Readers' Hotline 12/5/12

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Won’t turn his back
I called last week. You labeled it as Obama’s Coalition. I didn’t get to finish my message. I was making a comment about I heard people say that God will turn His back on this country because of the people we have leading this country. God will not turn his back on this country. He may take, and already has, our blessings away from us to where He had blessed us with so much. We as a country have turned our back on Him. He will never turn His back on us.

47 percenter
I’m calling in response to the “Obama’s Coalition” comment. I am a single mother with a teenager and yes, I am part of the 47 percent that Mitt Romney trashed and yes I do receive some public assistance. But, I work my rear end off every day and have done so for the past several years, paying taxes with every paycheck and have only been on public assistance for a little over a year. I’m sure going to make a living like everybody else but always remember before you judge people that, by the grace of God, there go I.

Irritating expression
I absolutely hate that expression, “a can of worms.” Whoever started that needs to be locked up for the rest of their life and that expression needs to be done away with forever. Just saying.

Birding trail questions
From what I heard some time ago, the Town of Fries received a grant to implement a birding trail on land the town designated for that purpose. I’ve never heard anything about the island out from this area being included in those plans. It seems dangerous for people to be wading out to this island. Not to mention the ideas it could give to school children nearby. Is this legal? Does the town own the island? I must have missed the Fries Town Council meeting where a committee took over the project to go ahead with clearing work down there. Some council members I talked to didn’t even know this was going on until after the fact. Do you suppose all of us missed the same meeting? And why are donations being solicited when grant money is available? I’m all for this project but let’s make sure everything is legal and above board.
Editor’s note: Birding group member Tom Guy and others cleared a path on the land, and his group is seeking donations and volunteers — all in an effort to move the project along. Guy said at a Fries Town Council meeting that the group wants to build a walkway across a ravine to the island. Council chose to consult the grant provider and town manager before deciding about a walkway. The town does own the land.

What happened?
I’d like to know what happened to person in the alleged cancer scam and what she was going to be charged with. Get the show on the road. We have been waiting long enough to see the outcome on this.
Editor’s note: There have been no charges to report in this case.

We’ll take care of it
I’m calling about the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Hillsville and whoever commented that we need to put more money in the bank, we are there for saving souls, not saving money. I’m so sorry about our water bill but I am sure we will take care of it. If you have any extra money you may donate it.

Zip it up
My grandson had been having a lot of problems so I told his mother to take him to a counselor. That counselor told him to shut his mouth. How many counselors can tell me that that is in their books to be done to a child? They are unprofessional.

Big government
For all the Republicans who are hollering we have too much regulation and too big government, I bet you people in China would love to have some of it. This year alone they have lost 1,100 miners through bad management. Bangladesh just had 100-plus people burn up in a sewing factory where there was no way to get out except run over each other through the door. There was no escape route. Couldn’t get through the windows. In Germany they just had 14 people burn in a building for handicapped or disabled people rather and 6 more injured. You don’t hear that stuff going on in this country much anymore. Don’t know the big government too much. It is still great to have highways and laws and good things to help everybody with the government.

Selective memory
This is for “sleeping well.” Evidently, her remembrance of the 1950s doesn’t match mine. In 1953 Hanes opened its first plant at Sparta. I went to work in 1954, making 75 cents an hour, not 25 cents. A short while later, Hanes opened and operated in Galax until they started sending people to Mexico to train them for jobs there. This was after Bill Clinton [signed] the NAFTA law and it went in effect. When they went to Mexico and trained people there, they trained them not only for their jobs but for everybody else’s. So, that is the basics of it. It’s an odd thing to me that you remember everything about the Republicans but nothing about the Democrat. What about Jimmy Carter and what a mess he made and it took Ronald Reagan, a Republican, to come in and straighten that mess out.