Readers' Hotline 2/20/13

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Reply to Mongo
Hey Mongo. I’m glad that you and your dogs are happy and doing good and staying warm and I also hope that you change your mind about going down to Dugspur because you remember what happened before, you got locked up. You better stay in Galax so we can keep hearing from you.

Join ‘em
It is pretty easy to see that the person calling the Hotline about the Fairview Ruritan Club is an unhappy troublemaker. The Ruritans have never cleaned driveways or shoveled off steps for the senior citizens. Why should they start this year? Actually, most of the members are senior citizens themselves. They still do a lot of good things. Stop trying to stir up trouble. Join the Ruritans and make a difference if you are so interested.

On the other hand...
The Ruritans have been up my driveway twice in the last several years to help me and I’m handicapped. So, they are not mistaken. They do help people.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Makes you squint
My new telephone directory came in yesterday’s mail. I wonder when we can expect to receive the magnifying glasses so we can read them. They didn’t just cut down on the size of the directory, but they made the printed letters and numbers so tiny you can hardly read them. What a lousy job by a company that likes to pride itself on great customer service. It’s one more example of a big company saving a buck at the expense of customers. I will call the telephone company and tell them what a lousy job they have done with this directory. The response I expect to get is their very usual, “I’m very sorry you aren’t happy” or something like that.

Easter holiday
Someone talking about the only holidays we need are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Veterans Day... What about Easter, of our risen Lord and Savior? I think it’s okay to get another holiday, but not to take away Easter to do it. I think that is wrong and I think it’s a shame we don’t have it now.

Tax collections
My concern is about delinquent taxes in Carroll County. Why hasn’t there been any effort to collect them before now? I sacrifice and pay mine and expect others to do the same. Some going scot free is not fair. They just raise the taxes on the ones that will pay to make up for it. Get busy and do something.
Editor’s note: Some Carroll County supervisors say they’ve had similar concerns about delinquent taxes expressed to them and that’s one reason why the matter has come up recently. Carroll’s treasurer has said that the real estate taxes owed to the county for 20 years amounts to about $2 million. The issue is ongoing, as the Carroll supervisors discussed this matter again at their Feb. 11 meeting. Watch The Gazette for more coverage on that.

Decision applauded
I would like to thank the Fries Town Council and the mayor for its vote to not charge churches in Fries for the water they use. This was the decision of our forefathers and I thank the council for honoring that commitment to the town.

Paying for healthcare
Beware if you go to Twin County Hospital and don’t have any money and you have insurance. After my insurance got through paying, I still owed $8,000 and they think I can pay that at $700 a month. That is ridiculous. No one in Galax makes enough money to make $700 a month payments.
Editor’s note: Twin County Regional Hospital utilizes a patient accounting firm, National Patient Account Services, that has various payment resolution options to assist patients. Patients are encouraged to call the phone number shown on their statements to discuss payment options or to provide updates on their account. $700 as a monthly payment does not sound correct for this example. According to the hospital, on an $8,000 account, the minimum payment within a 24-month tier would be about $333. However, if patient account services extended payments out to 60 months, the minimum payment would be $133.33.

Not in time
It’s a crying shame that when you are off for a week at a factory that the personnel office doesn’t turn in your unemployment in time so you can get benefits to pay your bills. It was not our fault we were not working. They should be decent enough to send in our benefits on time so we can get checks during the work week.