Readers' Hotline 1/25/12

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Out of my way

When you are on your way to work on Route 89, Monday through Friday, you better just clear the road if there is a certain lady that works in a factory in Galax. I have just witnessed her pass four cars in a row simply because they get a bonus if they are not late for work. Do they get a bonus if they kill somebody on the way to work?


Whitewashing the truth

With the property taxes we pay, we are at odds with why Independence’s streets are not maintained ― referring to huge amounts of litter, debris, leaves stopping up the drainage and curves. A town spokesperson said they were not aware of any “do not litter” laws. How could the city not be aware of the “Keep America Beautiful” and “Keep Virginia Beautiful” anti-litter mandates and the fines and punishments that can be levied against a litter bug? I have never seen a “do not litter” sign in this whole county. It is a disgrace to be made to live in this filth. I live one block off Main Street, Independence. The once a year cleanup, one week before the Fourth of July, is simply whitewashing the truth of what this town is 51 weeks of the year ― a trash dump. I encourage everyone to send photos to social media and state representatives exposing this.


Shopping alternatives

I’m calling about the business hours comment. I agree with this person. There are many businesses closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. There are restaurants in the surrounding area that are closed after 2 p.m. There are banks that are closed during lunch. I moved to this area roughly 11 years ago. I cannot understand why these places have to close. I grew up knowing businesses were closed on Sundays. What’s the deal with this part of the country, closing on Mondays, Wednesdays during lunch, and banks being closed for lunch? No wonder the economy is so bad. Yes, these are not big corporations but they need to be open. Not everybody does everything in the evening. Not everybody eats supper after 2 at home. Some people like to do their business and shopping during the week. If you have only a Monday or Wednesday off during the week, how are you supposed to do your shopping? They need to change this. Businesses need to be open during the week.


Work for betterment

Supervisor Martin wasted no time trying to make dissention and strife the order of the day for Carroll County. He says voters wanted a change. Maybe so, or maybe people have their voting districts redrawn. Previous board members were courteous, cooperative and working for betterment. Does it better Carroll County for Mr. Martin to come in demanding and rude? He keeps blabbering about spending wisely. Will someone out there look up how much he made from Carroll cutting the lights off in the schools? Maybe he should take notes from the last board on acting with dignity.


Be progressive

The Carroll County Supervisors have had their first meeting and, just as I had feared, the comedian that was elected reared his sarcastic head. I can’t believe people from that district would elect someone to try to take Carroll County back 10 years. Come on, Bob, be of help instead of harm.