Readers' Hotline 12/5/11

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No respect
These people that are camping out in the park in New York and California and other places, I call them a bunch of mobs. They need to move and camp out in front of the U.S. Capitol. That is where the Senate doesn’t want to do anything to get jobs started. If they don’t like living here, they need to go overseas and live. That might change their minds that the U.S. is not a bad place to live in after all. Get a little common sense and have a little respect for our great country. I love my country that I don’t think you have much respect for us, as I have just said.

School seclusion?
I recently became aware of a situation in the Virginia school system. They have seclusion rooms used for special needs children who act out. To me, this is some type of imprisonment. If you have a special needs child please check with your school to see if this is happening to your child and please write to your congressman and get this outlawed in Virginia. It’s not legal in all states but we researched it and it is legal to be done in the Virginia school systems. I am very much against this. It just brings more acting out and we should outlaw it.

I’d just like to thank the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ from Galax for bringing Thanksgiving dinner to our family on Thanksgiving Day. We really appreciate it.

Telling it backwards
For the ones that say Democrats are ruining everything, you need to quit watching that station that tells everything backward. Everything the Democrats have tried to get for our people, the Republicans have said no because they want to make Obama a one-time president and they don’t care about the people or what we need or about jobs or about families that are hurting.

Recognition needed
I can’t believe that nobody has commented in the paper about our [football team] at Galax High School. They have done a wonderful job this year. This is the first time, I think, in history they have gone this far. I am an old Maroon Tide person that was in school a long time ago. There are no signs up congratulating them. There is nothing put up congratulating them or anything. I think this is a shame because our boys are doing wonderful.

With open arms
The caller that keeps calling to complain about the school board election in Carroll County is just enjoying a big case of sour grapes. Obviously the county felt that way about their school board members and sent a message to someone, including that caller. Does the caller have any idea how many teachers have left as a result of poor leadership at the school board level, the central office level and the building level? Do they have any idea how many more teachers would have left had not some change happened? Well, this is one teacher that welcomes the new school board with open arms. It’s refreshing. It’s a weight lifted from my heart and I cannot wait to see what the new voices and new leaders will bring. Thank you to these men for running and thank you to the other candidates who ran and we appreciate your caring about us and we welcome your leadership.
Editor’s note: No more calls will be published about this matter.

Placing blame
This is an answer to “running things.” I’d like to say we’ve got a bunch of young people trying to give history. Bill Clinton didn’t sign the jobs away. George Bush and Ronald Reagan are the ones that got the jobs going overseas. If you go on back from the Depression times and think who brought us out, you will find that all Democrats have helped the United States. We worked for less than 50 cents an hour back in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. In the ‘60s John F. Kennedy brought us out. Nixon give it away and then Ford didn’t do anything for us. Just go right on and think whatever you need to think, but please think that George Bush and Ronald Reagan gave things away. Don’t blame Bill Clinton.
Editor’s note: The caller appears to refer to the North American Free Trade Agreement, and on this matter, at least, there is plenty of “blame” to go around. Negotiations on NAFTA began during the presidency of George H.W. Bush and continued after Bill Clinton took office. Eleven months into office, Clinton signed the treaty into law and it took effect Jan. 1, 1994. It was approved by bipartisan votes in the U.S. House and Senate — a combined 55 percent supported it. While signing the NAFTA bill, Clinton stated, “NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.”

Hiring process
To the Grayson County Schools leadership, check the minutes of your previous meetings and see when a bus driver hired in November was approved to be a substitute. This is not going to go away. You know what we are talking about.
Editor’s note: The caller’s issue isn’t clear, but Grayson Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Thomas says it may be tied to a request by some Grayson bus drivers that drivers be hired based solely on seniority and that substitutes be automatically hired when permanent positions become available. Current policy is that all full-time positions including those for bus drivers are advertised and applications are reviewed through the personnel department. “The applicants with the strongest skills for the open position are selected to be interviewed by a team. The interview team then recommends to the superintendent and the school board that the best-qualified candidate be hired.”

No control
Why does the Grayson County School Board have no control over its superintendent and transportation coordinator? Seems like they change the rules to fit their need.

The voters spoke
Regarding the comment that education will suffer in Carroll County, I first would like to know if the person that made the comment even took the time to vote that day and I also would like to let them know that approximately 75 percent of the people in Carroll County that did vote did not agree with their comment.
Editor’s note: Four of the five Carroll School Board seats were contested in the Nov. 8 election. Four sitting members of the board were ousted by voters.

Needing attention
As a taxpayer of Grayson County I would like to know why we have to keep a full-time maintenance man at Fries after spending [so much money] on that building over there. Looks like some of these other schools need a little attention besides Fries all the time.

Roll Tide
We are thinking of you, Galax Maroon Tide. We sure appreciate what you do. You are a good team. We think of you on days gone by even though our hair is turning grey. We remember cheerleading in the old high school building. We would all holler and the floor would shake underneath our feet but we still remember you. Go, go, Maroon Tide.

Leash patrol
I thought they had a dog leash law in Carroll County but evidently it is not enforced. I don’t ever see a dog warden out anywhere in Carroll County. If I can find out the dog that attacked my cat and harmed it, they won’t need a leash law.