Readers' Hotline 1/14/13

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Lock guns away
I agree with the person talking about rings in your nose and all the body piercing and tattoos. It’s silly looking on most people. However, it is nice that we have a country where we have a right to do that. We all do certain things that other people think are silly. Concerning locking guns away, I am not trying to take guns away, but keep them locked away where the wrong people can’t put their hands on them. If they had to do time for that kind of stuff… You know, if they ended up getting locked up for letting somebody get them in their hands, it wouldn’t solve the problem but it would certainly help.

Slap in the face?
I’m calling about Denny’s restaurants asking the police officers to leave because they had guns on them. I agree with them that they didn’t need to take guns in the restaurant without being fully dressed in uniform and hat. If they had their SWAT uniforms on, they should have put their guns down in the pocket on the inside. That way, nobody would have been excited about their guns.
Editor’s note: This involved one Denny’s restaurant in Illinois, where a manager told some on-duty officers who were out of uniform that they couldn’t eat there while wearing guns. According to a report by MSN: “The detectives showed their badges and explained that they were protecting and serving, even while sitting in a vinyl booth. The staffers again said that they’d need to lock their weapons in their cars; the cops chose to leave instead. Now Belleville’s police chief has banned all officers from eating at Denny’s, despite an apology from the chain. ‘It’s … a slap in the face,’ Capt. Don Sax said.”

Live with it
In response to “can’t be fixed,” yes, you can cure ignorance by educating and pointing out to ignorant people the things they are doing wrong. Many times there is nothing wrong with them … they are just ignorant to the facts. However, you can’t fix stupid, I am afraid. You just have to learn to live with it.

Good guys with guns
A caller to the Hotline said all the guns ought to be taken away from everybody but the army and the police. If nobody else has any guns, why should the cops have one? They wouldn’t need one then. What will happen if cops still need them if everybody turns them in? He is saying the ones that are going to have the guns are still going to be the criminals and people that are going to do what they have already done. Only honest people are going to turn their guns in. It is not going to be the crook. They need to come up with something else. Maybe like the NRA guy said, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. That makes more sense. Do something constructive. Why hurt the nation? Years ago, people were given the right to carry arms. That’s in the Constitution. Why are we the ones that should second-guess them? We are not. It just doesn’t work that way. Leave it alone or it will get a lot worse. Then only outlaws will have the guns. Then who is going to protect you?

Watch it
I just wanted to warn Grayson County School employees that they better watch everything they do closely or you will get the state police called on them. What a joke this individual is.

Our only convenience store with gas outside the Fries area is closed. Someone please consider buying it or the one on Brush Creek so we can have a nice store to buy gas and other convenience items when needed. How sad and how unfair to all the good folks that supported that store. Without notice, it was shut down. I would like to see the nice owner of the owner of the store near low water bridge in Fries consider buying the two convenience stores in the Brush Creek area. He would do an excellent job with either of them because people would support him due to his kind ways and treating customers nicely.

Mongo returns
Mongo back. Mongo glad and honored Gazette remember Mongo. Mongo been gone. Mongo took walking trip to Dugspur in new pair of flip flops to seek truth in Todd Jennings. Mongo sit by side of road. Policeman tell Mongo him vagrant. Mongo say, “Me no vagrant. Me raised Presbyterian.” Police took Mongo to jail. Mongo get out. Mongo depressed. Baker quit making Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs. Mongo depressed. People shooting peoples all over. Why peoples need assault weapons? Only assault weapon Mongo own is Flash Gordon sparkle gun, $2.98 at Ben Franklin Five and Dime. Mongo back now. Mongo love Gazette. Mongo love Hotline. Mongo want peoples to love each other. Mongo say bye now.
Editor's note: The more depressing things get, the more we need our Mongo. Welcome back!

New doc
I just wanted to tell everyone about a new doctor’s office in Galax, Oldtown Medical Care. I went in without an appointment and I have no insurance and they saw me right away. The staff was very courteous. The office visit was only $40.

What a life
It makes me so sad to see that poor dog on the streets behind me tied to a tree and his chain is hung and I am disabled. I can’t do anything about it. I just don’t see how people can do that to their animals. He is out there in the cold and all alone. Doesn’t make sense to me. Very sad.

Where is it?
I was reading about this new restaurant in the paper but you don’t tell where it is at other than in Galax. I am new to the area and I don’t want to run around all over Galax to find the restaurant.
Editor’s note: It’s hard to know which restaurant you want directions to when you don’t tell us the name. So I guess we’re both being too vague.

Windmills not viable
I don’t believe wind energy is that important to our county’s future. I am talking about the huge metal monstrosities one would see on ridge tops. Any pro argument used to get windmills can be countered by an argument against, and there are some pretty good arguments against. It is all well and good to make private land-use decisions but when those decisions take money from taxpayers, then it is no longer private land-use decisions. An electric company isn’t paying to have wind mills built. The taxpayers are footing the bill. With today’s economy and with our country in such debt, we simply cannot afford them. Besides, the destruction to the immediate environment where they would be erected, windmills do not generate enough electricity to make them viable.

Very angry
It makes me sick to find out this president is going behind closed doors and dishing out millions of our tax dollars to Hollywood. They are rich anyway. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if he didn’t promise it to them if they would vote for him. Also, giving the federal government employees an 18 percent pay raise and we only got 1.7 percent. That shows how greedy he is. He is wasting more money than we are taking in. It has got to stop. The speaker of the House and others are trying to get our country back on track but the Democrats only have a one-track-mind. They don’t want to cooperate. First time in history there has not been a budget in four years. By the way, Obama’s healthcare plan is a big disaster. It is messing up our insurances and we ain’t seen nothing yet. It is putting taxes on everything. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. They are taking our country down big time and they don’t care. I pray every day for God to have mercy on America.
Editor’s note: The president proposed a half-percentage point pay raise for federal employees and members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House — not 18 percent. He proposed a 2.8 percent increase for the vice president. Federal civilian employees have not had a pay increase in two years.

Tell us more
My comments are for The Gazette staff themselves. You guys put out a great little paper and I really love the effort you put into it. But you often times don’t identify dates or locations of places and that would be real helpful to newcomers. You also just say things like “on last Saturday, such and such happened” or “On Tuesday, such and such is going to happen.” It would be great to say that on a particular date something did occur. Especially if people are looking, doing archival type work, and they wanted to know on what day a 17-car pile up happened on Interstate 77 if they are looking for research. Would you guys please consider putting dates and not just a day of the week in your articles. Also, when you mention an event, like a pancake breakfast is going to be held maybe at Shoney’s as a benefit, you could say where Shoney’s is located on Highway 58. It seems like you assume people know where all these locations are, but not everybody does. So, that is just my request as a newcomer to the community.
Editor’s note: Thanks for your kind words. Like most newspapers, The Gazette follows the Associated Press stylebook, which generally omits dates that fall within a week before or after publication, and refers only to the day of the week. The newspaper usually does not include exact addresses for established, visible and well-known locations.