Readers' Hotline 1/2/12

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Spewing germs
I was just looking at the picture of the restrooms at Carroll County High School. This is a disgrace. Anyone knows if you flush a toilet without putting the lid down first it spews germs and all kinds of dangerous stuff all over the room and coats everything in sight. This is a health hazard in itself, not counting the no stalls for privacy. I don’t know what the world is coming to. I think we are going backward instead of forward.

Heard enough
This is about a mean woman that should be ashamed of the way she spoke to a little 4-year-old boy who spilled his salad. She went on and on for 10 minutes, plus made him sweep it up with a broom two to three times his size. She shouldn’t scream at those children, either. Children don’t like to hear her scream and the parents don’t like for her to scream at their children either.

We’re done
The United States of America is finished. Going down the drain. Kaput. I will tell you the reason why. We are only 235 years old and already we are finished because of greed, pornography, we defy all of God’s rules. The Supreme Court said pornography is legal. All of them on TV, porn shops, everywhere. You can get a porn movie if you ask some video store clerks — reach under the counter and you can get one. The Supreme Court said murdering unborn children is legal and also the marriage of homosexuals. You know what it says in The Book about that? It says man should not lust after the flesh of another man, or woman should not lust for the flesh of another woman. If so, you shall be cast out. Everything is going to hell. We defied all God’s rules, not paying attention to his commandments.

No taste
I don’t know who these people in the Nielson ratings are that are picking these shows out on TV this day and time, but they’ve got no taste.

Is it secure?
I noticed that the stubborn Republicans in the House finally gave in to extend the “tax cut.” They argue the “tax cut” would take away from the Social Security fund, which I believe it depleted. I remember, according to reports several years ago, the Social Security fund had millions of dollars built up and Congress took a lot of that money away to other projects and now they are talking about it going to be broke in so many years.
Editor’s note: For years, Congress has borrowed from the Social Security fund to pay for other expenditures. The Washington Post reported in May 2011 that the Social Security trust fund is projected to last until 2036, a year earlier than last year’s estimate. Once the fund is exhausted, the incoming annual payroll taxes that pay for the program will only be sufficient to cover three-fourths of the annual retirement benefits it is required to pay seniors. The “tax cut” that has been debated recently is not a tax cut in the traditional sense, but rather involves wage earners paying less into the Social Security fund that depends on this revenue source. Theoretically, this means the funding would run out sooner, because less is being paid in by workers than one year ago when the 2 percent cut was first approved for one year as an economic stimulus. Wage earners are keeping 2 percent of their earnings that they were paying into the Social Security fund.

Don’t quit giving
I was reading Todd Jennings’ column where he is perturbed at people paying with change [coins], especially the elderly [in line] in front of him. What he should have done, he should have paid for it himself. This being the holiest time of the year, give and give and don’t quit giving. It is better to give to 12 people that didn’t need than to overlook the one that did. Maybe he didn’t know this.

Good deed
We would like to thank the guys at Auto Zone that helped us on Dec. 16 when we broke down in pouring rain with two elderly women. One of them lent us his car and his rain jacket. They were very, very nice to all of us.