Readers' Hotline 12/26/12

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White space
Just wanted to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” to The Gazette for the white space at the top of the page that now has the address logo instead of the label that was covering up part of the print.

Beyond deer hunting
These automatic weapons that these idiots get hold of and kill people at schools and everywhere else, need to be done away with. A single-shot rifle is good enough for any deer hunter.

Prepare yourselves
Last week we passed by the Southern Cattle Company in Florida. This company is well known by some cattle producers in our area. They have a sign out front that advertises upcoming sale events. But, this day, the message was, “prepare for judgment.” This same message was given by Jonah to Ninavah and there was a proper response. What say you, Gazette readers? What do you think?

No letup
What goes around comes around it, and it just came around. Galax basketball fans have short memories. Two years ago Galax pressed the whole basketball game against Carroll. A coach doesn’t do that to a former player.

Not the solution
I am deeply saddened about the tragedy in Connecticut and I really feel for all the parents and anybody that lost somebody. The jerks and powers-that-be in Washington and everywhere are already talking about more gun control. Don’t they understand that gun control is not what solves this? They are taking away rights to protect ourselves. Don’t they realize that if they had gun control, that is only going to affect the law-abiding people? The idiots out there — the mentally ill — are going to get their guns. Gun control is not the solution. As the old saying goes, if they outlaw guns, only outlaws are going to have guns. They are not going to go by the law. People need to understand this.

Not lowered
I’m calling about the flag not being lowered to half-staff at the police department. It’s really a shame that a government office can’t take time to honor more than 20 dead children that have been murdered.
Editor’s note: Without knowing which locality you are referring to, it’s possible that not all local police departments have a flag to lower.

Two topics
We got a bill saying we hadn’t paid our October light bill, when we had already paid it in November. We called and told them we had already paid it in November. Right away they said, “Tear it up. We made a mistake.” Then, the television news told about it. Senior citizens are in bad shape anyway and we can’t afford to lose what we have to survive off of. That house they tore down in Hillsville beside the Pizza Hut, they have leveled it out. I haven’t heard if they were going to build anything there. I think a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant would do good there. That one in Galax is doing good. Their parking lot is always full. They serve the best food, too.

Over the cliff?
I am seriously concerned that Carroll County is close to going off a fiscal cliff. After reading about the reduced assessed value of property, which will result in reduced revenues, possible reductions of state and federal funding, and a current budget that has projected a zero surplus and a debt service of $3,820,937, I think it is time to be concerned. I would appreciate an editor’s note as to how much of the budgeted debt service is going to pay off the debt and how much is interest payments. Also, what is the total debt of Carroll County?
Editor’s note: We plan to cover this issue when the Carroll County Board of Supervisors discuss the topic at the January or February meetings, as they have planned to do.

Know thyself
Galax and Carroll County people discriminate against gays and lesbians. They tend to judge them without first judging themselves. Judge your own heart first because your judgment to others is rooted in your past experience. Perform a self-evaluation before your eyes are blinded by hate. Know yourself before you judge others.