check if they are of age because they don’t need it and should leave it there for other people that really could use it so it won’t run out as fast.

Left hanging
I was calling about an incident I had in the emergency room the other day. We were there with my in-laws. Both of them were sort of handicapped. She was there and was finally admitted, but my father-in-law was in a wheelchair – was back there from 2 o’clock to after 9 o’clock that day. I asked several times to go back and see how they were doing because I had no idea how they were. Each time the girl up front asked the nurse, they would always tell her no. Finally, the girl went back there and asked my family and they said they hadn’t heard nothing yet. So, I went home. Gave her my number and she was good to call me when she found out they were going to admit her. When I came back, she finally got me back there, which I really appreciated. I don’t understand why they won’t at least come out and tell you how your family is if they won’t let you come back. With both of them being handicapped, at least another adult should have been back there with them. I want to thank the girl up front.

Like family
Shopped at Kroger’s for almost 40 years and I am so sorry they are closing. Their Kroger brand products are better than most name brands. I love their bread. Where can we get a good loaf of bread for $1? The associates are so helpful and friendly, they call us by our names. They help people in wheelchairs and the elderly. We have made friends with shoppers. One couple we met sends us a Christmas card and signs it, “your Kroger buddy.” There was a spirit there that you don’t find in other stores. Thank you Kroger for the many years of good service. We will miss you.

Save the dolphins
I think the American people should stop buying anything that is made in Japan until Japan stops killing those innocent dolphins.

Remove mayor
I just want to say I was proud to walk into a service station tonight and get to put my name on a petition to remove Greg Crowder as mayor of Hillsville. I hope the other council members will step up and realize this mayor situation is hurting them as much as it is hurting him. They need to step up and do something about it. That counts for all of them. I know he has some friends on council, but they need to realize it is costing them their election, too.
Editor’s note: Crowder has been convicted of impersonating a law enforcement officer for an incident at a restaurant in Bristol, where employees said he indicated he worked for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The charge is a misdemeanor, which does not qualify Crowder to be removed from office. He has appealed the court’s decision.

Gracious greeters
Thank God in this cold weather that we have greeters at Walmart that has our buggies sitting out, ready to go, with a smile on their face and a hug if we need one. It is great to walk in there with our buggies ready to go and not have to stay at the door no longer than we have to. We really appreciate it and I want to thank you again, Walmart.

Glimpse of future?
If the citizens of Grayson County want to see what can happen without zoning, look in Carroll County on Faddis Hill near the intersection of Route 58 and Glendale Road.

Zoning = dictatorship
I am 83 years old. I moved up here in 1957. You could buy a piece of land and build what you wanted to on it. The neighbors done the same thing. Everybody got along good. Now, you can’t sell your property unless you get all adjoining property owners to give you permission. You can’t build anything on it. Zoning has the right to tell you what to do. It’s like Obamacare. You get fined if you don’t take insurance. Our country is getting like a dictatorship. Look at Elk Creek valley – all them pine trees they set up out there. It’s ruining this country. Why don’t the zoning do something about that? They want to keep it like it supposed to be.

Loaded question
I would sure like for some of these gun owners to please explain to me. I have owned guns for 40-some years, been around guns all my life. Sure would like to know how you can clean a loaded gun. Would somebody please explain to me how you clean a loaded gun? You don’t fool around with loaded guns and try to clean them when they are loaded because they will go off. You have to cock it before it goes off or, if it is automatic, it will go off if you hit the trigger, but there is no way to clean a loaded gun that I can think of. If somebody that knows more about them than I do, please explain to me in the Hotline how you can do that. I know a guy here a few weeks ago a guy said he was cleaning his gun and it went off and killed him.

Who’s in charge?
I just want to inquire if you would answer a question or two for me. Does the Grayson County Planning Commission hire the county administrator? It seems like from everything that goes on, that must be it. Last January meeting must have been planned by the planning commission the way it was moving. Messed up. A few years ago, a taxpayer meeting was attended by a standing room only crowd over there and there was not the first supervisor that attended that meeting.

Vote with dollars
Just wondered about the ones calling in about Kroger closing. How many of you supported Kroger at least partially? How many of you are going to give them a good February month? Or, will you be in WalMart pushing your buggy around? Also, how many of you support the little man downtown and then wonder why they close?

Must be stopped
We must keep up our defenses. Obama has cut back on the Air Force, the Navy, Army, Marines and missile defenses. He will not stop until we are a poorly armed, second rate, military nation. He must stop destroying our defenses.