Readers' Hotline 1/27/14

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Kroger fan
I am very disappointed to hear about the closing of Kroger in Galax. The managers and staff are very professional and courteous. This loss is very bad for our community. I always shopped at Kroger because of its selection of healthy food and organic produce. If you ask for a product, they go to great lengths to get it. Excellent customer service. I hear there are petitions to save the store circulating online and otherwise and I will certainly be looking for them to support.

Open bar
I see where city council had to spend so much time deciding a name for a beer fest. I think I have a name for it: “Open saloon, come one and all.” I wonder if they ever think and if they could get some jobs started in Galax for the hungry people to feed their families. Let’s try that.

Name meddling
I feel sure that the organizer who had the beer fest this past summer is capable of naming what he has and what he does. He worked hard enough and is smart enough to start his business. I don’t think city council needs to help him name his business or help him conduct what he is doing. Another thing, some of the members better be careful when they are out riding around. They might see a beer can on the side of the road and have a major stroke.

Charges placed
I’m glad to see that local police finally charged suspects for the slaying of a young man who was in the prime of his life. Too bad it couldn’t have been sooner. Good job, Grayson County.

Wrong approach
This is about the hairdresser that gave out a letter [rather than a spoken notice that they were retiring]. I cannot believe anybody would do that to an elderly person. You know, there is a payday somewhere because they helped make your paycheck.

Can someone tell me if Sanford and Son has moved in down at the end of Glendale Road at U.S. 58 [in Carroll County]? It looks like a junkyard and it is right in front of a church. It is building up.

Late call
This is a comment about Grayson County for saying school is going to be two hours late and then calling the next morning an hour and a half later after people have gone to work. If the support staff doesn’t have to be there on time, it would be wonderful, but the support staff doesn’t get to lay in bed for two extra hours. I don’t think Grayson County Schools has it together much better than the Grayson County supervisors.

Somebody’s watching
That UFO that people reported flying over Carroll, Grayson and Galax early in the evening of Jan. 19 was a drone. A very large drone, but it was a drone.
Editor’s note: I’m not sure if that makes us more worried or less worried...

Who said?
We were just sitting here reading The Gazette and noticed every time you put an article in about Whitney Isom you also say she tried to administer CPR. Do we know that for a fact, or is that just hearsay?
Editor’s note: That information was in the original police report that we received.

Pray for change
I sure would like to know what has happened to our Christian heritage that has gone so liberal. They are trying to take away all of our rights. We are voting in all these liberals that believe in gay rights, believe in abortions and taxes just getting higher and higher. President Obama is a dictator. They are taking everything. If we true Christians would get down on our knees and pray, God would bring this country back to Him. And, like state Sen. Bill Carrico, who is trying so hard to get prayer back in the schools. If you are a true Christian, you say you are Democrat or Republican or independent, you need to really think about these things and pray and help Sen. Carrico get prayer back in schools. We have got so far from God that he is going to show us he means business.

Leaving town
I just heard that Kroger is pulling out of the Galax area. Thank you, Kroger, for not thinking about us little people here in town. I feel sorry for all the workers and more jobs [lost]. Just shows you, before long, Galax is going to be a ghost town.

Liquids at school
I’d like to see whole milk in the schools instead of 2 percent or 1 percent, and I’d like to see them offer juice or water in bottles, not in a cup to go to the water fountain. I feel the water fountain is dirty. When I went to school, people put their mouth down on the part where the water comes out. I feel this is a germy place and not fit to put in a cup. I know of kids going without a drink all day long unless they eat breakfast at school. This is very important to me.

Keep the Bible
I’m calling about the library and the superintendent of schools. I think the superintendent should not kick out the Bible. It’s got some violence, sure, but it only goes to prove a point. Also, the sex and the wickedness goes to prove a point. So, they should get rid of every single book in the library that has violence and sex and wickedness but leave that one.
Editor’s note: Removing the Bible from the high school was a previous Hotline caller’s idea, not the superintendent’s.

Dolphins slaughtered
Japan killing those dolphins needs to be a criminal act and somebody needs to put a stop to it.
Editor’s note: The caller refers to reports of the slaughter last week of dolphins in southwest Japan that is a tradition during dolphin hunting season, according to CNN. “The hunt is heavily scrutinized by environmental activists, who have been monitoring activities and livestreaming and tweeting about the latest developments,” CNN reported.

Sixty-eight years later
Japan is killing those helpless dolphins to get back at the United States because they cannot forget about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I hope The Gazette will report this freedom of speech.

Save Kroger
Kroger is planning to close its store in Galax in March. If the people of Galax and the surrounding areas would like to try to keep it here, they can [call Kroger]. I enjoy shopping there and I hate like the dickens to see it close. So, help me along with the other people of Galax and call and complain.
Editor’s note: Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Division can be reached at (540) 563-3500.

Hard to please
I was just calling about some of the stuff in the Hotline about the cold weather and people working. The only thing I can say is you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I don’t know what it takes to please some of these people. Have a good year.

Hairdresser hope
Here is the truth on the retiring hairdresser. I am one of those elderly clients that was given a personal letter from my hairdresser long before the effective date and it was clearly stated she would be available for color, cuts and perms. She is offering weekly services, wash and set to be scheduled with two other employees. Please cry no more, or whine. We shall overcome.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…
When showing pictures of the number of drones, those who saw the low, slow, silent flying object last Sunday night describe it as very close in appearance to the Northrop Grumman X47B. They describe it being similar in appearance and size.
Editor’s note: Wikipedia describes The Northrop Grumman X-47B as a demonstration unmanned combat air vehicle with a wingspan of 62 feet, designed for carrier-based operations. As of 2013 it was undergoing flight testing, primarily landing on aircraft carriers. It is unconfirmed as to whether a drone of any type was flying in Southwest Virginia, as described. Did anyone take a photo they could share?

Getting worse
Obama is getting to be a worse president than the second George Bush. He is working against the American people and won’t even approve that pipeline out of Canada that would create thousands of jobs. He needs to be impeached.

Do as we please
I’m calling about zoning in Grayson County. We should do away with it. Supervisors Kenneth Belton and Brenda Sutherland don’t know what they are talking about. We paid for our land and we should have the right to do what we want to and everybody else should.

Speak up
Attention all Kroger customers. Please call (540) 563-3500 to state that you are against them closing our Kroger store located in Galax.