Readers Hotline 11/6/17

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The smoking factor
I want to say I really like your paper. I moved here and I like your paper. Also, in your Readers’ Hotline, it is so true, what was written in there about so many people. I am an elderly person and I go to the doctor. Some people come up and pay and then they wait on the outside and go take a smoke. Can you imagine? Yes, I agree with the person that wrote in about the cigarette situation. Let’s get on disability or something because we have smoked our brains out and let somebody else take care of your health care.

Had a blast
Thank you for Hillsville Elementary School’s fall festival. My kids had a blast and it was well put-together.

This is a time in my life for my voice to be heard. I, too, had been sexually assaulted and raped in a Days Inn in Roanoke, and I had just turned 16 years old at that time. I’ve lived with this and I know I will have to take it to my grave. This person knows what he did, but denies it to this day. I just hope it haunts him, also. It was a horrific nightmare for me, while I was trapped in a room with a much older guy, and all I could do was cry, scream, beg him to stop and yell NO, NO, NO. I’ve been ashamed of my own self for what happened, even though I know it wasn’t my fault. I also find myself backing away from trusting any man, or having relationships. I feel like when a person says “no” and very much means it, they should stop. This ordeal should never happen to anyone, and mostly not to a child that has no voice.
Editor’s note: Recently, women have been using the hashtag #metoo on social media to share stories of sexual harassment and assault, in an effort to show others they are not alone. We appreciate this reader for sharing her story.

A call for fashion
People are calling in for different things to come in to Galax and Carroll County. I think they should try to get a Target store so maybe we would have more places to shop for clothes. People here now can’t find anything pretty dress-wise or skirt-wise. A Home Depot or Ace Hardware. We have enough restaurants. We need like a Burlington Coat Factory.

What’s the plan?
Holy moly. I would like to give a shout out to the Grayson County Democratic Party. I would like to know what we are going to do about the treasurer’s office with the current events going on up there.
Editor’s note: As previously reported, Grayson officials questioned some expenditures on the treasurer’s county-issued credit card, totaling around $7,000, for which he could not provide receipts. The matter has been submitted to Virginia State Police for review. No charges have been filed, and Treasurer Kelly Haga (who is elected, not technically a county employee) is still serving in that office.

Something for everybody
On Nov. 7, we need to vote for Democrats, because Democrats want people to have money in their pockets and money in the bank, food on the table, roof over their head, clothes on their back and they want you to have health insurance and a doctor and hospital to go to when you get sick. They also want you to have roads to drive on, cars to drive, insurance for your car and they want you to have a retirement fund. The Republican Party doesn’t want you to have anything, even freedom.

Beef jerky
OK, parents at Grayson County High School. The resource officer says your children can no longer eat beef jerky at school, so please don’t send your kids to school with beef jerky or they will be suspended.
Editor’s note: Temple Musser, assistant principal of GCHS, clarified in a statement that its office recently dealt with issues of tobacco products being smuggled onto school property using canisters such as beef jerky containers to pass it off as something harmless. School policy forbids the use of tobacco products, or products closely resembling tobacco. Musser said an item closely resembling tobacco would result in disciplinary action (though not necessarily suspension); but assured that a pouch or canister that obviously contains beef jerky would not require discipline.