Readers' Hotline 1/9/13

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Also important
Gov. McDonnell might be trying to help with the prison, but he is trying to shut down the training center, which is just as important.
Editor’s note: Supporters of the Southwestern Virginia Training Center note that the settlement agreement with the federal Department of Justice does not actually require the closure of the state’s facilities for the developmentally and intellectually disabled. The court ruling notes that it is up to Virginia officials to decide what to do with the training centers. That’s why training center supporters are lobbying their General Assembly members to keep the facilities open.

No peace
I hope the people that took over the hospital from Duke LifePoint will read this. I would like to know why don’t they stop visiting hours after 8 at night? Try being a patient where you have a roommate that has visitors coming in at all hours of the night. You get no sleep and no rest. Boy, was I glad to get out of there. Every door in that hospital seems to be open and everybody knows how to get in and out.
Editor’s note: Twin County Regional Hospital does have visitation guidelines in place to assist patients in recovery. Visitation hours for the patient care floors are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. The intensive care unit has similar visitation hours but they request shorter visitation increments, unless the patient needs a representative, to aid critically ill patients in recuperation. The hospital entrances are locked at 8 p.m. “If patients have visitors that remain after 8 p.m., then a member of the hospital staff may request for them to visit another day during the designated visitation hours,” the hospital said. “Visitors are asked to comply with the visitation guidelines for the benefit of the patients. If visitors arrive outside of the visitation hours, a security official or the house supervisor will determine if circumstances necessitate they be permitted. Patients are encouraged to notify any staff member or the customer service representative during their stay for any matters to improve their experience. The patient experience is a priority focus.”  

Move away
To “can’t fix stupid” — maybe you should move overseas where people are so intelligent and fighting day and night, if you don’t like the Hotline here. I like it. If this includes all the calls that the Hotline gets, it must include you, too. Things that make you go “hmmm.”

At odds
The Republicans are still working against the American people. They wanted to go over that fiscal cliff and the Democrats have been trying to stop it. I wouldn’t vote a Republican ticket for nothing.

Fading away
I’m wondering how long the political sign is going to be left up on Glendale Road right past the state police office. It’s almost two months since the election and I’m just wondering if we don’t have an ordinance to get the signs taken down by a certain time.

Pet traps
This is to everyone who lives in the Buckwoods Road area at Woodlawn. You should know there is a man who has snares set on his grandfather’s land and people’s dogs are being killed in them along with other innocent animals. If you are missing a pet, I just thought you should know what happened to it. This is nothing but cruelty. I have three dogs and I know they are all more intelligent and loving than this man.

No safe place
For the person calling the Hotline and saying if the lady had locked the guns up and kept them safe away from her son that killed those little children — there is no safe place no matter how it is locked up. We don’t need assault rifles. They need to be banned. This guy broke into the school. It was heavily secured. He broke right through it. The best thing to do is get rid of the dangerous weapons to start with.