Readers' Hotline 2/10/14

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What’s trash?
Apparently some of our fine [citizens] don’t appreciate the people that support the fiddlers’ convention, calling them trailer trash. Those people are family members with kids that support businesses in the town. If you really want to see trailer trash, why don’t you drive up to Independence and see all the carnival that is parked up and down the scenic New River. It’s a disgrace to the county.

Good, clean fun
This call is about the fiddlers’ convention comment. I don’t drink like the writer said in their comment, but I go down there fiddling every night. I have a good time and I don’t drink a drop. I am really glad to have something you can bring your family to and have good clean fun. If you think it is so bad, why don’t you just stay away from Galax? It really does bring revenue to our town. For that trailer trash talk you were doing, most of them look pretty doggone good to me. As a matter of fact, some of those trailers probably cost more than your home. I just bet you have never set foot down there in that park.

No different
My goodness, so now it is a crime for Obama to bypass a “do nothing” Congress and get some things done. But, it was okay for George Bush, Clinton or any of the other presidents to do the very same thing when they wanted to get something done. I think people need to go back and think a little before they say everything is Obama’s fault.

Hold accountable
I was just wondering if the school that was donated to a local fire department really needs a fence built around it to keep out three or four people that sneak in to one or two activities put on by the fire department. Also, they need to accept bids on the windows to be installed so that there will be no conflict of interest. Check this out before you donate to a fire department that is being run by a small group of people that want everything to go their way. Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions.

Take a stand
There seem to be several outspoken people that do not believe in God. Here is your alternative. You may not believe in God and reject Jesus Christ, the fact is you will end up in hell. What’s even sad, when you are in hell, you may turn around and look and see your son or your daughter and look at them and say, “What are you doing here.” And that son or daughter is going to look at you and say, “Why mama, daddy, I was just following you. I was just doing what you do.” So, if you as a parent don’t believe, that’s your choice, but you’re going to have the blood of your children on your hands. And, on the other note, all Christians, let’s speak up. Let’s preach the Holy Word every chance we get. Let’s take a stand. It is our right as Christians to express our Christianity. This is America. America, the land of the free. Christianity is all about love. Take time, read the Bible. Just like Martin Luther King, Jr.. said, “It’s all about love.” But, we all have a choice. You deny God, then he is going to deny you and this nation needs to get on its knees.
Just enforce the law
While we are trying to make the immigration thing on the front page of everything, how come nothing has been said about: they are here illegally, they are breaking the law. It’s the same as me going in a store and robbing it. They are robbing jobs from here. Where are all the police and all the politicians enforcing the law that is on the books now?

Everything’s a joke
This is an answer to the end of Glendale Road where it comes out on U.S. 58. I was just wondering why everybody, all of a sudden, is starting to talk about what is going on there. I can remember when that was just a hole and was grown up in locusts and briars and vines. That used to be the main highway to Galax. Seems like everybody has something to fuss about anymore. So, everybody that’s got something to fuss about, just put it in the Hotline and we will all laugh at you because y’all are making a big joke out of everything.

Animal abuse
I sure am glad they are trying to get an animal abuse bill passed. People that abuse animals need at least five years in prison. That’s for sure.

Printing money
Thanks for the correction on this nation’s debt. You are right. It hasn’t doubled, it has merely risen 70 percent since the current regime has been in power and we are told that the only way to fix this is to spend, borrow and print paper money. Sadly, though, the majority of Americans believe this, and the rest either don’t care or just hope it will just go away.

Help America
I am calling about the shape America is in today. Until we get back to God and depend on God and put God back in our government and in our lives and in our churches and everything, this nation is going downhill. I am a registered Republican, but I could vote for a Democrat if he did the right job. But, let me say this. Most of your Democrats are ignorant to the economy. Obama thinks he is doing good. He says he wants more jobs and stuff yet he will do nothing to help jobs. Put the pipeline in. Let the coal miners go back to work all over. We need them. They need to start building railroads again. Put the steel mill workers back together. Put the auto workers back to work. There are a lot of things that could be done in America to help America. He is talking about raising the minimum wage. You cannot raise the minimum wage over $3 an hour, because all these small business people couldn’t afford that. They would go out of business. He said he was going to help them. That healthcare plan he has got — we are going down the wrong road with that. It is nothing but dictatorship.

Can’t believe it
I saw in the paper where Barney Fife is alive and well and evidently employed at the new prison in Independence, disguised as a correctional officer. Can anyone believe that this officer was cleaning a gun and it went off in a public parking lot? I cannot believe it. Is that what the new jail teaches guards to do, to clean guns in parking lots? They are lucky that no one was killed. The employer should let the officer, like Barney Fife, carry one bullet. I’m still laughing about this one.

Howling dog
I’m a Galax resident of the Taylorwood subdivision and we neighbors are annoyed by the constant barking of a dog. The dog’s owner has been contacted, but seems more interested in finding out who is complaining than in correcting the situation. The dog is left outside at night in single-digit temperatures. The poor thing is probably freezing. This has been going on for nearly a year. People are awakened in the middle of the night by its barking and it has barked for as long as four hours straight during the day. Could you print the phone number of animal control so the neighborhood can get some relief from this disturbance? I don’t want to be a bad neighbor, but enough is enough.
Editor’s note: Call (276) 236-8101. Animal control calls are dispatched throught the E-911 communications center in Galax.

Rumor heard
I heard a most interesting rumor concerning Wildwood Commerce Park. I heard the company interested in building at the park went to North Carolina because Wildwood property lies in the fly path of Twin County Airport and it would cost too much to insure a business built there. Maybe someone should check into this before any more taxpayer money is spent on this project and before VDOT condemns people’s property on 620 to build the road to nowhere.
Editor’s note: Well, perhaps, but aren’t there airports next to developments in lots of cities?

Just the opposite
I’m calling to respond to the caller that calls Obama a dictator and says Obamacare, in your words, was “rammed down our throats.” The definition of a dictator is a ruler with total power over a country; typically power obtained by force. Obama was elected by a majority of citizens and Obamacare was passed by elected representatives of the Senate and House and upheld by the Supreme Court. You may not like it, but what you are talking about is the opposite of a dictatorship. It’s called democracy.