Readers' Hotline 2/17/14

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Speaks well
I am calling concerning Woodlawn School. I wonder if anybody over there ever took a ride through Lambsburg and saw the beautiful place that Phillip Berrier has worked so hard to make a go of, and all the things they have for children. It’s a community building and you can go in and have things for it. So, why is there such an uproar over Woodlawn, and Mount Bethel has a daycare in it. But, I think they had to buy it at auction. I’m not sure the people at Lambsburg didn’t buy theirs. But, they certainly have a nice place for the community. It speaks well of Mr. Berrier and it speaks well of the community.

This is another waste of taxpayer money, giving bonuses to IRS employees, which everybody knows they do not deserve them.

Takes care of itself
As I read the comment “smoking sinners,” I realized there is some truth to that. We do need to keep the body’s temple holy. But, I am afraid that the writer left out a few things, saying people wouldn’t go to church anymore. And I agree, we need to go to church, but according to the King James Bible, churches are going to be full when Jesus raptures us out. Going to church does not save you. Accepting Jesus Christ is what saves you and then you don’t have to worry about all that other stuff, because it takes care of itself. But then, I am just a Christian with an opinion, but I got it from scripture.

Zoning protects us
I do not understand why there is a controversy in Grayson on zoning. It protects the environment, land and property values. Maybe the problem is some of the residents are misinformed on the value of zoning.

Spreading salt
I cannot understand the Virginia Department of Highways in Grayson County wasting so much salt on roads when it was not necessary. Someone does not know how to spread the salt or does not care. Grayson could help other states with our extra salt if they treated the roads correctly. We would have a lot to help others when they treat the roads like they should be treated. You never know if it is salt or snow. Please, let up and spread the salt as it should be spread. It is covering our cars. We do not need our cars de-iced. We need the roads clear but not piled up with salt. One road was treated and there was just a little snow in places. That salt could have gone to a road that needed it. Try to conserve what we have, please.

Avoiding evil
David Robinson is considered the best basketball player in the history of the U.S. Naval Academy, and one great thing about him was his ability to avoid the temptations that came with being a great basketball player. He avoided the clubs and bars because he figured that wasn’t the place to be. Once you expose yourself to evil, you end up thinking about the wrong things all the time and it is especially hard to resist temptation when it is all you can think about. The best way to beat temptation is by avoiding it whenever possible. Don’t expose yourself to evil. Clothe yourself with Christ. Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

What you don’t know
This is in response to the comment, “sheriff swap.” Actually, we both got good sheriffs, Carroll and Grayson. My sympathy goes out to the person who wrote this, but there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes that they don’t know about. The best thing they can do is everybody take it to God almighty. He will deal with these drug dealers yet. Just seems like it is everywhere. They are working on it because I know they do a lot of behind-the-scenes good work. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

Who needs a governor?
I’ve heard on the news that some want to allow governors to serve more than one term in Virginia. I think over the last 50 years, we have seen in the presidential thing that two terms is too many, so why would we want to screw the state up that way? If courts are going to run the states, why do we need a legislature or governor, anyway? It seems that this gay rights and everything else, no matter what kind of laws we pass, courts are going to overturn them. So, what do we need all this for? We can go ahead and elect judges and then it would give us a little bit of say-so over our laws.
Editor’s note: Virginia is the only state that does not allow its governor to serve consecutive terms, although a governor may seek the position again later after leaving office. Past legislative efforts have failed to garner enough support to allow consecutive elected terms. Only two Virginia governors were popularly elected twice. The only one in modern times was the late Mills Godwin, who was elected as a Democrat in 1965 and as a Republican in 1973.

No way
In reference to the comment, “loaded question.” You have your facts wrong. If the guy said he was cleaning his gun and it went off and killed him, it would be kind of hard for him to say anything.

Made cheap
Wonder why they can’t make a mailbox that the wind doesn’t blow open? Everything is made cheap and sold high. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a mailbox blowing open.

Too late
Regarding all the call-ins about the Galax Kroger closing. I understand what a big deal this is because there are 55 jobs that are going to be out. That’s 55 people who have no income, 55 who probably desperately need that income. My question is, where was this huge cry out to save our factories when they got moved out? I have been reading the Hotline for weeks now and all you hear about is Kroger this and Kroger that. But, I have nowhere in the past eight years heard anyone scream, holler, cry, pitch a fit, protest or petition to try to get our factories to stay or come back. Just curious.
Editor’s note: The store’s closure will actually impact 18 full-time and 35 part-time workers so the correct total is 53, not 55.

Having his way
That dictator, President Obama, I believe will go down in history as the worst president that has ever been in office.

Customers welcome
Our community is so blessed to have a new AA Mart open in Fries. The owner and workers there are super friendly and they always have a warm welcome when you walk through the doors. This lets customers know you appreciate our business. Thank you for the wonderful store.

Shopping around
We are adults, not children. Act like it. You can support more than one store. I travel to Galax weekly to shop at Kroger. I also support three other stores. The question should be, how many of you are walking into a certain store with a Kroger sale paper to price match, instead of taking the time to actually shop individual stores. Now that Kroger is closing, you will be forced to pay the [others’] prices. It only takes a short amount of time and energy to support each store individually.

I am calling about all these Democrats that keep putting Republicans down for the job they are doing. They are doing a wonderful job. Most are God-fearing people trying to keep God in everything. At least they are not going against the word of God and taking prayer out of everything and going for homosexuals and all this sin. They need to quit putting down people like George Bush. He tried to help this country. He did give us some extra checks, tax breaks and stuff to help us. I bet Democrats were glad to see those checks. What has Obama done? Obama is killing this country. People don’t realize that. He is taking this country down with the EPA helping him. He doesn’t want coal mines. He doesn’t want that pipeline to go through so we can get oil from Canada. And they said his healthcare was going to cost us probably two million jobs within the next few years. That isn’t counting a lot of people already losing healthcare and benefits. Let’s get rid of this dictator, please. Vote Republican.

Remain pure
About the General Assembly members reporting their gifts. Since when is it okay to take “bribes” and publish how much you took bribes for in the past year? Is this something new? I thought public officials are supposed to be above taking bribes and gifts because gifts and such are really bribes. Admitting you are taking bribes is as bad as stealing. This is public stealing. You should not take any money as a public official so you can remain pure. They are all suspect, in my opinion.

Let’s back Kroger
I know a way they can save Kroger in Galax. First of all, get that lease cut back some. They need to cut back on the people working instead of getting rid of all of them and closing the store. Try that and see if that won’t work. I have worked in three different grocery stores. I have been a produce manager and have worked in there. There are ways to do this. They can also slash some of the prices — meat and stuff — and they could get a deli in there. That would surely help. Let’s back Kroger. They have a good store and good prices. Let’s try to help them stay in business.

49 Cents
The post office goes up on postage stamps and up here on Pipers Gap, Saturday mail delivery gets later and later.