Readers' Hotline 12/3/12

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Don’t mess with Texas
I am calling in regard to the comment about Texas. Texas is an honorable and wonderful state, and to draw the example of one person who behaved incorrectly is beyond my understanding. There are many Virginians who have done things that are humiliating and embarrassing. Please do not embarrass Texas or try to, with such stupid, inappropriate, selected facts. I don’t know your motive, but I will tell you as a Texan, don’t come to Texas and say something that stupid.

Rush to hire?
I was glad to read in the Hotline where others picked up on the rush to hire Greg Bolen [as Hillsville police chief]. After all the weeks of working to find the best applicant, Mayor Crowder couldn’t wait a few more days?
Editor’s note: No more calls about this topic, please. The hiring decision has been made.

Rally around
Thank God that Obama got back in. I worked for a company for two years and they wouldn’t give us insurance. Now they are going to have to give us insurance. We get sick, the residents are sick, they make the staff sick and then we have to pay out of our pocket. I pray the Lord will touch Obama and he will make this a better nation. If we will just humble ourselves and pray and seek God first for answers and not always want to ridicule him. I know there are a lot of prejudiced people out there but I pray for you, too, that God will open your eyes and give you a better understanding. We need to support our president and rally around him any way we can. And, if you can’t say nothing good about him, keep your mouth shut. Pray on yourself and you would be a whole lot better off.

Causes vs symptoms
Pain is not a disease. Drug dependency is a disease. I am not sorry that local people cannot get excessive prescriptions for opiate narcotic drugs. I’m surprised that people write in requesting them. They should live wisely, treat causes of their illness and not the symptoms. The local police, the drug enforcement agency personnel and the state bureau investigation officers are our allies. They prevent drug abuse and unnecessary prescriptions. These drugs have caused more deaths than illness and are directly responsible for drug dependence and a lot of criminal behavior. I would warn people not to come to doctors for these medications if they do not wish to treat the cause of their pains. This is an epidemic nationally. It’s an embarrassment and is terribly wrong and causes unnecessary deaths.

Foreign aid
I noticed this week in the news that Obama went to Cambodia, I think it was. Took a gift to them in the millions of dollars. Looks like it would be more wise for President Obama to pay it on our national debt instead of giving it away to a country like Cambodia when our country is in such bad shape. Our citizens can’t see a doctor because they’ve got a co-payment or where we are just scraping by. Doesn’t look right to me. Should have paid it on the American debt that he made.

Made our day
I would like to thank the First Christian Church in Galax for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they brought to all of us that live at Harmony Village. The food was great and we so appreciate you thinking of us and may God bless each and every one of you.

No faith in man
In response to the comment “still in disbelief” in which they don’t accept that Obama got in as president and they cry so much. If you read the Bible, you do not put faith in the human man. We had the right to vote either way we want. But, they could not say Romney could save us because he can’t. I feel sorry for this person that cries every morning. I hope he or she gets out her Bible and reads it. That’s the only one we can put trust in — God, not politics.

Customers first
I commend the employees of GameStop in Galax. Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I walked in to GameStop. The place was packed and there were three ladies working behind the counter. I was sorry to have come at such a busy time, but I had a problem with a gaming device that I purchased 11 months ago and it would take some time to work through it. One of the ladies said “that’s okay, no problem. As far as we are concerned, you are the only one here.” Wow. They waited on me immediately, took care of the problem and I felt better than before I walked in. If all businesses treated their customers this way, it would be a better place to shop.

Over our heads
I’m an American by birth and I thank God for it everyday. I feel we Americans are here by divine providence as stated in a document written by our forefathers on the Mayflower off the coast of Cape Cod in 1620, called The Mayflower Compact, that stated “we are here to advance the Christian faith and the kingdom of God.” How come it is that we Americans have enough jobs, land, food, water, timber, etc., — of course, not counting the possible 15 million illegal aliens that illegally have the said jobs. Still yet, we are in debt way over our heads. Shouldn’t people owe us? And why it is that we elect or hire people to control our tax dollars, yet it seems they can’t control it or our American money? They are the ones responsible and aren’t handling it right. We hired them. Can’t we fire them or are we going to wait until it is too late?

Messing up healthcare
Unconstitutional and disaster. The Obama healthcare plan that this president and his staff are forcing on this country is messing up people’s heath care plans, big time. We live on a fixed income and our insurance is going up every day. We are barely surviving as it is. The drug card we have is not covering some of medications. My husband is diabetic and has to take insulin shots. They sent him a letter saying they couldn’t cover it after the first of the year. It costs $200 a month. No way we can afford this. This is from Obamacare. All you people that voted him back in for 2013, I hope you see what a disaster it is right away. I hear there are more hidden surprises to come out.
Holiday best
I would like to recognize the staff at Laurel Meadows Nursing Home for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they served to residents and their families. The food was delicious and the decorations were beautiful. They do an outstanding job for each holiday that makes the residents feel like they are truly at home.

Naysayers should stop
Enough is enough about President Obama winning another four years. Those naysayers, if they don’t like him winning, should move to another country. The people that don’t like it are going to have to live with it. He has done his best to try to unite this nation. The other people are trying to divide it. Take you and your family and move to Canada, or Cuba or even Iraq. That way you can voice your opinion, run crazy with the other radicals and then get your voice shut up. Our constitution says freedom of speech. You can misuse it. You can abuse it. But, enough is enough about President Obama, please.
Editor’s note: We agree. The election was four weeks ago. No more calls debating the outcome after this week.

Who benefits?
The Grayson County administrator says the proposed shooting range is a bargain because the county would not be required to hire anyone to look after it. He says he might get a surveillance camera, and a fence and a locked gate to keep people out after hours. And he will lean on the county sheriff to patrol it. He failed to respond to information that a family with children lives less than a quarter-mile from the site. Can you imagine some fool sneaking in there to play with assault weapons? Who stands to benefit from this?
Editor’s note: County Administrator Jonathan Sweet said the estimated distance between the site and nearest home is about a quarter-mile. He listened along with the board of supervisors to people who said they lived closer, and responded that “no location would be perfect.” He said the county chose that land as a potential site only because Grayson owns it.

Line of descent
It was a great story about the young Cockerham lady from Galax and her [volleyball] winnings there at Emory & Henry. One thing I see missing, it should have told who her parents were. I think that would have been a good idea.

Cruel confinement
I cannot imagine anyone being so cruel as to tie their dog to a doghouse, leave it out in cold weather, throw some dog food and water to it and never turn it loose. Why not just get rid of them? Please, set them free.