Readers' Hotline 2/26/14

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Inside out
I believe smoking is a sin, there is no doubt. God said, “Be ye holy for I am holy.” Jesus said to keep the temple clean and that means keep it clean inside. The outside would take care of itself if you get the inside clean. Get saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. You will get cleaned up and quit those sinful habits. It don’t matter — the caller said about cleaning your own back porch off, don’t worry about cleaning your back porch off until you get the inside of the house (temple) clean first.

End times
I hope and pray this nation is going to wake up and see that Mr. Obama is leading us to the end times. There is no doubt this nation is an evil and adulteress generation. The Bible speaks of it. If people don’t wake up and pray and ask God for forgiveness and come back into our churches, folks we are living in the end times.

Ask for approval
I just called a cab company because I needed a ride to the store. Found out that they cannot operate in Galax until they get a permit from the police. Asked before town council, they need to vote on it to approve to put this service in Galax. I urge everybody to call your town council and police chief and ask them to vote in taxi service. It is very much needed. After 5 p.m. you can’t ride the bus and even during the day if you do ride the bus you can only ride with three bags. Taxi service is quick and easy and people depend on it for rides to work and where they need to go.

Plowed in
You would think we live in Atlanta, Ga., the way Fox Run looks in Galax. They cleaned the snow only one way on the road. One-way traffic piled high in our driveway. The mail can’t run. What a shame. You would think they could do better than this.

Not rational
It amazes me to hear people here constantly talk about President Obama being a dictator. Do they even understand the definition of the word? Adolph Hitler was a dictator. If you can’t see the differences between the two, you are much more of a problem in this country than the president. The same applies to gay marriage. If you think giving a group of people rights precedes taking away rights, you certainly can’t think rationally.

Demands listed
They need an information center here in Galax to let people know when state offices are going to be open or going to be closed. I think DMV has had enough snow days off. Also, there are too many holidays in this country.

Yield not
All people are born with the tendency to sin but that does not justify yielding to sinful acts such as drunkenness, adultery and being gay. Read the Bible. It will tell you the way that you should live.

Service drawbacks
What’s up with Comcast? You cannot communicate with the cable company. You call, you get Florida, you get Alabama. They don’t know what is going on. They want to sell you telephone service but you can’t communicate with them.

I’m a citizen in Galax and just got my local paper and saw on the front page, “former dispatcher pleads guilty to charges.” It is high time that Chief Clark steps in. Or maybe we need to get the city council in on this, too, because this is not fair to think we have people working for us that can possibly make harassing and threatening phone calls. I hope that somebody will look into this. I am appalled.
Editor’s note: The dispatcher is no longer employed by the police department, as the story reported. The acting prosecutor refused to comment when asked whether calls were made by the former dispatcher while on duty.

Image problem?
I read about a former dispatcher pleading guilty to harassment charges. When is the City of Galax going to do something about that police department? This is not the first time they have had problems. Why don’t they check these people? They need to do something about it. City Council needs to step in.

Straight through
The city needs to do something about that light there at Main Street and The Gazette office. People keep coming through that light. They are in the turn lane but they come straight through that light. I just saw a truck about get hit in the side because a car about came over on top of him out of the turn lane.