Readers' Hotline 1/21/13

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Hot to the touch
I had a donation jar at [a Galax store] to help pay medical expenses for a young man. I was shocked when I went in the store and discovered someone had stolen it. It takes a really low-life, dirty person to steal a donation jar. If the storeowner will let me, I plan to place a Bible for you in the exact location that I had the jar. I want you to have the Bible. I am giving you this gift and I challenge you to read it from front to back. If you are afraid you will be burned by touching this, then use some of the stolen money to purchase a pair of heat-resistant gloves. It might help you.

Standing up
In response to “at odds,” you said Republicans wanted us to go over the fiscal cliff. I had to laugh in amazement. I thank God for every one of those Republicans and also that John Boehner is the speaker of the House now instead of Nancy Pelosi. I am glad that Boehner has the guts to stand up to Obama and I hope he and every other Republican keeps standing up, because no one else has until now. Of course, when someone doesn’t agree with Obama, he just passes an executive order to get whatever it is he wants so he can feed his big narcissistic ego and thump his chest like he is king of the universe. He is not fit for that office. Why can’t people get it through their thick heads that Obama’s agenda is self-serving only?

Sticky suckers
I have a complaint about Carroll County High School and the activities taking place in their gym — not allowing anyone to take in even a bottle of water without complaining. I went to a game recently and took a bottle of water. It was in my coat pocket and was told at the door that I couldn’t take my water in because of the new floor. Yet, they are in there selling suckers with kids sitting all over the stands with sticky suckers. I paid for that floor by working and paying my county taxes. That is a ridiculous issue with Carroll County High School.

Protecting ourselves
I’ve got a question for all you gun control freaks. Why blame the gun when somebody gets killed? It’s not the gun’s fault. That gun would lay there for months and years at a time and never hurt a soul until some idiot uses it. What are you going to do the next time a drunk driver kills somebody? Take cars away from everybody? Gun control is not going to stop this stuff. What you need to do is control the people that are doing it. How? That’s a question I can’t answer. Somebody needs to start using their brains instead of always blaming a gun. What are you going to do if somebody starts using bows and arrows or knives? Going to do away with every bow and arrow in the country? Going to do away with every knife in the country? The Constitution gives us the right to carry guns. Our forefathers had the foresight to see we would need guns to protect ourselves.

Shield from violence
Adults who take children to see R-rated movies, especially violent ones, should be reported to social services for child abuse.

Postal boomerang
It’s no wonder the post office is so messed up. You get mail you don’t want and put on the letter, “return to sender” and the post office sends it right back to you.

Trapping varmints
This is in response to “pet traps.” People have been trapping for hundreds of years. As a farmer, you are always fighting to keep varmints from your livestock. I know who you are referring to. He is trapping to catch coyotes that are running his elderly grandpa’s cattle through fences. It might interest you that coyotes also kill domestic cats and dogs. If your dogs are on your own property and so intelligent, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Diesel victim
I just read about the gas tax proposal. It says the governor proposes keeping the 17.5 percent on diesel fuel for the truckers that use our roads. Well, that means if I’ve got a diesel pickup, I am going to be paying sales tax plus the $15 registration fee plus pay additional 17.5 cents per gallon for my diesel pickup. What is right about this? Who can I call to comment about this?

Hospital staffing
I don’t see that many changes at the hospital. I know those girls in the emergency room are working so hard. They don’t have enough help. I’m up on the floor quite a bit visiting family and friends and you can see there are not enough nurses. You see the amount of people that went through the emergency room in just the month of December — some of them are just in and out in probably five minutes. I don’t see how you can tell what’s wrong with somebody in that length of time.

I don’t understand these ministers that are going strictly against the Bible, performing these same-sex marriages. I just can’t understand it.

Ban assault weapons
To people who are for locking up your guns, that will help some people from getting the guns, but these wild people like this guy that killed those little kids, he just broke right in a secure school that was protected. So, if they want [guns] — locked up or not — they will get them. We need to ban assault weapons.

On your knees
If people spent as much time on their knees and in the Word of God as they do on Facebook talking about what they eat or hurting someone, this would be a better place to live. Get a real life.

Armed officers
In reading “slap in the face” about what happened in the Denny’s restaurant [in Illinois, where officers were wearing guns], if some officers were in training anywhere near this place and for whatever reason an irate husband came into the business to kill his wife that he was separated from and started shooting everyone in there, then a call comes in and these gentlemen are started back to their base because they are through with their assignment. If they went in to help out to get this gunman to stop everything as they had been trained to do, would they be asked to leave because they had a gun on their person?

You never know
To someone who said “you can’t fix stupid,” we are not supposed to call people fools or idiots and I guess it is stupid to be saying you can’t fix stupid. If you ask me, how does anybody know they are not stupid themselves by saying that to start with? Just saying.

Love for Mongo
I’m reading The Gazette for Jan. 14 and I see Mongo is back. I am tickled to death to see him back. I missed him. I hope he doesn’t leave again and go to Dugspur or somewhere like that, and I hope he doesn’t get locked up in jail. I like hearing from him. Keep on with those calls and let everyone know you are still in the country. We love you.

Charity starts at home
Can someone please tell me why we are in debt and for what and to who and why? This country throws away tons of food every day and we have a labor force big enough to build anything anytime. We are not at war with anyone, or are we? Please explain that one. We have enough raw material and natural resources to live like kings. Clean air, medical personnel and medicines to heal all the wounds in America. We export zillions of dollars worth of goods every day. We are a land of plenty. Don’t be deceived. We do have too much of the politicians or ones that don’t have the best interest of people at heart. And, I’m not talking about highfalutin, highbrowed tyrants. I’m talking about we, the people — plain ordinary common folks here at home. Charity starts at home. Let’s take care of our own back yard.

Guns at age 21
I wanted to comment on gun violence. They say the mentally ill should not own guns. That’s absolutely right. Drug addicts should not own guns. That’s right, too. But, how about people that drink alcohol? It’s a drug, too, and I don’t think people under 21 should own guns. There are too many people being killed by alcoholics and underage people. You can’t drink until you are 21 or smoke either. Why should they own guns until they are 21?

Rude answer
I’m calling about the “new in town” comment, wanting to know directions to the restaurant and stuff. That’s a rude answer that you put on there. I’m new to town and I think it was very rude. Not very welcoming.