Readers' Hotline 2/13/13

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Good people
I thank my neighbor and my bosses at the factory for doing everything they have been doing for me since I have got cancer and to let everybody know there are still good people in this world and I hope God blesses each and every one of them.

These gangs are nothing but a bunch of lousy cowards. You couldn’t get them to go to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Thinks it’s a crime
Do they do criminal checks on postal workers? When they put your bills in other people’s post office boxes, this in my opinion is definitely a crime. When you ask a question at the service desk, what I need to know from the post office she does not know.

Champagne shower
It is stupid for them after the Super Bowl or any football game to pour all that drink on the coach’s head [in celebration]. It is very stupid.

School delay
I would like to ask the Carroll County school administrators if they allowed sleeping in today. The roads are looking pretty good out here. There is a two-hour delay and everybody has to adjust their work schedule for them.

Mr. Editor, could you really see my underwear? I am so embarrassed. I am going to take some tape and cover my tiny holes up in my phone. I’m so embarrassed.
Editor’s note: Thanks! It’s not like we wanted to see that.

Dogs from dogs?
In response to “from the wilds,” they said that dogs originated from the grey wolf. I have heard that all my life, but use a little common sense. If you breed a grey wolf to a grey wolf, you get a wolf. If you breed a dog to a dog, you get a dog. Just a little common sense. Dogs come from dogs. They don’t originate from wolves.
Editor’s note: Actually, the original caller was correct. All domestic dog breeds today — from pit bulls to pugs — can trace their origins to the grey wolf, which was first domesticated by humans about 15,000 years ago, according to genetic and archaeological evidence. These descendants of wolves became domesticated dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and have lived alongside humans as guards and companions ever since. The various breeds arise from human intervention and artificial selection in breeding.

Get it right
I called the Humane Society one time to report some starving dogs that were tied with no food and no water. They told me to call the county animal control person. I called them three times and they never did come out and check on the animals. One of them did finally starve and freeze to death. I think everybody needs to get together and find out who is doing what. They are putting animals down that they shouldn’t and nobody can get right what is supposed to happen to them. Somebody needs to get it right.

Fairness shall dwell
Clearly the opening of a sinkhole behind Walmart is a sign from the gods of fair trade that the era of big box stores is nearing its end. Finally, balance in the consumer universe is about to be restored and fairness shall once again dwell in the house of commerce.
Editor’s note: Maybe the hole is a crater created by falling prices?

Portal to hell?
This is in concern to the sinkhole. I found it humorous that the portal to hell has opened up behind Walmart. Just reminds me of a bad B flick.

Get busy
This is in response to “stealing from the company.” Apparently you have a lot of time to notice who is working and who is not. Maybe you should get back to work.

Keep it clear
I’m calling about the sidewalks in Fries that are never scraped when it snows. I am an elderly person and I have to go to the post office every day to pick up my mail. Very hard for me to get across that ice and snow. I don’t understand why these men can’t clear the sidewalks because that is their job. If they can’t, give the job to someone else. I strongly agree with the caller that called about this. This happens every time we have snow. In the summer time they don’t half mow the banks or anything. At least keep off the ice and snow where the elderly can get in and out of their car into the post office and bank at Fries.

Animal control
I have noticed the same reporter always writes about the animal control in your stories, which leads me to believe she is more than biased. I have never seen animal control run in such a disgraceful manner. It is time for change.

I’m calling about praying for destruction. Really? I guess you have one of those spying computers so you can spy on what everybody is praying for. Don’t people even think when they call in to the Hotline?
Editor’s note: No. No they don’t, caller.

Nothing to celebrate
This is for “equal space.” The reason we don’t have a celebration for presidents’ day is because we don’t have a president worth celebrating. When we get one, maybe they will have a celebration and the Hotline will cover it.
Editor’s note: Presidents’ Day honors the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of which fall in February. It’s not a celebration for all presidents.

No longer loose
I’m wondering why no information gets to the papers about trouble at a local bar in Hillsville. There was a stabbing of a guy and they never found who has done it.
Editor’s note: This call came in before we ran a story on Raymond Rosier, a suspect being sought by police in connection with this incident. On Feb. 10, after this call came in, Rosier was located in Wythe County and arrested.

Little chance
This is in comment about those two dogs put to sleep at the animal shelter. I have a part-Australian Shepherd, part-pit bull. We have the back yard fenced in so she can run loose. But if she got out and someone takes her to the animal shelter, chances are she could be put to sleep before I could contact the shelter. She has a micro-chip on her. Aren’t they supposed to check for that?

Preaching and teaching
I understand there has been a law against single people living together for years in Virginia and Gov. McDonnell wants it [repealed]. You know the law couldn’t stop people from sinning. It won’t stop homosexuality. It won’t stop abortion. The church has got to teach more about sin. We need more teachers in church than we need preachers. Teaching the old timey way about all sin. There is no degree of sin. I think Billy Graham used to say that. When you sin, you sin. Let’s get good preaching and teaching in the church. That is the only way we are going to get rid of it.