Readers' Hotline 2/18/13

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Pothole alert
Galax City is all the time going up on people’s taxes. They need to fix the potholes in roads around town and also Carroll County needs to fix the potholes on Tower Road.

Working mother
This is regarding “overdone.” I am neither 300 pounds nor do I have tattoos all over me. I do receive a small portion of food stamps to feed my two children. I also have a job and am a working mother. Obviously this caller has never been in a position that they needed government assistance. I hope they do not, because this is the type of people that judge other people that need this.

Go mechanical
I was reading where the power company had a hard time getting poles in to where they needed them and having to carry them. They must have had a bunch of kids putting up poles and working on the power lines because the trucks have winches and they can winch poles up the side of a cliff. I don’t understand what they are talking about.
Editor’s note: Of course, there also are places where power lines go that are inaccessible to trucks.

I read the caller who talked about the school system had its priorities wrong when it built that big glass wall at the high school. Every time I take my kid there, it is just right there in your face and I can’t believe it. It is ugly and it’s embarrassing. It’s of no educational purpose and that area is going to have to be heated and cooled for no benefit. I called my representative on the school board and he explained that the current board didn’t have anything to do with and that the old board did it. I wish they hadn’t done that to taxpayers. It is hard enough to pay our taxes right now as it is.

I wanted to get you to correct something that was in a comment in today’s paper titled “isn’t funny.” I didn’t say that Obama was a moralist wannabe dictator. I said moral-less wannabe dictator.

In the dark
As a veteran, I take offense that the Elks Lodge continues to fly the American flag at night. Please show some respect and put a spotlight on Old Glory if you insist on keeping it up.

Cat defender
I just wanted to call in reference to “blame the cats” that was in the Readers’ Hotline. I happen to be a cat lover and I thought that was a despicable thing to say. It just makes me wonder if coyotes would also like jackasses because of whoever put this in. Maybe the coyotes should come and see them.

Double the order
I was reading in The Roanoke Times about magazine sales holding their own. There have been some scams on the stuff you can order through advertisements on TV. You can order this something for $19.95 and you get just the shipping on the next one and get two for a certain price. If you have never called one of those you need to try it. They will try to sell you magazines and keep on. Next thing you know, you have just got a recording, no one to talk to. When you get through they will send you a bunch of magazines and double the order. Instead of two outfits, they will send you four and instead of costing you about $30, you wind up $130 or $140 worth of stuff. Nothing you can do.

Road work needed
I am wondering if the City of Galax ran out of paint and asphalt. The lines, you can’t see at night. You don’t know if you are on your side or where. There are potholes big enough to bury an animal in and if they keep on they will be big enough to bury a human in. Did they run out of money or are they just neglecting it or what?
Editor’s note: Galax, like all localities, typically waits until warmer weather to patch potholes and fix roads. First, scraping ice and snow in winter causes a lot of that damage. Second, asphalt is hard to work in the cold.

Little bitty print
The new phone book we got today is so ridiculous. I opened it to look at the numbers. I noticed it had gotten smaller [print] and I just wondered what they are trying to pull over on us now. You can’t even read people’s names or phone numbers, they are so small. I just got through throwing mine in the trash can. What a joke.

Testing is necessary
I think on this drug testing for welfare recipients, singling out the poor is a poor excuse for not doing it when you’ve got the lazy that are having all the children staying home doing drugs while we are working, paying for this. We have to do the drug screens. It’s not right. They should have to do the drug screens to collect the money. The poor should receive their welfare, but the ones sitting home doing nothing, the younger generation, they should have to do their drug screens.

Ray of hope
I was recently among the chaos, fear, stress and pain that is life at the emergency department of Twin County Regional Hospital when a calm overtook the department if only for a few moments. The sweetest lullaby you have ever heard started playing over the hospital intercom. I asked one of the nurses what the music was for. She said a baby had just been born in the hospital. Tears came to my eyes. There was a peace that fell over the emergency department if only for a few brief moments. While I hope I do not have to return to the hospital anytime soon, I do hope if I have to be there that a baby will be born. Thank you for giving me a ray of hope during my visit.

Swallowed a hair
This is about a local restaurant. Andy and Opie Taylor found two hairs in their biscuit and gravy. Andy should have the kitchen inspected for rodents. By the way, Andy swallowed one of the hairs. You may not print this, but it is true. At least you will know about it.

The right decision
Fries Town Council was elected by the people to represent the town and that includes making the best decisions for the people. Their vote this past week to not charge the churches in town for water is one that deserves a big thank you.

Just might
I was reading in The Gazette here and I am appalled. Okay, so if somebody calls in and says they are going to bring seven dogs, you leave seven kennels empty. Well, my question to you is, if I say I am coming down there to adopt every one of those dogs tomorrow, how long are you keeping them before you put them to sleep? You cannot go by what people might do.

Dual citizenship
I’m in Hillsville two, three and sometimes four days a week. Often, more often than not, I see a Galax police car over there and people have told me the Galax police chief lives in Hillsville. I have actually seen him at the post office in Hillsville in a Galax police car picking up his mail. What’s the deal with that? I’d like for someone to tell me why we have to pay taxes for him to drive to Hillsville.
Editor’s note: Galax Police Chief Rick Clark has residences in both localities — a family home in Hillsville and an apartment in Galax.