Readers' Hotline 11/4/13

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Editor’s note:
A reminder that calls about specific candidates for local office will not be published. Some calls had to be deleted this week.

Parties needed
I’m calling in reference to “top secret.” It’s real easy to blame when you don’t like what happens or maybe you don’t get your way. And to put down a party. But, the one thing I noted was that even though you could shame a Republican, you weren’t bold enough to the party that you represent. It’s either Democrat, Republican or independent. Or else you have a king, which some people are pushing for as a dictator. I’m American. I think we need all these parties.

Still ringing
I recently saw the young Republicans stand on the floor of the House in the spirit of Patrick Henry of Virginia in a fight against tyranny and oppression being laid on the backs of the American working people. So, then, that spirit of liberty is still alive in this nation. Yes, the young Republicans will get my vote. The liberty bell is still ringing for freedom.

Objections ignored
I would like to thank Mike Goldwasser for his well-written letter. He is right about the supervisors ignoring the citizens’ objections to the road to nowhere. They continue to spend millions on a still empty Wildwood Commerce Park. For people who don’t attend supervisors meetings, they only let citizens express their opinion for three minutes, then you are cut off. They never answer citizen questions. Carroll County citizens, you need to wake up.
Tax revolt
I think every citizen in Grayson County should just up and stop paying taxes. If you look at the list of names that have not paid their taxes in the past four or five years, they are always the same year after year. Evidently, nothing is being done. They are just living their life and not paying taxes.

More info
If you are going to publish fundraisers for people that need help with medical expenses, those of us that don’t know this person — not being nosy — we would like to know why they were in the hospital to begin with. For me, personally, I will help anyone with something they cannot help. However, if it is someone that could have prevented what happened, they don’t deserve a dime.

Nosy vs. noisy
I live in a local apartment complex that allows dog with either paying a pet deposit or by getting a doctor to fill out a form stating that you need one for companionship. Four of us here have dogs. So, this is to the nosy troublemaker upstairs that complains about my dog barking all the time. What you need to do is keep your nose where it belongs. Mind your own business and quit trying to cause trouble for everyone else. I have several witnesses who say they have hardly ever heard mine bark and have no complaints whatsoever about me or my dog.

That no-account [person] that killed that school teacher up there in Massachusetts needs life without parole or the death penalty.
Midnight madness
I was wondering, why do stores run these midnight madness sales when they don’t have enough stock on the shelves for people to come in there and get the sale items? I’m sure the next day, they will probably have the same item on the shelf. If they are going to run these sales, they need to stock these items and keep them pretty well stocked up until the time the sale ends. That’s why I appreciate these stores that will give you a rain check. They won’t even give you a rain check for the items they don’t have on the shelves.

Misplaced blame
I find it amazing that AEP has a representative that says the entire outage in Grayson County [last] weekend was caused due to all of Grayson County residents turning on their heat at one time. Let’s figure out where blame belongs and quit blaming the people for the issue.

Can’t afford it
I’m calling in regard to times of past in the paper about Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Ronald Reagan. If Obama would take Obamacare to his constituents, there might be hope because we wouldn’t have Obama because he couldn’t afford his own act. His constituents would all have to resign because they couldn’t afford it and we might have hope and still have some money to our name.

Just wanted to brag on a local restaurant. My husband and I had dinner at Porky’s last Wednesday night and ordered a steak. Was one of the best steaks we had ever eaten. Couldn’t have gotten a better one if we had traveled outside of town. Kudos to that restaurant. Hope it has great success. Wonderful chef in the kitchen.
Enforced or not?
I just wondering – they change the speed limit from 45 to 35 up there on East Stuart Drive all the way from Lowe’s into town and they are going to enforce that or not? You can’t drive that speed limit. People try to run over you. I don’t know what we are going to do. They will just cut in and out. I know they are running 50-55 mph because I have followed some just to see what they are doing. I just wonder what the deal is on that.

I’m calling to inquire why, if Carroll County High School is a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus, there is always a man with a camera around his neck and a big cigar in his mouth on the sidelines at every football game.
Editor’s note: The cigar isn’t lit, so maybe that doesn’t violate the rule?

Sold out
The way I see these so-called politicians, is they are selling America to any foreigners that have the money to buy up all the businesses and then these jobs are being sent overseas, which means millions upon millions of American families are homeless. Which leads to drug abuse. These families will eventually be locked up on prisons and families without parents are subject to street gangs and now America’s precious children are at the mercy of illegal hordes of vandals. The 1 percent of so-called Americans who are the corporate billionaires who own the politicians and work for them are not for us. Tell the politicians and militaries that work for them and not for us. Remember Kent State, Waco and Ruby Ridge? Just look at Walmart. Everything is from China. And why are we doing a business with a government who is so anti-Christ. These politicians are rubbing it in our faces and saying, “what are you going to do about it?” I feel we are going down the drain.
Party on
Please, please vote Republican. We will make poor babies pay their national debt. Let’s have a Tea Party.

Nice people
This is for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. I want to thank Cody Edwards and Jessica Worrell for being such nice people at our sheriff’s office. I want to thank Cody very much for being a very patient and considerate person and Jessica for being a great dispatcher and nice and kind and not rude. God bless you both. I hope we have more police officers as good as you Cody and I hope we have dispatchers in the future as nice as Jessica. They are two very nice people and I hope they stay there.
Good job, GES
I had the opportunity to have lunch with my grandson who is in kindergarten at Galax Elementary School. First, I met the security officers who were very nice and I felt secure for the students and personnel. The office personnel were very nice and helpful. I was very impressed with the cafeteria personnel, as well. They presented and served the food well in nutrition and color and taste was very good. I observed the teachers caring and helping the little students with their meals when they were eating theirs also. Good job to all at Galax Elementary School.

Missed opportunity
I’m not a big time gambler, but do enjoy going to a casino once in a while. By not allowing casinos in Virginia, you are not stopping the Virginians from gambling. They are just spending their money in other states. Why not allow casinos in Virginia so they will spend their money here in their own state? Also, you would attract those from other states to spend their money here in Virginia.

Experience needed
Running our county is demanding and complex, similar to running a large corporation. This requires leadership from those that have experience in the business world. This is not a training ground for the inexperienced. We cannot afford mistakes made because of the inexperienced.

Outage outrage
Hey APCO, what is the deal? We have multiple power outages all over the region because we had a little bit of wind and a little bit of rain? What kind of system have you got going here? What kind of infrastructure have you got supporting the system? It’s sad that we have no other options for a power company in this region. You have the monopoly on us. I pray that before winter you get these problems resolved because we are in for a rough road if you don’t. Step on it APCO and please don’t jump on, “We need a rate hike” again. We give enough money as it is.