Readers' Hotline 11/27/13

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Strains continue
On Aug. 1, 2012, there was a call titled “family strains,” regarding the son who wouldn’t call the grandfather about the kids. Do you know what is going on now? It is called justice for the innocent. The Lord did answer, and amen that he did or those innocent ones would still be subjected to the situation. Justice prevailed to show that mother you found so saintly wasn’t quite so saintly after all.

Time to repent
I’m responding to the Nov. 20 call, “rampant drugs.” The rampant drugs are just about everywhere in the counties now. What it has come down to, it is the end time sorcery that the Holy Bible speaks of. My suggestion to everybody is, come to the Lord Jesus Christ. You will have to have this protection. Those poor souls are going to go into the lake of fire unless they repent. It’s a shame, what is going on. It’s truth from the Word of God, what is happening now. All the nation and all the world. I just pray many of them will come to Jesus before it is too late.

Angel scam?
Here is a very good example of why I won’t get names off the angel tree anymore. While shopping, there was a lady in front of me at the checkout. She was well dressed in expensive looking clothes and wore expensive-looking jewelry. When she got done checking out, she filled out an angel for the tree. Her daughter, who was with her, said something to her that I couldn’t hear and the mother told her to hush, she would get even more for Christmas this way. Really, lady? With all the children in this area who are truly in need, you, who are obviously well off, are filling in an angel for the angel tree? What kind of message are you sending to your child? I am a single mother with three kids and barely make ends meet, but my kids aren’t on that tree. They will be satisfied with what I and my family can give them, because they know there are some who will receive nothing. The “angels” need to be screened.

Push back against drugs
Advice for “rampant drugs”: Law enforcement agencies need our help to remove drug problems from our neighborhoods. They need the neighbors. Here are some helpful ideas: 1. Get together with other neighbors who are aware of this drug problem. 2. Start documentation. Get tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, what people look like. 3. Narrow down the times of day that customers arrive and leave. You will know the customers are only there two or three minutes. 4. A picture is worth a thousand words. If someone has a camera with a telephoto lens, take a few photographs of drug deals and transactions going down. 5. Elect one person in charge of taking information obtained by neighbors to the drug taskforce unit. If the community works together for the good of the community with law enforcement, it will work. Give it a try.

Advances from research
Research on animals has brought us many advances in medication. Did you know that insulin was brought about through animal research? While I do not support animal cruelty, I will not tell a diabetic not to take insulin due to its connection with animal research.

Eagle sighting
I want to report seeing a bald eagle over on Route 94 after you cross the new bridge. I thought it would be a good public interest story. First bald eagle I have ever seen here.