Readers' Hotline 1/9/11

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Turned away
I have always asked my children to go through their toys before Christmas to donate them to an organization that gives to children who are less fortunate. This year my children outdid themselves. I was so proud of them. They loaded an entire truck bed full of toys that were in like-new and brand new condition to donate. We have always given to Rooftop with people standing in line behind us to take them. This year, my husband and my son took them and were met outside by a young lady who stated if all toys were not brand new she would not accept them. My husband and son then brought them home and called around to see if someone else would take them. My 8-year-old son was very upset and did not understand why Rooftop would not let him donate his toys as in the past. We ended up taking the toys to a local thrift store and they were very grateful to have them. I just want to say thank you to [those who tried] to ruin everything that I have been trying to teach my children for years.
Editor’s note: Tabitha Houk, who coordinates the toy shop at Rooftop, said this family brought the toys in after the deadline for donations had passed and after the toy shop had closed for the season. The donation deadline and closing dates were published in advance in a Gazette article about the toy shop. “We knew that there would be no way for us to hand out any of those toys because the toy shop had already closed, so instead of the toys sitting unused, we recommended they take them to Willing Partners so that a child in need could have the opportunity to enjoy them,” Houk explained. She said the toy shop has only a small space at Rooftop and does not have the capacity to store large donations after the shop has closed for the year.

Holding the bag
This is about the pickup trash in Fries on Friday, Dec. 23. People in Fries pay for the pickup and saw trash sitting around for the truck to come on that day. Never did, so people have to take their trash to a point here in town and dispose of it. Was that their day off? Well, I am a retired old man and I believe we should get a little bit of that money back or put green boxes in that place then we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for this trash.

Future regrets
I have grandsons and granddaughters. I see them all and help take care of them. I can’t imagine not being allowed unless for some reason a person was a drug addict or hateful person or something like that. Other than that, whoever is keeping a grandmother from their grandkids for no reason, you will pay for that someday. They will hate you for doing that.

Sees neglect
It is a crying shame in the City of Galax and Grayson County when three or four people call in about two horses that are being neglected in the city limits and the county police, city police and animal control will not nothing about them.

Missed the target
I’m calling in reference to spanking a child in school. I went to school at Fancy Gap and I had a fifth grade teacher who really liked to paddle every day and looked for reasons to do it. I was very small, and I got out of line going to lunch. At the end of the day I knew I was facing 10 licks with a wooden paddle. I was not one that was paddled very often, thank goodness, but she whipped me so hard with that paddle, 10 licks, not knowing that she was not hitting my behind. She was hitting the middle of my back above my buttocks. It was really bad. As I got on the school bus that evening, I could hardly walk. By the time I left my grandmother’s to go home with my mom, I could barely move. I suffer injuries today from [that experience].

Wrong way
I want to make a comment about the gripe in the paper about people needing to spank their children with switches. Maybe that is what is wrong with him or her. That is no means to discipline a child. A child never learns anything from being hurt that way. Whoever put that in there really needs help, so good luck to them.

I saw in the paper where people are saying to go back to the old ways of using a belt or a switch on a child. I don’t understand that. It makes a whole lot of sense that a 200-pound man would whip a 6-year-old child for hitting another child while they were playing. That really makes sense doesn’t it? I guess you approve of the beating that Jesus got, too? Well, I don’t. I remember Jesus says, “what you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” So, just remember next time you hit that child, you see Jesus in his face.

Stored-up hatred
Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.” Children didn’t come in this world knowing stuff. You don’t beat it into them. Love accomplishes much more. Jesus didn’t want us to go through anything like that so he chose us to love. He could have said, “well, they beat me, I am going to beat.” Some of you do that because you were beat. You stored up hatred and it affects you. Let me enlighten you. The rod means simply give them the word, not the rod. I know too that alcohol/drugs cause a lot of this but if you mothers let boyfriends beat your child, that is your flesh. The Good Book says, “Woe unto them that hurts one of my little ones.” Think about and seek understanding. The asylum is full of people who lost their minds because of what they did to their children. Some day you might need a drink of water from your children while you lay there in that nursing home. I love the little ones of the world.

Wants a change
It’s obvious Grayson County Schools could care less about female athletes. As long as the boys have top-notch coaches, everything is okay. It is time for a coaching change in girls varsity basketball. This same team, which is basically the JV team last year was 14-4 and we are winning nothing now. These girls have talent and I feel that the female athletes at Grayson County High School are discriminated against.
Editor’s note: No more calls will be published about this matter.

Slim chance
Don’t you know the little brown dog in the road has a better chance of surviving than at the dog pound? Don’t you know they euthanize the animals every Monday? Check the number of pets that were actually adopted this year. It is sad.

Dueling thermometers
I’d like to know where they are getting the temperatures to report for our local area. When I turn the TV on and when I look at the weather, all I hear is Lanie Pope and Brian Slocum out of North Carolina giving out Virginia weather. I have no desire to listen to them. Their temperatures are nowhere near what they are here on the parkway and Galax is not even giving out the right thing either. So, whom do you listen to? Just wake up and pray for the Lord to give you a good day, I guess.

Good influence
To the regular spectator who comments about girls’ basketball at Grayson County, GCHS employs a well-paid athletic director to listen to comments such as yours. Do you think Galax and Carroll County care what you think of this program? They probably find it very amusing. As a parent of a child who has played for this coach, I can assure you they are being taught skills and teamwork. In addition to that, they are being taught life lessons such as integrity, honesty and respect for others. I have another child coming and I am anxious for the time they will spend with this coach. Players who play girls basketball at Grayson County may not be able to dunk and dribble between their legs but they will be better people for having spent time with this coach.

Regarding parking at Riverview, I get real aggravated when I go to the seniors apartment at Fries and … (cut off).

Two sides
No matter how thin a pancake, it still has two sides, just like every story. How can you accept one side of the story as gospel when all you know is what you see and hear on the outside. And reject totally the other side of the story when all you know is what you see and hear other people say. You know not what is going on the inside behind closed doors. How can you make an informed decision when you don’t know both sides of the story?