Readers' Hotline 1/30/12

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Blame society
Don’t people know you have the courts and the law and the government to blame for the way kids are growing up now? If you spank one and they go to school and somebody sees a little bruise or little spot on them, they send social services after you. You are not allowed to make your child mind. Schools are not allowed to make them mind. But, with everybody working against you, what are you to do? You can’t make one listen. You can’t make them do anything. You whip one, they can sue you and divorce you. They don’t want to be around you, they can take you to court. So, blame the courts. Blame social services. Half of those are crooked as a bottle of fish hooks, but still they tell you how you can raise your child when part of them don’t even have kids. They are just kids themselves, in most places. It’s not the parents’ fault because parents aren’t allowed to do anything. Put the blame where the blame should be.

Immoral business
I would like to know what is behind the morals of some people that move in to this state and come into a community and open up a business and they say it is agriculture and they name it after a church and when all it is is a high-class beer joint. What is wrong with the morals of the people of this country?

It seems to me like Mike Maynard is scrambling to hand-pick his own people to review Grayson County’s disastrous trash collection fee, a thinly disguised tax he dreamed up in 2009. When a predictable public uproar ensued, he tried to blame it on the county treasurer. Now, he is trying to replace our new Grayson County supervisor John Brewer’s suggestion of a study committee with “work sessions” of the supervisors and visiting experts. Guess who will pick them? We have more and more people who have embedded themselves like ticks in Grayson County’s finances and they are bleeding us white. Remember this when Maynard comes up for re-election.

I was recently reading about a devotion from a pastor. It said, “just look at Facebook” and talking about Christians. I have been a Christian for years and years and also a member on Facebook. We have a lot of Christians on Facebook and a lot of pastors and different people and all the friends that say prayers for each other when they are in trouble and have problems. They might be some stuff on Facebook that I don’t know about, but from all I have noticed when I’ve been a member for a few months, has a lot of really good stuff on it. Kind of made me sad when I saw this.

Road ruiners
We are so blessed to have such great roads in this area. Roads you used to be able to go out on a long drive and reduce tension and stress and everything. Now it has gotten to the point you can’t even go out because there are so many idiots out on the roads.

Grandparents’ rights
Regards to “humble yourself.” I know what this grandmother is experiencing. It is happening to me also. There doesn’t have to be a reason not to see your grandchildren unless you are abusive to them in an unlawful manner. Yes, your children do owe you. We brought them in to this world — I myself have done anything possible to help mine when they are struggling. They are ungrateful and can use you to the fullest. Then, when you can’t offer anything to their advantage or speak the truth, they don’t want to hear it. They get mad, hold a grudge and think they never do no wrong. They never forgive. Christ forgave and yes, grandparents have rights. Take them to court and you will find out how much rights you have. Good luck.

Animals and fraud
Please tell me if the Wytheville Animal Shelter that was in the news for the inhumane treatment of the animals in their charge is the same one that is supposed to be helping the Galax shelter find homes for the Galax animals? Also, are the antique appraisers that are coming to Galax the same ones in the news for fraud? Someone wanted to know this in the Hotline, but I failed to see the answer to their question. Please respond. If they are the same people, people need to be aware of this.
Editor’s note: The Wythe County Humane Society — not the Wytheville animal shelter — is helping find homes for dogs and cats from the Galax area. As for Treasure Hunters Roadshow, we are aware of some reports about their business practices and customers who left their events disappointed because of the amounts offered for their antiques, but no reports of fraud.

Way to go
I just wanted to say congratulations, Democrats. You are officially the party of no. The party of no to jobs and the party of no to energy independence by saying no to the Keystone Pipeline. You need to stop listening to the environmentalists and actually listen to what the people are saying out on Main Street and not just your buddies on Wall Street who contribute to your campaign, Mr. Obama.

Blame game
We keep blaming President Obama for the economy today. I am not flying flags for him, because I don’t think he is doing that good of a job, but the thing about the economy, the reason this country is in the toilet is from George Bush Jr., back when he come in office in 2000 and took over from Clinton. Clinton had the deficit in the black. The economy was good. Soon as Georgie got in, he started this war after 9/11, even attacked the wrong country. And for 10 years, millions of dollars a day. George Bush Jr. put this country in the toilet and it will take more than six presidents to get us out of it. Put the blame where the blame lies — the Republicans. Obama is not doing that good of a job, but we can’t blame it on him.

Why not identified?
I would like to know why [the two brothers who defended themselves against an alleged carjacker] are not in the newspaper about the shooting in Hillsville. Nobody seems to know why they are not putting them in the paper.
Editor’s note: The Hillsville Police Department has not released the names of the two men involved in the shooting of an alleged carjacker earlier this month. According to a police report, a man who took a car for a test drive pulled a gun on the owner, and the owner’s brother shot the suspect during a struggle and exchange of gunfire. The brothers have not been charged.