Readers' Hotline 12/28/11

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Smell test
The new convenience store in Independence is beautiful, inside and out. The best part of it is when you go in and pay for your gas and shop, you do not come out smelling like a stinking cigarette. Thank God.

Ninth inning
Hey, Woodlawn School supporters. Where were you when they closed Vaughan, Sylvatus, Dusgpur, Mt. Bethel, Lambsburg and Laurel Fork Schools? We didn’t hear a whimper out of you until they are ready to close yours. Did you go to public hearings to voice your opposition? Did you get on committees making suggestions about closing the school? No. You waited until the bottom of the ninth and now you don’t want your school closed. It’s too little and too late. Maybe the community should have thought about this when they were closing down everyone else’s school and [could have] banned together and helped us. Too bad we are not concerned until it hits home.

No sharing
I was just at an elementary school eating lunch when I heard a worker say “No, you can’t share food. You are not to share food. Put that back on your plate.” A child can sit there very hungry and really wish and want some food on another child’s plate and if that child doesn’t eat that food it goes straight in the trash can. We can’t have kids going hungry. That’s just wrong.

Imagine this
Imagine how you would feel if you were a grandmother who has a grandson that you love more than life itself and for no reason at all, you are not allowed to see him or talk to him or even give him a birthday or Christmas gift. Imagine — how would you feel?

It is a shame that the middle working class is paying all the bills and the millionaires are paying nothing. The millionaires are living on welfare and not paying their taxes. I even saw on the news where they went up and knocked on the door of this millionaire and told him, “You can no longer be using food stamps.” This one millionaire was drawing and using food stamps. No wonder the middle class is hurting and disgusted.

A right to protest
I have comments about a few things. Schools need to start cooking better food so all kids will want their food. As for the three men charged for hunting, you have to have permission to hunt on the land you hunt. And to all the parents who [spank] their children, remember this…. think of the beating that God’s son took for you. Could you bear to watch that? And remember, that child grows up to your size. Lastly, to Oracle Institute, you might have the right to put it there, but people have the right to protest and not let you forget who the true God is.

I’m calling about the “use a leash” comment Dec. 19. The person who called the Hotline about the little tan dogs getting in the road on Double Cabin Road should call the humane society to protect these little dogs. Apparently the owner does not have the sense to take care of them. I am appalled at the editor’s note, saying: “if they keep getting hit, the problem might take care of itself.” The problem is the owner of the dogs and the editor’s heartless comment.

Sad to think
Just a word about the school situation with the food that one child can’t pass food on to another. It is so sad to think in this country of plenty and waste that we have a hungry child in the country. Something must be looked in to on  this.

Use a switch
This is in response to “spare the rod.” Maybe they should bust some hind ends in school and use a little discipline. Good old fashioned discipline — cut a switch. Whip them across the back of the legs until it leaves red whelps. I had that done to me when I was a child. I turned out all right. I’m not mentally disturbed or have psychiatric problems and maybe if they would use a little bit of discipline like this in school there wouldn’t be so many shootings and expulsions.

Take an interest
As parent of a Grayson County girls basketball player, I am tired of hearing all the school board members and the superintendent of the school talk about “no kids left behind.” If you want to see some girls left behind, just take an interest and come to a basketball game. The varsity team has won one game since 2008. I would be ashamed to put my girls out on the court at any school. Wake up, school board.

Focused at work
I am thankful and blessed to have a good family, good parents and a good salary. When I leave work I tell my children and my parents not to call me at work unless it is an emergency. I work 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week. I am dedicated and respectful to the company I work for. If you are on the office phone and talking to a family member, you are cheating the company out of their money and time. You should be focused on your job and give them 100 percent of your time while you work for them. When you are salary-paid, you get paid good.

Save the money
This is in reference to Galax losing state money for roads. What the city needs to do is cut back [on the pay of city employees] and save the money. That way they have the money at the end of the year for whatever they need.
Editor’s note: Thanks for calling in, Ebenezer.

Board of education
About spanking and sparing the rod, I am from the old time myself. I was born in 1948 and went to a little two-room school in 1955-1957 on Snake Creek. Sore bottoms, well, didn’t hurt anyone. Kids have no respect for their elders and teachers. Teachers I had in the old days rode a horse from Fancy Gap to Snake Creek and brought the “board of education” with them. Now, I am old. Kids these days have no respect. Find some respect and give the board of education back to the teachers.

This is regarding the loose dog on Double Cabin Road. The busybodies who complain about a dog in the road should mind their own business. There are no leash laws in the county and a dog tied has no life. I would rather see it run over. People need to slow down on that road anyway and watch out for children. If you also call the dog warden on a dog, you need to tell them to tie the deer, because there are a lot more of them running loose than there are dogs.

Yes, ma’am
This is about sparing the rod. I am not the one that called in about the sore bottom. I am the one that called in about using the check line out behind the wood shed. These teachers weren’t sick when they whipped us in school. They made us mind. They made us understand that we had a life ahead of us by getting an education, not in a computer, not on a laptop or something like that. We got a pencil and paper education and I don’t know when you went to school or where you went to school but in Virginia, back in the ‘30s and ‘40s and on back, we didn’t go around with our clothes hanging below our hind ends and the top part of our blouses and shirts open. We went dressed from the neck to the ankles and these people weren’t sick. They were educators and we were educated. We knew how to say “yes, ma’am,” “no, ma’am,” “yes, sir,” “no, sir,” to the older folks