Readers' Hotline 11/28/11

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I moved to Grayson County from the New York City area. I was surprised to find such great a production of “Nunsense.” It rivals Broadway, 100 percent. Excellent job, Galax Theatre Guild. Keep up the good work.
Editor’s note: We second that emotion. Bravo!

Get over it
This is to the caller “put it back.” The sign to welcome visitors to Fries was falling apart and looking shabby. It needed replacement. I might like to have seen something other than what replaced the old sign but I am not a member of the Fries Beautification Committee. It’s a good sign drawing attention to the things for which this area and Fries have come to be noted. You had nothing good to say about the new sign, you just went on about how good the old one was. I’m sure the Eagle Scout has since moved on with his and I am just as sure he was pleased the sign lasted 20 years. He probably wouldn’t care that the sign was replaced. It was a good deed that brought the old sign to life. Please get over it. To those who take their valuable time in efforts to beautify Fries, thank you. To those who don’t and think they have the right to grouse, please keep your opinions to yourself. If you are not part of the solution, then maybe you are part of the problem.

Recently an area restaurant suddenly closed. I had purchased a gift card there a couple of weeks before that. Now, I can’t get in touch with the owner to see how to get my money back. The sad part of it is, we go to the same church. I was very disappointed.

Left out
Bravo to Independence Town Council. You are doing a good job. Please pass some of this knowledge on to the Grayson County Supervisors and the Grayson County School Board members and their hiring of bus drivers. They are going out of the county to hire now. You don’t have to have experience. Regular drivers and substitutes got looked over on the last hiring.

Tax gripe
Red tape had nothing to do with my handicap. They had all the red tape right in the department in Grayson County that’s over the taxes. All they want to do is rip people off in this county and my worry is how to get them out of here.

Education will suffer
[Regarding the newly-elected Carroll School Board], what an agenda to replace 150-plus years of educational experience and leadership with zero years of experience with no ideas, no knowledge and no ability to lead. Education will surely suffer. Teachers will leave and Carroll County will march backwards instead of forward in to the 21st Century.

Where to give?
What’s the answer? I don’t have a whole lot but would like to help a needy family at Christmas, particularly a family with young kids. The welfare department won’t give out names and if you give to an organization the same thing may happen that [allegedly] happened at Rooftop. So again, I ask, what’s the answer?
Editor’s note: Despite the investigation of two employees at Rooftop of Virginia, it and other local charities remain good choices for contributions that help hundreds of local families. The alleged criminal activities at Rooftop appear to involve payroll issues, not a misuse of donated funds, according to state police. Right now, Rooftop is collecting new and gently used toys to help local families at Christmas and collecting donations for its food bank. To help a local family, give to the Galax Community Christmas Chest or the Carroll Christmas Fund or pick an angel off one of the many “Angel Trees” at local stores. The children listed on those paper angels, though unnamed, are in need of clothing and toys for Christmas and the gifts are distributed by local social services departments.

Crossing over
It does a lot of good to paint the lines in the center of the highways around here. The heathens in this state and the four states around us don’t know which side of the road to stay on. That’s pathetic, isn’t it?

I want to thank you for the lovely layout you had for all of our veterans — those that are still serving and those that have passed on and it was all free. Thank you so much.
Editor’s note. You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed our special edition, which paid tribute to more than 300 local veterans.

Not robots
You know it is a given that people cannot be pleased. But, the ones that are hardest to please are those that have family members in the nursing home. Just realize that the people taking care of your family members are not robots and they are not perfect and they do the best they can with what they’ve got to work with.

Mixed up on Mitt
The comment in the Hotline about Mitt Romney being a Muslim running for president was in answer to another comment where someone else was speaking about Muslims and I thought I would inform them of that since they didn’t seem to know.
Editor’s note: I hope you’re joking. You do realize he’s a MORMON, right? For anyone who thinks Muslims and Mormons are the same, the word “Mormon,” minus the second “m,” is a good description.

Bad decision
The social services department in Roanoke that gave that little baby back to the couple that was eventually charged in his death should be [held responsible]. Anybody with any sense would know better than to give that little baby up.
Editor’s note: The caller appears to refer to the death of 2-year-old Aveion Lewis. His stepfather and mother were convicted of second-degree murder and child abuse and await sentencing. The child was taken to foster care by social services at one point and was later returned to his parents.

Ruining things
George Bush gets the blame for Bill Clinton signing the jobs away. Go figure. How long are the Democrats going to blame everybody else for the mistakes they are making? They’ve been in there for two years now and they are still ruining things.
Editor’s note: Not exactly. The Democrats have controlled the White House and Senate during 2009 to present (and the Senate two years prior to that). The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives since January 2011.

Mailing privileges
Did you get a mailing from Rep. Morgan Griffin last week? Did you notice it said, “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayers’ expense?” I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent on the thousands of mailings he sent. Seems to me like he is using our money instead of money from his office. Makes you wonder what else taxpayer money is being used for.
Editor’s note: Every member of the U.S. House, Senate and the vice president has a budgeted amount they can use each year for mailings related to official business.

Shabby sign
To the woman who wrote in about the Fries sign that was put up in the early 1980s, yes, I bet the boy scout is crying to mama. They took his rotten sign down.

Sheen/Austin 2012
For the caller that said Mitt Romney is of Muslim religion, I think in 2012 we should vote for Charlie Sheen or Stone Cold Steve Austin for president because we know that both of them are Americans.
Editor’s note: That sounds like a winning ticket. Where do we get our bumper stickers?

No thanks, Hank
President Obama had a gathering of country music singers on Nov. 21. He is trying to emphasize that he enjoys country music and he is country himself. Well, why didn’t he have the king of country music – Hank Williams Jr.?
Editor’s note: I guess not all of the president’s rowdy friends came over that night.