Readers' Hotline 1/6/14

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Take a stand
Grayson County: those who want zoning out, speak out. Come to the board meeting. Stand up for what you have worked for — the right to do what you want to on your property. By the way, you are the one who has paid these taxes. Come and stand up for what you believe in.

I’m not calling with a complaint. It is more bewilderment and befuzzled. I am reading the Dec. 30 edition. The first article is about presents pinched by a thieving grinch — the robbery of a home in Cana on Christmas Eve. It states a burglary suspect who allegedly broke into a Cana home and stole presents. Well, you are getting your information from the police. I know who you are talking about a person, you have to say allegedly. But, why says “allegedly” here? Are you calling the police liars? I am only asking why. I wish everyone at The Gazette and everyone reading this paper the most merry and happiest new year for 2014.
Editor’s note: Until and unless a person is convicted in court of the charge, it is appropriate to say the act is alleged.

Official spokesman
I have read lately a lot of articles pertaining to what the Galax Police Department has told you. Each time, you have been told you are quoting Police Chief Rick Clark. I’m just wondering why the police department doesn’t have a public affairs person that can do that and free up Rick to do other police business.
Editor’s note: We also receive reports directly from both our local sheriffs and town police chiefs. It’s not unusual.

Remaking Grayson
I see Glen Eddie Rosenbaum lost no time after his election to the Grayson County Board of Supervisors in forming his troika of Rosenbaum, Brewer and Sexton to make the county in their own image. First they voted to disband the county recreation committee 3-2 with no advance notice. Then, they attempted the same trick by a 3-2 vote to eliminate county zoning laws. Luckily, County Administrator Jonathan Sweet caught this and pointed out this was illegal and told the troika they must have the recommendation of the planning commission to repeal zoning laws. Nearly everyone at the meeting spoke out against this law to eliminate zoning. The current online poll by The Gazette shows nearly 70 percent of people want to keep zoning and only about 30 percent want it eliminated. At the Dec. 17 meeting, the planning commission stood against the troika and voted 5-2 to recommend the zoning laws not be abolished. It is interesting that at least two of the planning commissioners were not reappointed for next year.
Editor’s note: As of Friday, the poll had 169 votes, with 80 percent against the repeal of Grayson’s zoning ordinance.

Weak gifts
The person who complained about the cheapness of some gifts included at the free senior center Christmas party was correct. Not only were some of the gifts less in cost than the agreed-upon $5 price range, but some items people unwrapped were used, soiled and damaged. One man received a stained, frayed hand towel that had a hole in it, stained dish towel and a stained pot holder. They were apparently not even washed before they were wrapped. Since the gift exchange was voluntary, the person who gave these items should have chosen not to participate rather than give such inappropriate things. The person that received the items was gracious and did not complain. Since it was the Christmas season, he remembered that it was more blessed to give than to receive. Then, the items were placed in the trash.

Ask for forgiveness
I went to a funeral and I could not believe my ears. I overheard someone say that a daughter didn’t get to see her mother on her death bed because of a sister and a niece that wouldn’t let her and she had come all the way from [out of state]. Do they not know that God can see the act that they played? I have never in my life heard of such. Where is their belief in God? I think you need to get on your knees and ask God for forgiveness. I know I would. Sounds like Satan has gotten into your heart.