Readers' Hotline 12/2/13

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Gladeville family
I had a Thanksgiving meal at Gladeville Elementary School today, and it was awesome. We had a very good crowd and the people enjoyed their family and kids and friends.

Cartoon offense
I’m calling about The Gazette’s editorial cartoon published Nov. 25.  It is very offensive to me. I don’t know where y’all get this negativism about our president or about his race, but y’all should try to do a little better. I always thought the newspaper had better class than this. We need an apology because this has taken it just a bit too far, especially about people of color.
Editor’s note: The syndicated editorial cartoon in question (reprinted with today's Hotline) was not about race. It depicted an African father and son having dinner. On the table is a newspaper with a headline about food stamp cuts in the U.S. The father tells the son to finish his dinner, because there are starving children in America. The point of the cartoon is that we often think of hunger as a problem that only exists in places like Africa, when in reality there are people here at home who are hungry, too. Many a parent has encouraged a child to “clean their plate” and appreciate their meal because children are going without food somewhere else in the world. This cartoon is meant to make the reader understand that hunger is a global problem, and that America is not immune from it.

Hit back
These teens that are playing this knockout game, every one of them needs to be hit like the other one they hit.

Don’t ask
After reading the local newspaper, it sounds like the Carroll County Board of Supervisors and county attorney do not like to be questioned about their activities. If you don’t have anything to hide, what does it hurt if you do take time to investigate a citizen’s concern?

Speaking out
I enjoy reading letters to the editor of the local newspapers, especially the ones written by Mr. Goldwasser. He hit the nail right on the head. The truth hurts.

Changing times
I think the worst thing that has happened in this country in 2013 is men marrying men and women marrying women and it makes me sick. This county has nowhere to go but down, down, down.

Dish decision
I’m calling about Dish Network’s decision to bring back NBC on Channel 10. Their announcement said NBC’s demands will require additional funds. Dish asked for calls from those who wished to keep it. I didn’t call. There were a few weeks we got a Chicago station. Then we suddenly got WSLS back. I’m not a big fan of NBC but I did miss Jay Leno and local news and weather. It’s nice to know we can get a slightly different perspective on Virginia news and weather. Does anyone know what prompted this decision from Dish? I’d like to know.

Coming to light
America, this is a battle we can’t afford to lose. Please speak up. President Obama wants to use his second term to fundamentally change the way the government is run, funded and interacts with our lives and business. He wants his lasting legacy to be a larger federal bureaucracy that confiscates more of our income through higher taxes and aggressively intrudes in virtually every aspect of our lives and enterprises. This president doesn’t believe that our government has a spending problem. He plans to keep taxing, spending and borrowing money. We don’t have it. It is past due. The White House needs to approve the Keystone Pipeline and thousands of American jobs that would come with it. I never thought I would see the day that this president and his staff would take our Christian nation down like they have. They couldn’t tell the truth for telling a lie. The saying goes, birds and feathers stick together. Obamacare is putting Americans in real trouble. Insurance companies canceling our insurance. The hidden cost is just coming to light. He just doesn’t care.

Too taxed
Just reading the paper where the city manager wants to put more utility taxes on us and many are seniors on fixed income. Galax, I think it should be left up before a vote. If he wants this, let him move to Roanoke. At least they do have jobs there. We are living on the edge in Galax.
Editor’s note: Carolyn Howard of consultants Draper Aden Associates suggested to city council that a utility fee could be the only way to pay for stormwater system improvements mandated by the state. City Manager Keith Barker said the only other option to pay for the work — which is not funded by the state, but is required of all localities in Virginia by law — would be to dip into other areas of the city budget, like education, law enforcement or public works.

Time to go
The United States is stupid for not pulling all the troops out of the Middle East. We sure have got some real stupid people in Washington, D.C.

Exploring the past
Don’t know how many people can remember the Blue Ridge Dam project for Grayson County and they were talking about it having nothing for Grayson. If they would have gotten those dams built up there, you know good and well there would have been four-lane roads, Interstate 81 through Speedwell. No telling what all. Grayson County would be on the map. They would have extra power and stuff like that. They wouldn’t have to be out of power. I don’t understand why they couldn’t let that happen.

Good chefs
Just wanted to say “awesome job” to the ladies in the cafeteria at Gladeville Elementary School. Had Thanksgiving dinner there last Thursday and it was awesome. Four thumbs up. These ladies worked very hard.

New wheels      
I do declare. Who says the Hotline doesn’t get things done? I was over at Walmart in the parking lot today and they are putting new wheels on all the [carts that needed them]. Hallelujah.

Mission support
I would like to thank Galax High School for allowing the collection of vitamins and over-the-counter pain killers for a mission trip to El Salvador this December. Approximately 250 people – mostly teens – showed up for the event. Congratulations to all that participated, and thank you.

Expensive ideas
I am concerned about statements quoted in The Gazette from Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ member Bob Martin. If passed, his recommendations have the potential to increase our taxes. That particular supervisor is an employee of Carroll County Schools. He abstains from officially voting on educational issues, yet he makes all those educational statements. He also makes statements on other matters that could be expensive for taxpayers in future years. His district needs an impartial supervisor. The Republican Party always has him run as their candidate so he always wins and it is tax, tax, tax. When his time is up, the party should consider another candidate. He has served too long, although he is a nice person otherwise.
Compensation query
I would appreciate it if The Gazette would print for its readers what the compensation is for members of the Carroll County Public Service Authority and also what additional compensation the county administrator receives as being executive director of the Public Service Authority.

Speed limit
I would like to see the speed limit cut down to 45 mph all through the Pipers Gap District.

Taxes and more taxes
What’s in the form of Obamacare? Mostly taxes and more taxes. There is a health insurance sales tax, which is about 1.9 percent. Medical device manufacturers’ tax. This is a new 2.3 excise tax on medical devices including braces, dentures, hip replacements, etc. Health insurers’ tax. This is a tax on health insurance companies that is imposed relative to the health premiums they collect. It starts in 2014. Charitable hospitals excise tax. A $50,000 per hospital tax on hospitals that fail to meet new community health assessments. On and on and on. Obamacare is for the birds.