Readers' Hotline 1/23/13

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Lost and found
I would just like to use your column to thank the lady who this past weekend followed me down East Stuart Drive to get my attention by blowing the horn and pointing to the back of my car. When I pulled over, I found my billfold on the edge of the trunk, ready to slide off from where I had inadvertently placed it earlier in the day long with my cell phone. I found my cell phone two miles back down the road, totally destroyed. This lady saved me a lot of time, trouble and headaches by taking the time to do the honorable thing and I just want her to know I am most appreciative.

Disrespectful neighbor
To the person that lives in the Buckwoods area and commented on a grandson using his grandfather’s land, your comments show exactly why Carroll County needs a leash law. You let your pets roam over other people’s property just like a disrespectful neighbor. I live in Pipers Gap and face the same trouble. Disrespectful neighbors have cats and dogs and don’t keep them on their property. I have dogs and love canines, but I keep them at home with electric collars and fences. Bottom line is, your pets were safe if they were not going off your property in the first place. Cats and dogs are domestic animals, not meant to be out in the wild chasing, killing and harming wildlife. Cats and dogs kill more birds and wildlife than any windmill, hunter, trap or snare ever will. Keep your dogs where they belong: on your own property.

Evasive solution
You know it sounds great that the only thing that will stop a bad man is a good man with a gun. But, the fact is, the good guy doesn’t always win. Sometimes he gets shot down. Teachers with guns in school, that sounds good, too. But you know a bunch of students could get together and overpower them and take their guns away from them. I really don’t know the solution to this problem. It is going to take somebody a lot brighter than me and most of you all.

Transition explained
Residents of Hillsville, what are you paying for? A new police chief who took office Dec. 1 worked a half-day as a teacher’s aide for the Carroll County School system until the recent Christmas break. He was hired to be a full-time police chief effective Dec. 1. Was Chief Bolen’s salary adjusted for only the hours he actually served as police chief? Ask your town councilman if they approved of this.
Editor’s note: Police Chief Greg Bolen says he spent an hour and a half during the day to finish out the semester with the students. Bolen said he asked for permission to do this from Mayor Greg Crowder beforehand. A job such as police chief is likely to be a salaried position.

Call for help
This is in response to “what a life” in the Readers’ Hotline.  It was kind of the person to call the Hotline concerning the dog chained to a tree on the streets behind where the caller’s home is. That is animal cruelty. Please call the Twin County Humane Society [at 728-4038] or the SPCA [at 236-8501] and they can advise you. The owner of this poor dog needs to be dealt with and the dog placed in a good home. Anyone that sees or knows of abuse of any animals, please notify the authorities.

Excuses, excuses
I’m calling about the “reasons why” response about the guy parking on the sidewalk. I park in my grass. I don’t tear my grass up even when it’s wet. If you park [carefully] you won’t spin the wheels in your grass. That’s no excuse to park on the sidewalk. His truck getting robbed, that is still not an excuse to straddle the sidewalk. They can break into it straddling the sidewalk. There are just no surprises to how many excuses that people can come up with.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Bird banter
I am calling about a place in our area that everyone should know about. First they tore down all their good landmarks and had a firehouse that was number one and they go and build a new one in the middle of a busy road. Now, they are going to waste $185,000 people to watch birds. Who would make such a decision and who is going to wade New River in February to watch birds? I want to be the first one there to look at those birds. I have binoculars and I am going to get me one of those stupid bird hats. Ha ha. They could take the old firehouse and make a hatchery out of it and raise their own birds.
Editor’s note: Don’t overlook the fact that the grant was awarded to Fries specifically for a birding trail and can be used only for that purpose. Mayor Gary Sumner said at a recent meeting that if the town gets money that can be used for other work in town, it will be gladly accepted. It’s unlikely the work will be finished by February without approval on some matters from the grant provider. So you may be wading alone!

To the person who thought taxpayers were paying for the windmills, it was a private company that wanted the projects. This person should have attended the meetings with their ears and their mind open, unlike the two board members on the “committee.” Instead of costing taxpayers of Carroll County, it would have lessened the tax burden by an estimated half-million dollars per year. This would have been due to the machine tax and improvements of the property. Ninety percent of people opposing the windmills have never set foot in the area of the site. About 10 families oppose these windmills with a half-million dollars to gain. That should be about $50,000 per family that they should owe Carroll County taxpayers for the next 20 years.