Readers' Hotline 1/2/13

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Voice of dissent
I told my wife I cannot believe the American people are so stupid to re-elect Obama for president and today I read the Hotline article and realized, it is not just politics.

Silly looks
I think these people are very silly that put these rings in their lips and on their nose. It looks terrible to me.

Change the topic
Let’s start a new year. The election is over. Get over George Bush and Obama. You are stuck for the next four years. I wish The Gazette would quit putting it in the paper. I’ll be glad when you go back to talking about the Lawnmower Babe in the Hotline again. Bah humbug.
Editor’s note: I’d be glad for that, too. How about we have the best of both worlds — Lawnmower Babe for president in 2016!

Pet dumping
The people that drop off little kittens and dogs instead of finding them a home need to be put in jail. That right there is a crime in itself. It’s cruelty to animals. Whoever dropped that one off at Riverside and the neighbor’s dog killed it, they need to be put in jail.

Lock guns away
I’m calling about the shooting in Connecticut. It is really sad and I feel so sorry for those parents that have lost their children and those poor children. But, if the mother of the son that did the shooting had had those guns locked up — she should have been responsible for having those guns put in a safe place and locked up and only her with the key. If they could be responsible for their own guns and keep them locked up where nobody else can get them, it would help. It might not solve the whole thing, but it would help.

Whose idea?
What has happened to the three new supervisors we elected in Grayson County? I noticed that a public hearing will be held on Jan. 10 for the purpose of giving out bonuses to employees of the county. If the county has so much money, why not lower the tax rates? I would like to know which supervisor came up with this idea and I think the minutes of the supervisors meetings are public record. I dare the brilliant supervisor who came up with this idea to put his name in the Hotline.