Readers' Hotline 12/11/13

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Check your list
You know, this is the holiday season. Santa Claus is checking his list. So, I think people should be checking our lists when they go to big chain stores. I was charged for stuff I didn’t even buy. So, it pays to check your list.

Bring it back
To the ones that stole my mom’s pocketbook on Dec. 2, please bring back the pocketbook with the contents. You can keep the money, but return the pictures and sentimental items. Please return it. No questions asked.

Section objection
I wonder if The Gazette staff has given any consideration to how hurtful and painful the “Baby’s First Christmas” section is to those of us who have lost a child during this year. I wish you would reconsider publishing this type of thing.

Stands by Littrell
It’s funny to me that this Mr. Gregson that came to Carroll County … wants to claim a conflict of interest on Supervisor Tom Littrell, who is a very respected citizen of Carroll County.

Galax gripes
I agree with the person who is talking about everything going up with this city manager. My water bill now is the same price for two months that is used to be for three. You cannot leave a car in your own driveway unless it has a tag on it. My family lives in Asheville and they think this is a ridiculous, outdated law or whatever you call it. It is time we got someone that knows what it’s like to live on average.

Use caution
As for the bad wreck on Dec. 3 over at the DMV in Galax, they need to either drop the speed limit through there or put up stoplights. It would stop the bad wrecks through there. I wish they would do something about it. That is a bad, bad place.

Think again
That person that likes to see speeders on Pipers Gap Road, I think needs a health checkup. If somebody runs through her house, she wouldn’t like those speeders too good.

Can’t go back
I can’t understand why any veteran would want to go back to the country where they fought against, like that veteran being held in North Korea now. I wouldn’t dare go back to a country I had fought against.

Do your part
Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. Please don’t litter.

Outside interference?
Safe Routes to School is a United Nations policy initiative. If Galax would like the United Nations policies funded by the U.S. government to dictate what happens within the city, keep bringing these people in. If Galax wants to maintain its economy, get these people out. Look up Agenda 21.