Readers' Hotline 11/21/12

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Bible knowledge
“I thoroughly believe in a university education for both men and women. But I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without the Bible.” — William Lion Felts, professor and one-time president of Yale University.

What’s the rush?
Hillsville Town Council announced the selected new police chief, Greg Bolen, without waiting for a background check. What was the rush? Was this part of a “hidden” agenda? What citizens did you actually survey? Certainly not the taxpayers of Hillsville.

Hillsville citizens, I understand there were numerous applications for police chief. It discourages me as a town resident to read that the majority of council hired prematurely without waiting for background information for such a regarded position. In knowing this person including the fact that he has not been in law enforcement for six years, it appears to be misuse of power by Mayor Crowder and councilmen Young and Walls. Hillsville, is this the change our town really needed?

Liked the outcome
I sure am glad that Obama and Tim Kaine got elected. The people in the Twin Counties sure don’t understand much about Republicans.

Pain relief
Galax needs a pain clinic for all the old people like me that can’t travel out of town. We have no way of getting any pain medicine because the doctor sure won’t prescribe any pain medicine out. I think it would be wonderful. It would put jobs in the community. It would give the community a chance for older people to get some help.

Messed up
I always knew that Texas had a messed-up judicial system. Now they have reinstated that judge that beat his daughter. I don’t see how it could get any more messed up than that. He needed to be put in jail.

Still in disbelief
I can’t believe on Nov. 6 that people would vote this president back in the White House for four more years. The debt he has put our country in and the burden our grandchildren will have to face. I am tired of him and his staff trying to force his government plans down our throats. I find myself crying each day for what has happened. It has come down to senior citizens and others having to sell what we have to survive. He will be raising taxes and that will make things a lot worse. One of the Ten Commandments says “thou shalt not lie” and that is all they do. They will have to face God for that. God have mercy on America.

Sounds fishy
America is in real trouble. Not even a week after election there is a cover up going on with Benghazi. Obama is trying to cover up the killing of four Americans with the resignation of Petraeus, which I think was forced so that he couldn’t testify against Obama. By coincidence, Hilary Clinton is going to be out of the country so she won’t testify at the hearing. Sounds fishy to me. Obama has blood on his hands. It is hard to think of the devil running our country. Impeachment procedures should be started against Obama.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama. You are not my president. Those that did vote for you are blind leading the blind. The true meaning of Obama Care is to implement the mark of the beast. Obama is a deceiver of many. Watch and see.

Explosion worries
I wouldn’t have anything like a gas stove or anything else that is gas. I was just looking at the news in Indiana. A house got blown up and they think it was some kind of a gas thing that did it. I would not have anything that’s gas except my car.

Dog curfew
I would like to know why people get animals, especially dogs, and tie them out in cold, cold weather without shelter and the dogs bark all night long. We have had this problem since we moved here. There is a dog in back of us. The people tie him out at night, and at 3:30 in the morning he is still barking. Where I lived before, there was a 10 o’clock curfew. Something needs to be done about this because we are elderly people and we need our rest.

Bumps in the road
It was apparent before Greg Crowder became mayor of Hillsville that he wanted rid of the police chief and town manager. He wanted Greg Bolen as chief of police. Crowder wants all to believe that Bolen was more experienced than the other candidate. That is pure bull. He says Bolen is a favorite of the citizens. Did he take a poll? Did he send a questionnaire to all town citizens? Did readers pick up that Crowder didn’t want to wait for more information to come in and he pushed the vote through? Crowder also stated Bolen had some bumps in the road. You know, Petraeus had bumps in the road. He stepped in the road when his bumps or indiscretions became known. Here in Hillsville, we give those with bumps a choice — step down or be fired. After they step down and some time has elapsed, we hire them back. Guess I am to understand that leadership, even if poor, is still leadership