Readers' Hotline 12/31/12

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Idiots on the road
I’m traveling on Route 89 in the Fairview section and it’s amazing. It is just as foggy out here today as it has ever been just about. What surprises me and never does cease to amaze me is how many idiots on this road don’t have enough sense between their ears to reach down and pull their headlights on. They are running with no lights. You can’t see them until you are right on top of them. If they were crowding you just a little bit, there is no way you can get out of their way. Don’t they have enough sense to just turn the lights on? How much trouble is that? While I’m at it, pay attention to the stoplights in Galax. Yellow means to stop if you can. It doesn’t mean to hurry on through, even if it turns red right before you make it. It means stop. Learn to do it. Somebody needs to get out there and catch every one of y’all. But, local law around here is not going to do anything.

Mounting debt
I can tell you exactly why Bush caused the debt we have now — two wars not paid for, prescription drug part D not paid for, many other things that he did that caused us to be in debt was passed on to our now president who is trying to deal with all the costs that Bush incurred was passed over to him. That’s where it came from and everybody knows that anyway, when they say they don’t.
Editor’s note: National news media reported in March 2012 that the national debt under President Obama in three years and two months had already reached a point surpassing that of George W. Bush in eight years. The national debt increases by about $3.85 billion per day, and as of Dec. 20 stood at $16,366,492,883,456.57.

Travel advisory
It takes a pure out idiot to travel down to Mexico without taking the Special Forces with them.

Why more police?
On Dec. 17 at Grayson County Schools, there was a deputy at every school when the buses unloaded except Grayson Highlands at 7:25 when the buses unloaded. They have a resource officer. What was that all about?
Editor’s note: Police and sheriff’s departments in Galax, Carroll and Grayson worked with local school systems to have officers and deputies at each school the week following the deadly school shootings in Sandy Hook, Conn., on Dec. 14.

Can’t be fixed
After having read the Hotline for many years, I have come to two conclusions. 1. You can’t cure ignorance. 2. You can’t fix stupidity. This includes all the calls that you get.

Headlights inspection
I’m calling about the fact that the Virginia State Police in our district [should check] the state inspection stations to make sure their headlight machines are working and that the inspectors are checking the headlight adjustments on our cars. If you don’t believe that is a problem, ride around Grayson County and watch how many dim lights blind you from being severely out of adjustment with new stickers on them.

Do something
Somebody in our state legislature needs to do something about Appalachian Power Company taking all of the people’s money.
Editor’s note: The Virginia General Assembly has no direct control over electricity rates.

Leading the way
I would like to thank Senator Carrico for fighting to open the state prison in Independence. It will bring many jobs to the Galax area. We, citizens of the Twin Counties, appreciate it.
Editor’s note: Gov. Bob McDonnell has included more than $14 million in his budget proposal to open the prison by 2014.

Gun controls
All the children that lost their lives [in the Connecticut school shooting] is uncalled for. Each school should have a policeman at the front door or any other doors. All those guns the killer used should be taken off the market, except for use by police or armies. No clips with that many bullets. They should be buried and never used. We should have stricter gun laws and catch the ones that sell them illegally. Drugs are bad, but not as bad as killing our little children. God is not pleased with this. We all will pay for this act in some way. He loves the little children. Be prepared to leave this world anytime. God will come soon. Be saved and prepare yourself.

New place
Just wanted to say there is a new restaurant in Hillsville called Juliano’s Italian Grill. It’s on Main Street. It used to be a burger joint but they have Italian food. My husband and I ate there and it is real good.

Cruelty to dogs
Many states with educated leaders have outlawed totally tying and chaining dogs outside as it is viewed as cruelty and abuse. The National Humane Society, the American Veterinarian Society, PETA and many other animal welfare experts agree - chaining a dog is cruelty and abuse. It causes the dog to become mentally ill, unstable and insane. Dogs are highly intelligent socialized animals. Please go to dogsdeservebetter.org. Take pictures of all the animals on chains in this area and post it on the United States Wall of Shame. Call your legislators and let them know how you feel about this happening in this backwards, rural, stupid area. If you have a stupid dog, it’s because it has a stupid owner.