Readers' Hotline 12/7/11

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Rate rant
Well, well, Appalachian Power got its rate increase. Wonder why? They give large contributions to our governor for his re-election. He had a chance to sign a bill a couple of months ago that would have helped us with our APCo bills. I don’t understand. I think everybody ought to think about the next election and kick his hind end out of there. And, along with it, get the representative, too. You know who I am talking about. Maybe we need Rick Boucher back really bad.
Editor’s note: Gov. Bob McDonnell was elected in 2009. Virginia law does not allow a governor to run for consecutive terms. Mr. Boucher previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives, which has no oversight of Virginia’s electricity rates.

All wet
As a parent of a student at Grayson Highlands School, I would like to know why my kid has to load in the back of the school in the rain? We spent $16 million up there on a schoolhouse and my kid has to walk across a parking to get to the school bus. I believe there is a better way than what they are doing and somebody needs to look in to that.

Much appreciated
I would like to thank Urgent Care that Carilion has that has been great for me and my family. They have done so much for the people in Carroll, Grayson and Galax. Even though a lot of people have insurance, it is still cheaper to go there. A lot of people can’t afford to run to the emergency room when something is wrong, when the doctor’s office is closed or on a Saturday. I just want to thank them for the great work they do.

Never ceasing
Republicans never cease to amaze me. You criticize Mrs. Obama for going to a NASCAR event. I didn’t hear any of y’all complaining about the cause when Ronald Regan went. Another thing, I bet y’all think Newt Gingrich never did any wrong, either. Ha, ha, ha.

Sore bottoms
When I went to the old schools [years ago] and we did something wrong, the teacher would bend us over the desk and make us stretch our pants tight and she would bust our hineys with a paddle and when we got home mama and daddy would take us to the woodshed and they would use a check line. That is what you drive horses with, and they would take the end of a check line and they would leave stripes on us. We didn’t knock mama and daddy down. We had parents that knew how to make us mind. We had school teachers that knew how to make us mind. We had law that knew how to make us mind.

Let’s share
Backpack Buddies was a super idea to make sure children had food over the weekend. Let’s think about the next idea. What about the children that are hungry every single day at school? There is not enough food on the tray for them to eat. Their neighbor doesn’t eat all of their food, but their neighbor cannot share that with the other child because it is against the rules and good food gets thrown away. What about the child that drinks all of his milk and wants another milk because his belly is aching he is so hungry because he doesn’t have food at home and he can’t buy extra milk at school? Another child has milk and just throws it away. Let’s be one. No more wasted food in the cafeteria. Give it to the kids that need it. Let’s share. Let’s give the food. Let’s help these kids out [so that] every kid has a snack, food, drink, etc.

Wants variety
I just noticed the new restaurant that is going in where the steak house used to be in Galax is called Porky’s and I am hoping it is not another barbecue restaurant.
Editor’s note: The sign refers to Porky’s steaks and buffet.

I wanted to comment about the editor’s note on the call about the First Lady targeted. I noticed you went from NASCAR and then NASCAR crowd and then the NASCAR people. I take exception to that. I just wonder if it happened at a football game, would you use those terms about the football fans? I don’t think so.

It’s a pain
I was just wondering if citizens in this area are having as much trouble with cable TV as I am. They say you have to have a box put in by 2012 or you won’t be able to pick up TV. We get the boxes put in and it distorts the pictures. You try to call and can’t get through to anybody, or get cut off and never seem to get any support. I just don’t understand why we even try to deal with something like that in our area. It sure has been a pain for me. Wonder if it is for everybody else.

Nursing services
We know people in the nursing home – the nurses and doctors and all — are not robots. There is no reason the people living there can’t have good service and about any service they need is reasonable because a nursing home takes all of your Social Security pay when you go in there. They collect money from Medicare and all insurance companies. It would be surprising to know what money they take in for the service they get. It isn’t right for the money they get to not treat people good, feed them good and have them comfortable anyway. They take your home, they take your car, they take everything you have got.

OK, Gazette, what happened to the coupons? We look forward to our coupons on Wednesday. Didn’t find any [last] week. No explanation of why there wasn’t any.
Editor’s note: A national company places the coupons as advertising and often does not place them the week after a holiday, which was the case on Nov. 30, after Thanksgiving. However, there were two packets of coupons the previous week.

Hope for Herman?
Oh Herman Cain, it is a shame what happened to you. But, hold out hope. Remember, we had a Democratic president who had an affair with Monica Lewinsky — Bill Clinton. We also had a Democratic congressman who had a male escort service running out of his house and he was elected two more times. So please, Herman, hold out hope.
Editor’s note: To clarify, Rep. Barney Frank was not operating an escort service himself. He did hire Steve Gobie, a male prostitute, out of his personal funds to work as a housekeeper and driver in the 1980s, according to the Boston Globe. He kicked him out of his Washington home after he found Gobie was running an escort service there. The House Ethics Committee found no evidence of wrongdoing, but the full House reprimanded Frank for his office’s help in fixing 33 traffic tickets for Gobie and providing some misstatements.

No so super
When a woman is over the hill and loses her kryptonite, she no longer has those super powers over a man she had when she was young.
Editor’s note: As a certified geek, I feel I have to point out that kryptonite takes away superpowers. It doesn’t give them.