Readers' Hotline 12/30/13

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Go to the bank
I read where Carroll County was slow to cash the taxes that were paid. It is not only Carroll County. I live in Grayson County and I called because they hadn’t cashed my check and my checkbook didn’t balance. It was over a month and still not cashed. Why not hire a few more people to keep up with the debt loads to citizens paying taxes. Why should they not be required to cash within timely fashion or be penalized? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Following suit
It seems to me like there are people in Carroll County that are just as smart as the supervisors, and some of them are smarter. It does look like they could be appointed to some of the committees and not all the supervisors put themselves in and let them take care of the county. Now, I see in the paper where Grayson County is following suit. They are doing the same thing Carroll County is and I know there are people smarter in both counties. Looks to me like the supervisors need to open their eyes.

Prison passions
I’m calling because I thought the River North Prison was going to be a great place for Grayson County and Independence. There have been divorces or separations. This is working on another. My wife has taken off. [They] will not do anything about it. There is supposed to be a policy about cheating with spouses. It’s a shame that they let affairs go on and it destroys kids’ lives. People are losing their families, their wives, their kids and all because of a prison? All it is, is a place for people to breed and stay together and ruin lives. I wish River North had never come to Independence. I think the warden needs to address the problems. That’s not a very good track record for this town.

Rec saga continues
If those Grayson County supervisors were so caring about the park, why didn’t they do away with that policy board when Mr. Weatherman was the director? Someone was on him about something at all times. All of a sudden they are really concerned now that this lady is going to have to answer to too many chiefs. Well, she’s got enough people stabbing her in the back. She sure doesn’t have to answer to many people because they will have her gone, too. Just wait and see.

Benefits concerns
Republicans most certainly are trying to reduce benefits to Social Security and Medicare. Also, Social Security is not an entitlement, as they are calling it. We have worked hard our whole lives for the last 40 to 50 years and now, I am a senior citizen and I don’t know. The only reason it is not cutting out is Obama stopped it. People are listening and believing stuff that is not true and it is very scary. They need to get on the Internet and research and they will find out the truth.

Washington’s doctors
Is it true that almost all the doctors in Congress are Republican? If that is true, why is it? Hmmm. Like they don’t make enough money as doctors. And, what the Congress did to the U.S. Postal Service years ago is just a sin. It is a total disgrace. All they talk about is privatize, privatize. It will never work as well as it is now. It has been fine for years and they are so busy they have long days anymore.
Editor’s note: The 113th Congress has 20 physician lawmakers out of 535 members (435 in the House; 100 in the Senate), according to American Medical News. There are 13 Republican physicians in the House and three in the Senate. Four Democrats are members of the House of Representatives. Members of the House and Senate earn $175,000 per year.

Holding the line
It’s a shame in this world that groceries and everything else goes up but wages don’t. There is even a church that runs a daycare in Wythe County and never gives a raise. Maybe one time. Hardly making minimum wage. Why are they running the daycare and charging the parents out the boohoo and can’t even give their employees a raise.

Counting votes
I just don’t understand how three people can [abolish] the policy board of Grayson County Rec Park [through their votes as supervisors]. That’s like a jury. One person on a jury can keep someone from dying, but you guys can leave two people hanging that you don’t agree with. Two supervisors can disagree but three can agree when it is not supposed to have happened that way at all. It wasn’t even supposed to be discussed because it hadn’t been on their agenda. I hardly see how this is fair and I hope that when it comes to voting time that it don’t take but one vote more to get those supervisors gone.
Editor’s note: Boards like the county supervisors operate by majority rule. Votes don’t have to be unanimous.

Slow down
I would just like to ask people to slow down on Ridge Road in Austinville. Somebody hit my dog last night and didn’t even stop to say they were sorry. I would just like to ask people to stop going 70 mph and start going the speed limit.

Gee, thanks
I’m just so elated over the 1.5 percent Social Security raise that I can’t keep my elation in any longer. I have to tell someone, anyone, how I feel. After I got over being totally taken by tingling and shaking all over, I checked to see how much more of my Social Security monthly stipend I can spend. I was hoping me and the wife could finally take a vacation to Florida for a short while. I rechecked my figures several times and, taking in to account my new increase in supplemental insurance and Medicaid payment, I have 21 cents extra a month to spend. Roughly $2.52 a year. That won’t even get a gallon of gas. So, I guess we will just stay at home and watch cartoons on the news channels.

Going crazy
Boy, Fox News is going crazy now. Since Obamacare has signed up nearly four million customers, they are saying all kinds of stuff trying to help the insurance companies out. Insane. I can’t believe anybody would listen to this station.
Editor’s note: Actually, President Obama said on Dec. 20 that one million Americans had enrolled. At the same time, the Associated Press estimated this month that 3.5 million people have received health insurance cancellation notices as a result of changes brought by the new healthcare law.

Why do people always complain instead of participating in things like the Christmas parade? If it doesn’t suit them, help them do better. Thank God you have good health and can get out to such gatherings. We cannot get out to these things because of bad health. Thank God for the churches who bring us Thanksgiving dinner and fruit baskets for people that can’t get out.