Readers' Hotline 12/21/11

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Invest wisely
It appears to me that the Carroll County Board of Supervisors dropped the ball when it failed to fully fund renovation of the high school and intermediate school. The county will be paying for this mistake for years to come. The best time to straighten out the situation and meet needs of the school system would be right now when labor and materials and interest rates are cheap. Why do a half job? Why not give the schools all the money they need? The supervisors need to step up and supply the funds required to meet needs of students they are going to face going forward. Gentlemen, have some guts. Have some vision. Quit wasting money on other pet projects and put what we need into our schools.

Congrats to all
Congratulations to the Galax Maroon Tide football team for the good job. Well done on the football season and congratulations to the football coaches for the work they have done this year.

Weather cycle
I’m calling about the article about strange weather. We used to have this kind of weather back in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s but we didn’t have any hurricanes back then. We have had hurricanes for the past five years. I don’t think 60 degrees is blistering heat. I think it is cold enough to wear thermal underwear.

45 mph
The speed limit on Pipers Gap should be 45 miles an hour all through a crowded area, A person hit my cat and it cost me $1,045 to get my cat treated. These sorry drivers, every one of them needs their driver’s license taken for about a year. It is dangerous to even go to your mailbox up here. It should be 45 miles an hour all the way through this congested area.

Deeper in debt
The reason we don’t have any jobs is because of the tax break for millionaires for 10 years they said would create jobs. It didn’t create anything but put the country in debt we will never get out of for the next hundred years.

Grave neglected
This is to my sister who passed away last Christmas, and her four children. How dare they go a year and not care enough to even put up a tombstone. They know who I am talking about because my mother, who is 90-some years old, had to buy it herself and put it up because these four children are so stingy, as much as their mother did for them, to not even give her a tombstone. I have no respect for them, to be so cruel and dirty and treat their mother as they did when she was living. I hope you reap what you sow.

One for all
The way the Grayson County School System hires bus drivers, sounds to me like on certain situations, especially bus drivers that are with the system, they have rules from the school board and school superintendent. Other instances, sounds like it is a buddy system. The school board needs to investigate the hiring process and make one rule stick.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

No wonder
When a half-term governor for Alaska leaves and ends up becoming a millionaire within two to three years and another politician running for the presidency is worth so many millions I can’t even count, no wonder politicians fight to get government jobs. All the while not caring that average Americans are losing jobs, homes and even their health from worrying. It makes me sick.

Judge not
Live and let live — this is a reminder most of us need often. We need to recognize we are not to judge or criticize others for what they are or what they do. When we see someone out eating or just sitting in a store you know they could be alone and just wanting to be with someone. The Bible says do not bear false words upon anyone. Our only concern should be that of our own.

Who pays?
I have noticed a lot of these people running around — I know they are on food stamps and I know they get money from social services. But, they also have cell phones and I am wondering, does social services provide them with a cell phone and pay for their minutes? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know this.
Editor’s note: “We do not provide cell phones,” said Susan Clark, director of Galax Social Services. “However, there is a wireless company that does provide free, limited minutes for individuals who qualify for Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, SSI, National School Lunch (free programs), low income energy assistance and public housing. This is not a social service program, but available by accessing www.safelink.com.” Also consider this — if a person on food stamps or welfare has applied for a job and is awaiting calls from potential employers, how would they know if they get called for an interview if they have no phone? Phones are no longer a luxury item for most people. They’re a necessity.