Readers' Hotline 12/16/13

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Workforce risks
I find it astonishing that administrators allow one manager to run the workforce of an entire department and do absolutely nothing about it. What is complete absurd is that this company is forced to bring in a traveling workforce and pay temporary employees more than double what they pay their hometown staff. I understand the concept of burying your head in the sand. But, at some point, the administration must step up to the plate and stop this fiasco before it puts the health and safety of our community in jeopardy. Well-managed companies realize the value of well-trained and experienced employees and often utilize retention programs to maintain excellent staffing standards.

Watch your step
I live next to the high school. I am elderly and not well. The leash law [says to] pick up after your dog and animals. My back yard stays full of dog poop, where someone turns their dogs out late at night and also in the front yard there is some too. I think this is not right and something needs to be done. It is not too much fun walking with a cane and stepping in all this mess.

Wrong date
Yes, I saw there was a mistake made in the paper concerning the Community Christmas Chest fund. They said it would be Dec. 1 and several people went to Magic Mart to make donations and they weren’t over there. I hope the next time it’s in the paper it will be correct. Just thought I would let you know.
Editor’s note: The incorrect date of Dec. 1 was submitted to the newspaper in a news release. The radiothon benefit was Dec. 15.

Try Friday
It would be so nice if there were a social calendar printed in the mid-week issue of The Gazette, of upcoming events for the weekend for Galax, Hillsville and Mount Airy, N.C.
Editor’s note: Our “Something To Do” summary of events in the area is published on Fridays.

Please return
A scammer that came into my house pretending he wanted to buy our truck and when he left, he took my pocketbook with him. He has no use for it and, if he will, please leave it somewhere or bring it back and set it in the driveway. There was a lot of sentimental stuff in it. It had poems of my dead son in my little Bible. I would like to have it back. No questions asked. There were two of them.

Common sense
Here it is pouring the rain, foggy and over 50 percent of the people do not even have their headlights on. Where is their common sense? People wouldn’t wreck and hit you if you had your headlights on and they could see you. Why aren’t cops out patrolling this law instead of hunting speeders all the time or people drinking? This is a safety rule just as any one else. Turn your headlights on when it is rainy and foggy.

Heavy patrol
This week I had the opportunity to come to Galax and do some Christmas shopping from a distant county. I always enjoy coming to Galax but was very upset when I saw all the cops sitting along the road trying to catch all the innocent shoppers who were speeding. It really upset me. If Galax has enough money to pay [so many] cops between Walmart and Kroger to sit there and try to catch people, then I will take my business elsewhere.
Editor’s note: If they are speeding, are they “innocent?”

Overly protective?
I’m curious what lesson Superintendent Sturgill is trying to teach Galax High School students as they prepare for college when he removes objectionable material from the library. What does he hope they will do when they arrive in college and the professor assigns one of the books he deemed inappropriate and they are not prepared for it.

Advice unwanted
I would like to know where Mr. Goldwasser and Mr. Gregson were when the past Carroll board cost taxpayers millions of dollars with AmerLink and a 99-year year lease. These guys are worried about lost grant dollars on the public service authority, when if you had money left over, you had to pay back anyway. Really? Seems to me like Mr. Goldwasser needs to get off the “road to nowhere” and Mr. Gregson needs to follow one of those pros back to Florida. Carroll County does not need outsiders telling us what to do. This is not swampland. It is good old map land and good old people.

Flying the flag
I was surprised yesterday when I saw the colors at half-staff at the Carroll County Court Complex. Hot dog. They were noting Pearl Harbor Day a day early. Then an employee told me it was in honor of Nelson Mandela. Well, golly gee, why not? He was president of his country, but so was Stalin and Idi Amin and Hitler. Now I must check their death dates so I will be correct in displaying our colors at home.

Hotline chef
One thing I thought people might like to hear that I learned on Pampered Chef on Facebook is to put eggs in muffin tins – one to each slot and bake it 38 minutes in the oven at 325 degrees and then just put them in water in and out. Works really well. Much easier than boiling and they are much easier to peel. Just a tip I heard.

Have mercy
Obamacare disaster. For Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and his other staff that has anything to do with this health plan, trying to shove it down our throat: it is unconstitutional. They will pay for it dearly. They can’t tell the truth. They continue to lie. I am afraid they will have to answer to God up above one day. One of the 10 Commandments is “thou shalt not lie.” My husband has cancer and they have gone up so high on our insurance, we will have to drop it. I never thought I would see the day this would happen. All they care about is themselves. They don’t have to take it. Well, us Americans have come this far for them to treat us like this. It is low down and dirty. I pray every day for God to have mercy on America and don’t continue to let them treat us this way and get away with it.

Keep pushing
Too many times have Carroll County supervisors and Carroll County administrators been questioned by the public for doing things with taxpayers’ money. Maybe Mike Goldwasser and Steve Gregson would be better for these offices. Thank you, Mike and Steve, for keeping taxpayers in the know. Keep up the good work.

Backing the county
I am so glad Mr. Goldwasser is concerned that Carroll County might have to return grant money, that if there was a mistake, they were doing what they were told to do. Don’t you realize this is not taxpayer money? This board has given a surplus, kept our taxes low and has stopped all the untrue negative attacks, sold two industrial buildings and created jobs. You really are on the road to nowhere. No wonder big industries do not want to locate here… I know, Mr. Goldwasser, you are sore over the elections, but you ought to be used to it.

Too much travel
As a Grayson County taxpayer, I would like to know why the school board is approving trips for teachers, principals of Grayson County Schools to travel to places like Vegas. I don’t understand how you can take so many trips in just half a school year. Does the school board actually sign off on these trips? If they do, we need a bigger change next year.