Readers' Hotline 11/26/12

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Bring the soap
I am calling about the new store [located omitted] with the young man behind the counter with the vulgar mouth. I thought he had straightened up. I have been in there a few times lately and nothing was ever said. But, I was in there the other day and everything [he said was offensive]. He really does need his mouth washed out with soap. I will not be back in that store.

I am calling in regard to the article where students were made to sell [benefit] tickets. I am the lady whose house burned down, and the kids were not made to sell tickets. The kids were offered a chance to buy a ticket in the office for $1 so they could wear their hat all day and I am very thankful to Grayson County High School for what they have done for my family.

Can of worms
I was at the meeting about the Grayson County gun range and read your article in the paper and it says citizens said it was unwise to build it near a landfill. It is being considered to be built on a landfill and to do this, they would have to move the soil and the surface and if they get in the trash under there, it could be a can of worms they are opening up. I live just down the road from it. Not very far.

Sees a benefit
I think the shooting range would be a good thing. For me, anyway. I am disabled and a lot of houses have grown up where I live. I used to shoot a lot and it is not safe for me to shoot here anymore and that would be a good place for me to go shoot. A lot of people would benefit from it. It would help anybody that is disabled. I hope you can put something good about this in the paper in a feature.

Turn to hospice
In response to “puzzling policy” to the man whose wife has been battling a fatal liver disease and they are unable to get her medications. Please know there is something out there that can help them. When a doctor says there is nothing else that can be done and they order a stronger pain medication and send you home, please know you can call hospice. Hospice is a wonderful service out there for folks who have a fatal disease. Hospice will get them their medications and medical supplies and appliances they need during this fatal illness.

Get on with it
I am calling about the sex scandal of Petraeus and Allen. I think Obama just needs to go ahead and bust them for being a disgrace to their uniforms and take everything they have away from them and let’s get on with trying to get work going and things we need here in America. The ones over there in Benghazi, go ahead and put them before a firing squad. The one in Texas accused of killing our soldiers, put him [on trial] and let’s get on with our life. We are too far behind. The young people are worrying about what they are going to have to work at. We just don’t need them anymore.
Editor’s note: Retired Gen. David Petraeus resigned as CIA director this month. He no longer serves in a public capacity.

Lawsuit’s to blame
I am neither Republican nor Democrat but this comment is concerning the stupid Democrat that thinks the Republicans are shutting down the training center. This is over a lawsuit and the Supreme Court made the decision. So, before one party starts badmouthing the other, get your facts right.
Editor's note: Not quite. An agreement between the state and federal governments had to be signed off on by a federal court judge. It did not go before the Supreme Court.

Not prime time
Why did the Carroll County Board of Supervisors vote unanimously to hold their December meeting on Dec. 12 at 9:30 in the morning? The majority of citizens work and cannot attend this meeting. Was this a deliberate action?

Space creatures
Please let me put to rest what the so-called UFOs are, because never before until this age in technology have we been able to go to inner space that is beneath the ocean. Not long ago, we could not believe that creatures could survive in total darkness without pressure, etc., and exist and make their own colors and things. But, now we know these inner space creatures make their own light. Just the same as there is inner space, there is outer space and the creatures — UFOs — are no different than inner space creatures. UFOs are creatures from outer space, just the same as we are seeing inner space creatures. Now you know. Don’t be afraid. Plus, the subject sells a lot of soap.

I just want to say a special thanks to Galax High School for the wonderful community meal they had on Monday night and the great entertainment.

Troopers invited
We need help in Cana on Epworth Road. We have speeders, drinkers, reckless drivers, and loud mufflers till you can’t sleep. We would like the state police, if there are any around, to come down and see if they can’t slow them down some.

Overpriced food
If people keep supporting [restaurant name and location omitted in editing], it’s a rich place. If you have lots of money, you can afford to eat there. But, if you can’t — if you don’t have money you don’t want to eat there. I ended up paying $20.33 for one meal and all I got was a little piece of cake with some ice cream and a chicken meal. A chicken meal you can get anywhere else for like $4.99. I think they are rip-offs.

Pay the bill
Regarding the water leak at the Hillsville church, don’t be fooled. If they are having two services every Sunday morning and one on Sunday night and a mid-week service, they should have enough money to pay [the water bill] in a week or two. Other people have problems, too.

The end
Somebody called in about “in shape” about President Obama winning the election. I’d say they need to just keep praying because the end of time will come. When they talk about things that get real bad — supposed to be in the Bible, things are going to get real bad by the end of time. He is working his way toward it as hard as he can, looks to me like. Keep praying and hang in there. It will get here. Thank you all.

You were used
I think Romney was blessed by helping people and right living. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Our constitution was written by Christians and evangelists. A president said, “if we ever take God out, we will fall.” Only way enemies could win: pure greed for what others work for and immorality. You have been used. Bible-thumpers will be gone one day. Hope you have repented and can go, too.

No recovery
How long does it take for people to understand Obama did not cause any of this mess of job loss? All my family had to leave town when Bush was in there, losing all the jobs and we haven’t recovered from it yet. It will take forever — where all those millionaires were given tax breaks for 10 years. It’s ridiculous.
Editor’s note: How are those two things related?

Sleeping well
This is an answer to “how can you sleep at night” with Obama being back in there. I can sleep good. I’m proud he got back in. I’m proud to be a Democrat because I remember back in the 1950s when Eisenhower was in there, a Republican, and you couldn’t get jobs. I started out working for 25 cents an hour and when John F. Kennedy got in there, he got us going. We are going to be lucky if we get any jobs anymore. Just thank God we may have a chance of getting things going and get those Republicans out of office. All they are doing is holding things up.

Obama’s coalition
I read the Hotline just to get the laughs out of it. I was reading it about how President Obama got re-elected, and about the comments made about the 47 percent. Stop and think about why he got elected. One: people on food stamps, welfare, any type of government assistance that are getting free handouts, anything given to them they don’t have to work for. I’m not talking about all the people that worked all their life and paid in to Social Security and are paying for Medicare. I’m talking about the ones that are getting all the free handouts. Of course they voted for Obama. Two: all the homosexuals voted for Obama because he stood up and said he liked them. And of course, without saying, 99 percent of black people voted for Obama. Then you have the hard core Democrats that are going to vote no matter what he stands for.