Readers' Hotline 2/20/12

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Why not?
I’m calling in reference to the bill calling for mandatory drug tests for welfare recipients. I’ve worked for 35 years, and for the last 25 years I have been required to take random drug screens. I don’t see that as discrimination against anybody if they are good enough to spend my money, they are good enough to take the same tests I do.
Editor’s note: The House of Delegates has tabled the proposed bill until the 2013 session because of questions about how to pay for the drug-testing program.

Crazy system
Our politicians are all crazy and I wonder why. When I have to work for money and pay to support the Medicaid and welfare people, and only I am drug tested. My friend says they are down on their luck. If I took drugs I would be out of luck and out of a job, also. I pay for them. It is not fair. I am angry. If work money is tested, so should free money be tested. We can’t all be on the draw. Somebody must work.

I’m originally from Galax and have lived in a lot of places and cities bigger than this over the years. Since I have been back, there is one thing I can say about this town, and that is that it is over-policed. There is no reason you should go through town and see so many cops sitting 100 feet or so from each in a business parking lot or on the side of the road, waiting to catch somebody doing something wrong. There are bigger things in this town they need to be focusing on besides trying to catch someone speeding.

I want to know why the City of Galax doesn’t have any blacks working full-time in its maintenance crew. At the rec center, there are no black maintenance [workers]. There are no supervisors full-time. No black refs. No black desk clerks. I think the NAACP needs to be notified immediately.
Editor’s note: Without knowing who has applied for these positions and their qualifications for the job, it’s hard to know if discrimination exists. Could it be there have been no black applicants for the jobs you mentioned?

Remaining anonymous
This is in reply to “victims have rights.” I agree that victims do have rights. I know two boys that are good grown men, and didn’t give their names because of who they were in the community. If it had been me, or my family, they would have put our name with our picture on the front page. Again, I like these two brothers because I know them, too, and they are good people but I see some unfairness and rights. I hope this victim that called in is there to defend me if I ever need it.

Leaders should lead
When the two boards of Carroll County meet to discuss education, it appears that the combined brainpower of both is still one brick short of a full load. Where is the concern for students of Carroll County? Are they ever interested in the curriculum or the goals of education, and what the teachers want? Never. But, you mention infrastructure and they get turned on to spend their tax dollars. Why not ante up the needed amount to fix our schools and shut up about the political conditions and the politics involved? We need leaders who have guts to make a decision to benefit our students and further education. Hogwash with politics or getting re-elected.

Unique, or not?
I would also like to comment about the supposed Antique Road Show people that came here a couple weeks ago. I took a bunch of antique stuff down there and they were not interested. All they wanted was to buy the rings off my fingers. They were not here to buy any type of antiques.
Editor’s note: The Treasure Hunters Roadshow that came to Galax should not be confused with the Antique Road Show. They are not affiliated A related story and advertising stated that people affiliated with the show were seeking “unique collectible and rare treasures,” in addition to items such as coins and gold and silver jewelry. They used the word “unique” twice in their description of what they were interested in. Treasure Hunters Roadshow says it has purchased more than $200 million of rare, collectible and precious items for its collectors network. We’ve addressed this same issue several times in The Hotline, so no more calls about this topic, please.

I don’t think it is good for Grayson County that two new supervisors come in and, as they called it, speculate. They want the people to think, “boy, we are doing big works,” when really they are just messing up our taxes. I don’t want more added onto my personal taxes or whatever. I’d rather just pay the trash fee and be done with it. These two need to get into a field that they know something about.

Get it right
Most all our gravel roads in Grayson County are awful, yet we are getting a new bridge in the Elk Creek area that most people say does not need replacing. Never thought I would ever see a red light in the valley. The supervisors need to keep an eye out so they don’t replace the wrong bridge like they paved the wrong end of Big Ridge Road.

Worst shape
I was disappointed when I heard Newt Gingrich was not put on the March primary ballot in Virginia. I believe someone is behind this. How come they can put Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on it? Newt Gingrich is the one that can get this country turned around. The White House needs to be cleaned up and Gingrich will be the one that can do it. These ones that keep taking our country down and wasting our tax money on things that will never work, they need to wake up and get a little common sense and have a little respect for our country. I love my country and other people should, too. Senior citizens are getting stressed out for the way we have been put down. A lot of us will have to have brain therapy. This is the worst shape our country has ever been in.
Editor’s note: Mr. Gingrich and three other candidates were denied spots on the March primary ballot because they failed to submit the required valid signatures of 10,000 Virginia voters. A federal judge rejected a legal challenge to the decision because, he said, “In essence, they played the game, lost and then complained that the rules were unfair.” Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will appear on the March ballot, having successfully submitted the required signatures.

Something new
Why can’t you publish something new in the Hotline [rather than the same type of comments], like what I called in about two weeks ago about a person that is getting ready to retire with 100 percent pay and is still wanting to work part-time and taking away from the economy. This person needs to go out and do some community service volunteer work. There are plenty of teenagers out here that need homes. Why don’t you open your home up to some of these kids that need a home? You claim that you are a Christian. Help your local churches. You don’t even do that. You are nothing but a hypocrite.
Editor’s note: If you’ve already called in about this, then this comment isn’t really “new,” is it?

Sweet and sour
This is in response to the “healthy snacks” comment. I am so tired of everybody trying to tell me what my child should eat and what to bring for Christmas parties and Valentine parties. From the president’s wife — who promotes carrots and celery, but every time I see her she is eating an ice cream cone or piece of cake — she could use a few carrot sticks. My child is not obese and if he wants to have a cupcake for a Valentine’s party, then so be it. If you want to bring your child celery and carrot sticks, then go for it. But, I don’t even think our little boy’s class will even have a Valentine’s party, thanks to people trying to tell other parents what to do with their kids. Keep your nose out of my cupcake.