Readers' Hotline 1/8/14

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Voters have spoken
In regard to the county votes call, does this person not know majority rules? For the past two years, it was a 3-2 vote the other way. However, the last election [changed] the majority. The citizens have spoken. I am sure we will hear a lot from concerned citizens that got tired of the bureaucracy.

Prison brought jobs
For the gentleman who blamed River North Prison for the breakup of his marriage, don’t blame them. It could have been a prisoner who she fell in love with. That would be very embarrassing. The prison is a wonderful place for the community. Extra jobs for the people.

Not posted
Have you ever wondered why the Wellness Center pool has nobody in it? I didn’t think of it until it was too late. Over the holidays, I took a child there figuring that was a great way to spend a few hours. We were yelled at to go shower before you get in the pool. There was no sign saying that. Was hard to hear the lifeguard because of loud music. Once we were in the pool, we were the only ones there. We were told we couldn’t use the lanes because they were reserved. There was no sign saying that. The child said, “I’m bored,” so we left. We got tired of just standing in a pool because that is not much fun. The thing is, none of these signs are posted. Nothing about showering before or after. Nothing about reserved lanes. Nothing about children being on their own.

Focus on crime
After reading about the Grinch stealing Christmas down in Cana, stealing gifts and the flat TV, it makes me wonder if a deputy hadn’t been sitting on [Interstate] 77 and had been riding up and down the roads there, if it wouldn’t have run him off. Tell you one thing, I will be glad when the next election comes. I hope a sheriff runs. I don’t care if he’s Democrat, Republican or independent. I’m sure going to vote for somebody that is going to tell me he is not going to work 77 and let people steal us blind in Carroll County.

I beg your pardon. Not everyone is behind [Grayson County supervisors] Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum. I think the next election will show that.
Editor’s note: At last month’s supervisors’ meeting, these supervisors voted to pass three agenda items by a 3-2 vote, including a repeal of the county’s zoning ordinance.

Slow ‘em down
I am one of those people that lives on Pipers Gap that drives 45 and 50 mph. I started driving when I was 12 years old — a tractor — and got my license when I was 15. I am 72 now. What I say about these Pipers Gap speeders is it needs to be cut down to 45 mph because this is a congested area all the way through Pipers Gap and common sense tells me that these speeders need to be slowed down by the state police.

Bibles everywhere
I’m calling to make a comment on the [Hotline call] where they said the Bible should not be in the schools. Our Bible should be in every public place there is — schools, libraries and all. You should have the Bible in your home and everywhere. We should remember that God is with us in all these places. Some day those that don’t believe are going to be paying the price.

Passion behind bars
It’s about time someone has addressed the problem with the so-called correctional facility that has opened up in Independence. When the workers are passing love letters and making eyes at each other, who is watching the inmates? Looks like a recipe for disaster in Independence.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this topic after this week.

Book of love
I was just reading the Hotline. A favorite of mine is just to be able to read and see what idiots we have. But, one that has really got me today is about the books in the library at school. I don’t know who this person is that says one book should be removed from the library and that is the Bible. Don’t you have a Bible in the home that your child can see? A Bible should be taught in the home and it should be in the library for children that don’t have one at home. That is playing with God and I think you should really, really ask for forgiveness. The Bible is not a sex book. The Bible is not a book of violence. It is a book of love.