Readers Hotline 2/15/12

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Smoking up street
Smokers need to have more self control. Clover Street in Galax used to be a quiet dead-end street until Twin County Regional Hospital passed a no smoking policy on their property. Now, there is a ridiculous amount of break time smokers and traffic. How do I know? Same vehicles every day, four and five times a day, everyone riding and puffing. Give Clover Street a break  or stay at your work and do your job.

Feeling powerless
I don’t think this will be printed but I am going to give it a shot. I received my electricity bill today and I guess I am going to have to take out a loan to pay it. I thank the governor for this. I know for a fact that a few months ago, the vetoed a bill that would have helped us pay our electric bills. I guess he don’t want to give up that money from the donations of APCo for him. I wonder just how much those donations are? I bet it is a lot more than our light bills are.
Editor’s note: We are printing this in the interest of setting the record straight. The caller’s claims are incorrect. Gov. McDonnell vetoed five bills from the 2011 General Assembly and none was related to electricity. In researching this matter, we found that one of the first bills signed by McDonnell when he took office in 2010 was emergency bipartisan legislation to reduce the cost of electricity to Appalachian Power customers by about 12 percent. The action suspended interim rates that were then in effect. McDonnell has received political donations from APCo, but so have many leaders and candidates of both parties. During 2010-2011, for example, APCo made more than 100 donations to Virginia legislative candidates, and they came from both parties.

Watch charges
Watch out. Anybody that gets their money direct deposited better be watching their receipts. You have to pay $3 for every $200 you draw out, plus they are taking extra money out for nothing. They need to get their ATM machines fixed. Three dollars is enough to have to pay to get your own money out.
Editor's note: This may be happening at some banks (we don't know), but not all.

Thanks, Gladeville
I just want to say a big thank you to the staff of Gladeville School. The parent pick-up and student drop-off is wonderful.

An old grudge
It’s too bad Harry Truman stopped General Patton from starting a war with Russia. General Patton said we are going to have to fight the SOBs sooner or later anyway. Another mistake Harry Truman made was firing McArthur.

Give up, give back
I think when a person that is retiring with a good source of income retirement and benefits for life should move on to volunteer to help ones in need. Help your church. Volunteer for the thrift store. Do volunteer work for teens. There is plenty of volunteer work out there for you greedy people who just use part-time jobs as play money, especially when you also have part-time jobs with your full-time big money job. You know who you are. Step back and let us hard working class survive. We have to work two to three jobs to survive. You don’t. If you proclaim to be a Christian, then do the Christian thing and move on. Can you really do the part-time job you are grubbing for? You are the reason our economy is in trouble — because of your greed for money, you hypocrite.

Ignoring problem
I’d like to comment on the women that abuse men and then go to the law and lie. There is a female who deliberately almost killed her child and social services is sweeping it under the carpet. What right do people have to do this and to cut everybody else off from these children? There are drugs going in and it needs to get out to the people in the area that Grayson County law enforcement and social services is not doing things right. Please, if you have kids, if you see something going on wrong, call it in.

Vote or keep quiet
People that do not vote in elections really should never point fingers on anybody. As Americans, they should stand up for God and their country and put their vote in for who they think is best. Again, anybody that does not register or vote has no reason to open their mouth and should keep it shut.

What are we facing?
All that talk about Newt not being good — which is true — what about Mitt Romney? On the news the other night, they got him a Bible and said their belief, they think they are superior to blacks. According to my Bible, we are all supposed to be created equal. I don’t know what is wrong with this picture. Some of them running say if you need anything, ask your neighbor or your church because we are going to do away with all the benefits and entitlements, so I don’t know what we are facing. No telling. Sounds true, so it must be. Right? ID for voters. They always ask for mine. Rightly so. You need ID to buy liquor or tobacco. Our country’s right to legal voting is much more important. I have heard of dead people voting, truck loads of immigrants voting two times. With all this fuss, I tend to believe it is true. The ACLU is always against right things for the U.S.A. Women’s rights sound like a two-faced operation. Martin Luther King is one of my heroes, also.

Best DJ
This is to congratulate [WBRF-FM announcer] Judith Burnette and wish her a speedy recovery. Way to go, Judith, for playing the best gospel music. It is so inspirational and uplifting. Hurry and get well. We miss you. You are a very good announcer. I think you should get DJ of the year next year. Thanks to Debbie Stringer for finding you. May God bless you.

Do your job
I was just calling wanting to know what it takes to get the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department to do their job. The Cliffview section of Carroll County has had repeatedly homes broken into, stuff has been stolen. We all know who is doing it and yet they let him go and claim now he is on the run. Something needs to be done and if they can’t do it, maybe they should find someone that can.

Festive February?
I was just wondering when the Town of Independence was planning on taking down their holiday banners that are hanging throughout the town. They were beautiful during the holiday season but come on people, it is February.

Hard to buy local
This buying local is a job when the stores don’t have nothing for you to buy. We need a baling supply store, a hardware supply store and a plumbing supply place back in town. Don’t have any. Got a place that said they are, but they don’t have nothing you need. Have to drive to every grocery store, deli and gas station and Family Dollar to get your groceries and still don’t get everything because they don’t have it. You can go to Roanoke, Sparta or Mount Airy and go to one grocery store and get everything and save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle and time. If you want to buy local, you need to get stuff we need. One week you have stuff and the next week you can’t even get it. That’s no way to run a town.

Todd’s fan club
I want to totally agree with the caller who was commenting on Todd Jennings’ column. That is the number one reason I buy the Friday edition of The Gazette. His recent article about goats just really hit home for me. I raised goats for many years and have gone through all the same experiences he has including — an escape artist named Houdini, the hanging and the rhododendron incident. That was very poignant to me, since I am no longer able to raise goats. So, please Todd, keep them coming. And, Mr. Editor, if you are afraid to give him an extra can of potted meat a week, I’m sure there are plenty of us out there that would be glad to pitch in for an extra can or two of potted meat and even a pack or two of crackers. As long as we still have him to look forward to on Friday. Keep it up there, Dugspur boy.
Editor’s note: More than one can of potted meat a day, and Toddy is too sleepy to write. Make sure you also donate a case of Sun Drop so we can keep him awake.

People in Fries need to be aware there is a lady driving a little green car with North Carolina tags and she is conning people out of money. I was behind her in the store and I ended up giving her $50 because she told me this real sad story about her son being in Florida and she didn’t have the money to go get him. People need to be aware because, not two days after I gave her the money, I saw her in a red pickup truck with a whole load of new four wheelers on the back of it. People be aware. Do not give out your money to just anybody.

Something fishy
I would like to know why the fish and game department is putting on their hotline and on the computer that they stocked Elk Creek the 21st of January. Trout was not put in Elk Creek. The truck went through and did not stop. We would like to know what has happened to the fish that was supposed to go in Grayson County that are being side-tracked somewhere else. These fish are supposed to go to the public because we buy our license and all. These fish are not supposed to go to private ponds or to stock people’s freezers and I think the game warden needs to start following these trucks and make sure the fish are put in the waters where they are intended to go.

Trashy property
I would like to comment about the Hotline call “nobody’s problem.” My deepest sympathy to you. I pay Independence taxes and county taxes, also. I am in your neighborhood on Pine Hurst Street across from Elliott Place where there is rental property. I have picked up trash for years. Everything from plastic bags, drink cans to baby diapers. You are lucky they cut your grass. My yard joins this rental property and I have pictures of the grass up to my knees. I go to the town manager. He has a notice put on the door that the grass has to be cut in 14 days. On the 13th day, they cut it. I spoke with the owner of the property about this and she said, “after all, it is only rental property.” Does this mean if it is rental property we do nothing? Independence police knows this is the truth. They have seen it many times.

Another explanation
I’m not sure who [the caller] “stolen sticker” is referring to, but there are people that work with people with mental disabilities in the community that do have tags to put in their windshield when they are transporting these individuals. So, they need to be certain this person was not doing that before they start judging them and saying that they are not handicapped.

Call for impeachment
This regards the closing of Southwest Virginia Training Center. Virginia has already been sued for refusing to buy ObamaCare insurance. That is unconstitutional. We can’t do it. Many other states are distraught with Obama and what he has not accomplished. I believe every Virginian who truly is concerned about losing our freedoms should demand the impeachment of Obama and all of his czars. How did we do this? You simply get together with your friends and neighbors and you go to Washington, D.C. You go to the House of Representatives and to the Senate and you tell them that you want this president and his czars impeached because he has accomplished nothing. This is the only way we can keep the training center open. But, we can do that.
Editor's note: The operation of the training center is overseen by state government.

Pride and greed. A redneck hillbilly, also a graduate of unknown university of hard knocks, knows enough of history to realize, Barack will never become a monarch or a benevolent executive. He simply suffers from an overdose of pride. This dose was administered by the party of Democrats. Diagnosis of your fear and worry is brought about by greed. Sorry, there is no cure. To arrest this ailment, I suggest you work closely with the Social Security system. This system passed in 1935. In past 70 years, there have been many public assistance programs. Payments have been broadened and benefits you realize have been increased. You need not infinite wisdom. Finite will do. Don’t be overly concerned with King Obama. You know what goes before the fall.