Readers' Hotline 1/23/12

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Just want to say what an awesome job the Galax High School cheerleaders did on their dance at the Galax-Grayson game. Great job to the captains Kristin McMickle and Ashley Nale for choreographing the dance. You put a lot of hard work in it and it showed. Every cheerleader did an amazing job. You all represent the school extremely well. We are so proud of you all.

Arts leader
Carol Waddell has been a powerful force for the arts community in our area. She brought an air of professionalism to us in staged events, from “The Music Man” to “The Nutcracker.” When the naysayers said we didn’t have the talent and resources in our area to stage professional plays and musicals, she begged to differ. Then she proved that we had both the talent and the rouses to do just that. She has always taken the time to foster and lend ideas to other groups and individuals trying different cultural and arts projects. Thank you to The Gazette for the articles in the Jan. 9 edition covering the Arts Council and also Carol Waddell. Kudos also on the article on Shirley Gordon and the Independence trail over at Independence.

Look at yourself
Regarding the call, “evil heart” — the Bible tells us to judge not so that you will not be judged. Jesus also said he that was without sin, let him cast the first stone. None of them could because the sin in their lives. My advice to you is to clean up your own life before you start messing in someone else’s.

Beware the fakes
I agree 100 percent with “evil heart.” People who lie and fabricate stories to deliberately hurt someone or to destroy someone’s reputation are evil personified. People who know the truth yet do nothing to help are equally evil. These people are in your churches, work place, friends and even family. Keep your eyes open and look in to the other person’s eyes, because a fake smile never reaches that far.

Makes no sense
What’s wrong with this picture? Our governor wants people that can’t afford it to pay more in pension and taxes? Our city went up on water, taxes and everything. The taxes on my house went higher and yet the property value was lowered. I didn’t think that made any sense at all.
Editor’s note: Gov. Bob McDonnell has proposed a plan to support the Virginia Retirement System that would ask state employees to contribute one percent more to the fund, phased in over two years. In December he proposed a new state budget that would result in no tax increase. The caller may be referring to a McDonnell proposal to increase the portion of state sales tax that is dedicated to transportation from 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent over the next eight years. It would be a shift in allocation of revenue, not a tax increase.

Did Bob Martin really think that voters were voting for a change so they could go back to supervisors fighting, being rude to each other and embarrassing the whole county?

Fix the plumbing!
I love the new instruction at Carroll County High School. It’s nice that schools will be remodeled, but what about taking our focus off the cosmetic aspect and work on the plumbing and fix the rest of the drinking water problem and the unhealthy restroom conditions first. Our children’s health should be first and foremost.

A letdown
Get up in your attic. Go out in your buildings and search. Bring us your 1965 or older items. I go. My turn comes. I’m expecting I might have something valuable. If you’ve got gold, got silver, that’s all they want. A big spread [in the newspaper about “treasure hunters”] and a big letdown for the people of this area.

Bring it back
Stealing is wrong. I don’t know who you are, but God knows. I am talking about the people who stole the sink and dumped the dirt out. That was a dirty trick. It may not have looked so good, but to me it was what I put my flowers in during the summer and enjoyed watching them grow. It was in my yard and you don’t steal other people’s things. You will have a payday. You will have to pay for what you have done. I would hate to be in your shoes and have the Lord tell me, “sorry, I never knew you.” The thing to do is ask forgiveness or bring it back if you still have it, or bring the money you got out of it. I hope your conscience bothers you until you make the right decision. Stealing never pays off. Think about it and do what is right. I pray for you and may the Lord bless you.

Don’t apologize
I have a comment about the three guys in service, what they did to those boys over there that were already dead. That’s not half of what they did to our boys. Making them sit in front of a TV with guns pointed at their head, making them say what they wanted them to. Beheading them. Dragging them down the street for the family and parents to see here at home. Yet that is okay. Just for something like this, the U.S. apologizes for it. I don’t think you should apologize for nothing. They didn’t get up and apologize for what they did to our boys. I used to see these signs, “I’m proud to be an American.” I’m getting to where I am not proud to be an American. That is about as lowdown as you can get. They weren’t hurting those men.  They were already dead and I’m sure they would a lot rather been urinated on then be beheaded. I’m ashamed of America.

Walked out
I don’t think it’s right that some people can get by with murder and we have an appointment at a doctor’s office and they make us wait and wait and let other people go ahead of us. I think if you have an appointment you should get in on that appointment, not have to wait, no matter if somebody is there ahead of you. If you have an appointment, you should get in on that appointment, not an hour or two later. We were at one of the clinics. They made us wait almost an hour for my kids to be seen and then we didn’t get them seen because we got mad and walked out.

Beautiful voice
To the editor’s comment: Yes, she has a beautiful voice. Too bad the opponent’s wife did not have any talent. Results might have been reversed.
Editor’s note: I still have no idea what these calls are about.

Likes Channel 12
To the caller about the weathercasters from WXII Channel 12. I always watch the weather on Channel 12. They hit our local weather better than the Roanoke stations. If you don’t like the weather forecasters on Channel 12, turn your TV to another channel.

Trying to help
If people keep listening to a certain station that tells you all this stuff … this is the first president we have had in a long time that tried to do something to help us. I’m a senior citizen and got our test and things like shots and all that we used to have to pay for all that stuff, was free. The insurance, the way it is now, where he is trying to turn it into something good, right now you pay an arm and a leg for nothing. I don’t understand why people think he is bad. He is trying to help people. He was raised up poor and knows what it is and all that bunch in Congress only cares about themselves.

Juice alert
National news has been telling us that orange juice from Brazil is not safe to drink and not to drink it, but [some stores] continue to sell a brand from Brazil. Is making the dollar that important to them?
Editor’s note: The Food and Drug Administration announced Jan. 11 that it was temporarily halting imports of foreign orange juice due to fears that some foreign orange juice, especially juice from Brazil, contains traces of carbendazim, a fungicide banned in the United States.