Readers' Hotline 12/17/12

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Hats off
The Carroll County Soccer Association has ended another great season. Fun and exercise on the field will be greatly missed by my two kids. They have been challenged, sharpened and encouraged by the coaches willing to volunteer their time and love for the game. A great big thank you to Coach Bob, Coach Marion, Coach George, Coach Chris and Coach Eric and all the other coaches who are willing to invest in young people.

Don’t look away
This is in response to the call “big government.” Thanks for the history lesson about China and Germany but you must have turned a blind eye to your own country and all the people that die from situations here. You really need to open your eyes before you start trashing republicans. If you didn’t have Democrats and Republicans you would have a king, and in case you haven’t noticed, you may have one from China before it’s over. Looks like that is who is going to take us over. I just don’t see how you could turn your eyes away from your own country and see what’s bad in it. God bless America.

Reagan? So what?
People keep saying Ronald Reagan this; Ronald Reagan great president this; and that he straightened out messes. He left the biggest mess in the economy and debt and everything else. It took people years to straighten out. I don’t know where they are getting he was such a great president. I was there back then. I remember every bit of it.
Editor’s note: Perhaps you’ve forgotten the following with the passage of time. From Forbes magazine, 2011: “The Reagan recovery started in official records in November 1982, and lasted 92 months without a recession until July 1990 [Reagan left office in January 1989]…  This set a new record for the longest peacetime expansion ever, the previous high in peacetime being 58 months. During this seven-year recovery, the economy grew by almost one-third, the equivalent of adding the entire economy of West Germany, the third-largest in the world at the time, to the U.S. economy. In 1984 alone. real economic growth boomed by 6.8 percent, the highest in 50 years. Nearly 20 million new jobs were created during the recovery, increasing U.S. civilian employment by almost 20 percent. Unemployment fell to 5.3 percent by 1989.”

No medical secrets
I don’t understand why a doctor’s office wants to continue with a [certain] nurse working there. She continues to talk publicly about other patients. She has been reported several times and nothing is ever done about it. There have been many complaints on this. She tries to dictate who comes in and has done it for years.

Eye for an eye
I believe whoever shot those two dogs down there in Franklin County, those people need to be shot, too, so they can feel how it is to get shot. That is my opinion.

Good for America
I remember from the 1940s up to 2012. I am very strong-minded. I know I started out working for 25 cents an hour. I’m glad you got 75 cents an hour working at Hanes. I know Hanes and Burlington Mills and the milk plants and the railroads and different places paid pretty good money back in those days but everybody couldn’t get on at those plants. You had to have somebody even in the furniture factories to pull for you. I’m glad you hit it lucky and had somebody to pull for you. You were talking about why we never give Democrats down in the country, always Republicans. Well, Mr. Carter was a fine man. He furnished us peanut butter and his brother furnished us beer to drink. He did a lot for the poor people. He insulated their homes and helped out in many ways. President Clinton had to receive the NAFTA papers just like you would if you were working on a loading dock and somebody ordered something. You sign and receive whatever they have ordered. Democrats have done good for America.

Who owns what?
I’m calling concerning the birding trail in Fries. An editor’s note said that the island belonged to the Town of Fries. It does not. It belongs to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Editor’s note: In checking with the town, we are told the town owns the actual birding trail land that will be used. The town does not own the island itself.

About that island...
Ownership of the island in the Town of Fries belongs to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Map 25-1-48, which states, “owner, Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Conservation and Recreation.” Also, it is my understanding that EPA does not allow any motorized vehicles to cross the waters or be on the island there. I’m not definite about that, but somewhere that has come across the pike.  However, I think a correction would be in order and that would be greatly appreciated. It would help people to understand more. Thank you for your Hotline. You do a great service.

Wrong way
These states authorizing and recognizing same-sex marriages have no other way to go but straight down. I would not go against the Bible for anything in this world.

Do as you please
It does no good to be put on probation because probation officers are not going to stipulate and do your probation what you are supposed to be doing — what to do and what not to do. Just break the law and get on probation to the court and do what you want to do. They are not going to enforce your probation stuff. Enjoy it.

In response
I saw the comment about the can of worms in the paper. I was wondering if I could get a can of worms to go fishing, please.

At risk
I’m glad somebody in the state senate is standing up for that training center in Woodlawn. That would lose a lot of jobs and put a lot of disabled people out on their own, more or less. It is very silly for anybody to elect a Republican governor.

Dogs in misery
My Christmas wish is that everyone that has a dog tied out in the cold like they are a prisoner — even prisoners in jail are inside and warm — that they would be chained out beside the dog and spend the day with them and see how it feels: lonely, cold and miserable like you’ve done something wrong. I wonder how they feel and they think maybe, “why am I treated this way?” Just saying.

Check the calendar
In response to “blame for debt,” Mr. Obama fan, check how much the debt was when Bush was president. Check how much it is now. How could Bush have put us in that deep of debt after he was already out of office?

I was attending the Friday night Christmas parade with my nine-year-old grandson, who was having a really nice time and was lucky enough to catch one of the toys thrown from a float and was overjoyed at receiving it. However, his joy was cut short when an adult woman came out of the crowd, grabbed the toy out of his hand and took off down the street and lost herself in the crowd. I have tried to teach my children and grandchildren to respect other people and to trust adults. But when adults exhibit this sort of behavior, especially during this season of the year, it is really difficult to instill those values in our children because some adults tend to make those values questionable. Plus, it was really hard for me not to turn into redneck grandma and chase her down and just really stomp her [deleted] because that was a really white trash thing to do. I hope she is enjoying that toy.

Not surprised
I’m not surprised that someone called in defending our Carroll County administrator and has commented about Mr. Goldwasser. Mr. Larrowe is a public official and that comes with the territory. Why is [the situation] not discussed out in the open? I am sick to death of the three musketeers on Hillsville Town Council. Billy Walls used to fuss about the dealings of previous council. They would make good congressmen.