Readers' Hotline 2/4/13

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Many thanks
I would like to thank all the hard-working AEP employees and crews from other states for getting our power back on during the snowstorm. They worked long hours in the cold weather, sometimes having to carry poles and equipment because their trucks couldn’t get in where they needed to go. Some people didn’t have power for three or four days but AEP did do their best to get it back on as quickly as possible. Thank you again.

From the wilds
This is in response to “disrespectful neighbor.” As of now, there is no leash law in Carroll County. Do you even know where dogs originated from? They originated from the grey wolf.

Not worth it
Regarding the call “Windburn,” how do you know it is only 10 families that opposed these windmills? If you look closely, I bet you will find the private company wanting to install the monstrous windmills will be subsidized by government. They are way too expensive to build and when you consider return on their money, no private business would be in business long if they invested their own money. Taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill. If you read or hear “incentive” used, know that proponents like this word rather than “subsidy.” The money they promised to give back to the county ultimately will come out of the taxpayer’s pocket. How is that a win? It also would devalue property around it. Can’t figure where you are coming from when you speak of improvements to the property. Believe me, they are an eyesore. When it comes right down to it, we live in a beautiful county and the supposed money the county would get, just isn’t worth it.

Charity at home
When I was growing up, my grandparents used to go around saying, “charity begins at home.” But, if you read your Bible, you will realize that the word charity really means love. And, love should come first more than anything else. God first, family second. Just saying.

I wouldn’t have a computer if someone gave me one. I just saw on TV where people can spy on you and everything else. I would not have a computer.
Editor’s note: Did you know we can see what you’re wearing through the tiny holes in your phone? That’s an... interesting choice of undergarments, sir.

Don’t fund the U.N.
The United Nations Small Arms Treaty is designed to use international law as a way to confiscate millions of privately and legally owned firearms here in the U.S. This treaty will do nothing to end civil wars in foreign countries and end bloodshed in lawless areas of the world. Congress should stop giving any money to the U.N. They don’t like us. They are just out to destroy us. We should stop shoving taxpayers’ money down.
Editor’s note: According to the website snopes.com, which clarifies incorrect information that spreads on the Internet and elsewhere, this treaty has nothing to do with restricting the legal sale or ownership of guns within the U.S. The aim of the treaty is to combat illicit international trade of arms by setting international standards for the transfer of conventional weapons. “Even if such a treaty came to pass, U.S. rights and laws regarding sale an ownership of small arms would still apply within the United States.”

Bring the blade
Here we are again when the Town of Fries gets another snow and Fries people don’t bother to clean the sidewalks or the back alleys. What do they think people are supposed to do if they have to park in the alleys if they need to get out? They’ve got a backhoe. They’ve got a truck with a blade on it. They’ve got a loader on that backhoe. They could push this snow off, but they won’t do it. Here we are getting sleet and a little bit of snow and mixture now. I bet they won’t clean the sidewalks again.

Different treatment
I was at a Grayson County wrestling match and it was rather embarrassing for our county and our school that we did not play The National Anthem. We did not have concessions that night. It just seems like Grayson treats its sports differently. Wrestling is very much on the bottom. I’m assuming that if it were a basketball game there would have been music, there would have been The National Anthem and there would have been concessions. It would be nice for Grayson to take a second look at what is important: that all athletes are important. It was a shame that four schools were there last night and we couldn’t even offer water to the wrestlers.

Double whammy
I live west of Independence in Grayson County. We have been without electricity for 10 days in the past six months and today, it is snowing again. Appalachian Power [needs to hire] crews to trim back tree branches from the power lines. The minerals in wet tree branches conduct electricity and short out our electric power. Worse yet, we get a double whammy. The law allows AEP to impose rate hikes to meet the costs of repairing the storm damage. Too many people are suffering.

Stealing from the company
I’m calling about co-workers that work at a desk pretending to do their work and they are actually sending emails on their computer or texting on their phones when they could be doing something for the people they work for. Is this not the same thing as stealing from the company if you are just sitting there getting paid for a job you are not doing? Do companies not monitor computers? If they don’t, they sure need to, because you have a lot of unproductive workers in your business. I hope some of these workers read this and realize they are actually stealing from their company and I don’t think that would look good in the eyes of the Lord and they claim to be such religious folks. It’s just a shame to see it happen.
Editor’s note: I think my boss just called the Hotline. Awkward!

Praying for destruction?
People in the Twin County area have no right to complain about their utility bills because utility companies bring up a good idea and something to improve service and have our bills cheaper, and people put a stop to it. For 14 years we have been having destructive weather that causes [utility companies] to lose a lot of money for fuel, overtime and materials for repairs. Everybody instead of praying for good weather, they keep praying and asking for the spirits and the strong tornadoes, floods and blizzards and they complain that we never get them. If they would let the utility companies put in their services to have things go better and stop praying for destructive weather, they would have a right to complain.

Get broad approval
In last week’s Hotline, Hillsville Police Chief Bolen stated he got permission from Mayor Crowder to leave his town job and finish the semester with students. Aren’t substitutes for that? Does Mayor Crowder have all that power? I don’t think so. Why did Bolen not get approval from town council before he took the job?
Editor’s note: No more calls will be published about this matter.

Equal space
I couldn’t help but notice in Friday’s paper that you had almost two full pages of Martin Luther King Day news and celebration and all that, which is wonderful and fine, but I was just wondering if you were going to dedicate the same amount of space to Presidents Day when it comes up. To me, they are a lot more important.
Editor’s note: If someone had a Presidents Day celebration of the same scale as the MLK Day event, we’d probably cover it. But, they don’t.