Readers' Hotline 11/7/12

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Jerusalem excepted
I still say the Middle East will be destroyed with the exception of Jerusalem, where God will set his kingdom up. I know also, the Bible says, “be kind to your enemies and I will heap coals of fire upon their head.”

Lost in the shuffle
I was at the Hillsville Town Council meeting when a nice lady had a problem that was supposed to be taken care of in April by the old council. Her councilman had not returned her call as he had promised to do. I can’t wait until next town election.

Not for nannies
I noticed on TV about that nanny in New York accused of killing two little children. I used to have a nanny that watched my children. When I come home from work — I had two children at the time — my children would come and start hugging me. I knew something was wrong. I fired the nanny right off the bat and told my wife to come home and stay with our children, that she didn’t need to work. That’s what I did.

Stretched thin
I have a concern involving staffing of our Grayson County Sheriff’s Department. The Grayson board should take a long hard look regarding the county’s safety. Grayson needs more deputies. Grayson County is so big it poses a problem. There are not enough deputies to cover it. You can’t patrol the whole county with the present staffing of officers and do a good job. There is also a danger for our officers, not having enough backup. If an officer is in Fairview and another officer is in Fries, how long would backup be?

Covering costs
I was reading that the Hillsville Pentecostal Holiness Church faced a $12,000 bill for water because of a water leak. They were charged sewer charges on just the water running through the sewer. It would have been much lower without the extra sewer bill. Mayor Crowder, councilman Young could not vote because they are members of this church. Councilman Walls chose option one. Yonce and Terry chose the higher. I guess they need some way to get some of that severance pay back that they voted for. I’m sorry it had to be a church they ripped off.
Editor’s note: The church’s utility bill, which council voted to forgive part of, will cover some of the costs of the water wasted by sending it through the sewer system.

Why no locals?
I’m calling about the lack of pictures of the Galax marching band. Carroll County had marching last week and no pictures were even mentioned of Galax in that contest.  You failed to even mention our beautiful marching band here in Galax – the Maroon Tide Marching Band. What is up with this? Seems like something is going on. Maybe you don’t realize this, but we need to be recognized too.
Editor’s note: We covered a marching band competition held in Carroll County earlier this month. Local bands were not performing during the time our photographer was available to be at the event.

Liked the comment
I am a senior citizen thoroughly enjoying this beautiful day and as usual, for 50 years, I am reading The Gazette. I especially like the Hotline and I definitely liked the comment “put a bow on it” [about trash not being picked up at a Galax residence], because that was me. Thank you so much for whoever I talked to at that time. It was a gentleman and is one of the nicest people I ever talked to. Thank you for your paper.

Where to take bulbs?
I was wondering if there is a place in Galax that you can take the new light bulbs when they burn out. I know Home Depot does it in other towns. I was hoping the Hotline could help me.
Editor’s note: Lowe’s Home Center in Galax has a bin out front to drop off these bulbs for recycling.

At your service
Cockerham #2 Tire and Auto Parts on Main Street in Galax is blessed to have a very kind and thoughtful employee who took time to help an older lady with her credit card at the gas pump, then he kindly filled the gas tank. Wouldn’t the Lord above be so happy if we all practiced the Golden Rule?

Check your drugs
When you getting your prescriptions refilled, better make sure you are getting the right prescription. A friend of mine got the wrong prescription and he ended up in the hospital.

Too close for comfort
Let’s talk about the newest folly the county supervisors in Grayson are considering: a shooting range for the public. They are going to put it on an old landfill on county road 701. They said there is no residence within a quarter-mile. However, there is a family with a young child living only a tenth-mile away. The supervisors have not considered that when you grade topsoil off an old landfill, you expose trash and methane gas, not to mention the fact that the soil will not support a building that would house the public toilets and that rain will begin to pollute the New River down below. Someone has suggested that they lease it to a third party. But, who is stupid enough to take on the risk of some idiot in the future dropping a bullet into the New River recreation area only a half-mile away or plugging some innocent camper in the campground? Or, better still, hitting some unsuspecting motorist crossing the bridge on U.S. 21 less than a mile away. Funny thing is, the supervisors think they can build a shooting range for only $25,000.
Editor’s note: The county has been offered a $25,000 grant from the National Rifle Association, which Grayson would have to match with at least that same amount, to total $50,000.

Not a nickel’s worth
I applied for food stamp assistance and was found to be making just a tad bit too much to be eligible. I find it ironic that some people are receiving almost as much food stamp money as I am in Social Security money. I know of people that sell their food stamps. If I hear of anyone in Galax, Carroll County or Galax who are selling food stamps or receiving food stamps or any type of assistance illegally, I will be the first one to report them for waste, fraud and abuse. I get hungry just like anybody else and I am sick and tired of the system playing for some people, not playing for all. I am an honorably discharged veteran from the military, on disability, and I cannot get one nickel’s worth of food stamps. Had I been a single woman with four or five children by four or five different men, I might be eligible. I would probably be eligible for free housing. Needless to say, I spent over half my Social Security check just in rent alone.

How to calibrate
To “outdated method,” this is an illustration to your children how to calibrate your miles per hour. Evidently you have never been out of the state of Virginia because, yes, it is on the interstate and if you can’t glance off the road within a mile, you need to be really educated.

Just use it
I’m so tired of these whiney people about Social Security raises and stuff. Little is much when you don’t have anything. Get a grip and use it.

No easy chore
I was reading the comment in the Hotline about the elderly getting their garbage out and it was hard for them. I am also disabled and elderly and I really wish the disabled could put their trashcan on the porch and they would pick it up. Some weeks I am not able to get it out to the front. I really appreciate that I have my meal on the porch too. Just a thought. Wishful thinking.

Needs guidance
I was at an event and a young mother was there with her child. This girl had the foulest language. Is there a class that can help these young mothers to know how to conduct themselves and to be good mothers, because their children need to know how to love and how to be kind.

Prison stripes
I was watching that Pittsburgh and Redskins game Sunday and that Pittsburgh uniform looked like penitentiary men. I quit watching it.

Owned it all
This is for the person who commented about spiritual help. They said he helped them spiritually. Jesus did help people spiritually. He said Jesus never owned anything on this earth. You are wrong about that. If you would read 1 Corinthian 10:26, it says for the earth is the Lord’s and he fullness thereof. So he owned everything on it.

Low profile
I’m concerned about when they had the conflict of interest issue between the Carroll County Public Service Authority and Fancy Gap water project, it was in the paper a whole lot. Now that the attorney general has found there is no conflict of interest, you don’t hear anything about it. Wonder why?
Editor’s note: We reported the attorney general’s findings in a front page story recently.